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15 Best Foods to Enhance Your Skin Appearance

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That glowing skin lies in a healthy diet is no mystery anymore. In addition to your skincare routine, you actually need to eat healthily if you want to boost your skin’s look (and IK you want). Since the skin acts as a protective barrier between our organism and environment, protecting it from the inside out helps keep its structure intact.

Not only that an unbalanced diet can lead to health issues, but a nutrient-rich diet is fundamental for how your skin looks. So before skimping on all kinds of skincare products, I believe a nutritional acknowledgment will bring you closer to that healthily glowing skin. Shortly, any nutritional deficiency or excess of toxic elements (sugar, refined carbs, trans fats, alcohol) in your diet may disturb the skin’s condition, FR.

What Makes a Diet Good for the Skin

The lack of certain nutrients can cause the process of skin renewal not to develop correctly. What can you do to prevent this from happening?


First thing first, you need to avoid refined and processed foods and take advantage of the consumption of seasonal and local ones because of their high vitamin and mineral content. There’s a direct relationship between improvement and renewal of the skin structure when the diet comes from foods with a low glycemic load: whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. Proteins of high biological value are needed for the formation of body structures. For instance, collagen and elastin are responsible for the skin’s firmness and elasticity, while the unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin C and E, have a high antioxidant effect. In addition to a healthy diet, you can also count on healthy lifestyle habits — including exercise, rest, and stay away from tobacco, alcohol, and stress.

It’s time for awareness

The vital importance of food on the skin does not yet seem to be a sufficiently widespread issue. According to dietician Angel Aranda Lopez, the skin is the great forgotten in nutrition consultations. “Patients come to us for treatment of overweight, sports nutrition, or specific diseases, but no one cares to prevent the premature deterioration of their skin. We tend to think that only with creams can we maintain their health, and that is not the case”. Try to alleviate this forgetfulness and start thinking from today about taking care of your skin through food. You’d better incorporate this list of foods into your diet to achieve glowing skin.

15 Foods That Will Benefit Your Skin

foods for skin

Green leafy vegetables

Because they are full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that protect skin cells and stimulate their regeneration, preventing your skin from premature wrinkling. In addition, antioxidants protect the skin from UV damage. Kale, spinach, lettuce, arugula, turnip greens, chard  — they’re all great!

Dark chocolate for skin

Dark chocolate

Yes, we can eat it without feeling guilty (not daily though!). Its high levels of cocoa flavonoids can help soften and moisturize the skin. It’s also a rich source of antioxidants since is loaded with organic biologically active compounds, such as polyphenols, flavonols, and catechins. More than that, the flavonols can protect against sun damage, boost blood flow to the skin, increasing skin moisture.

Greek Yogurt for healthy skin

Greek yogurt

Greek Yogurt is rich in biotins, which nourish the skin and strengthen the nails. It’s also abundant in proteins that help digest fat. Plus, it contains many amino acids known to repair, protect the skin barrier, and help reduce dark circles’ appearance under the eyes.

Mango for beauty skin

Melon and mango

Melon and mango contain carotenoids that help reduce pimples and acne, improve skin quality, reduce dryness, increase skin elasticity, and slow down aging signs. You can combine them in a smoothie; not only is it super delicious, but it’s a true boost of energy!

skin diet


In addition to being good for the heart due to its high content of Omega-3s, Salmon is also good for the skin as it reduces redness, inflammation, and acne, prevents flaky skin, and also acts as a moisturizer by releasing natural oils. Dr. Melda Isaac, a board-certified dermatologist in Washington, D.C., told HuffPost that “Omega-3 fatty acid is going to retain moisture in your skin”, the thing that encourages the skin to stay firm and elastic. In plus, salmon contains vitamin D, which is known to have photoprotective effects, thus if your skin gets enough of it, it stays protected against the UV rays naturally.

best food for skin health


It’s rich in lycopene, another mighty antioxidant effective in protecting cells and combating free radicals and pollutants from damaging your skin. In plus, it is mega-rich in vitamin C, which helps cell regeneration and is also needed for collagen formation.

water for healthy skin

Lots of water

I know you know it, but: permanent hydration is vital. Keeping the skin well hydrated also hinders wrinkles from appearing. Water makes up about 60% of our body weight, acting as a building block and a transport material for nutrients. Also, the brain contains about 78% water so for it to function properly, you need to hydrate. Yes, not hydrating enough can mess up your brainpower, so more stress, which can lead to damaged skin.

green tea for skin health

Green Tea

This drink is full of antioxidants, which will make your skin younger-looking and healthier in general. In addition, it fights acne because of its ability to lower levels of an acne-producing hormone. Because it’s full of antioxidants, green tea is fantastic in protecting the skin against the environmental agents that damage it.


Berry fruits, such as blueberries, strawberries, and cherries, are loaded with antioxidants that help skin stay flawless. In plus, they are super beneficial for the heart’s health. Dr. Eric Rimm, associate professor at the Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School, claimed that “The sooner people start the type of diet that includes a higher intake of blueberries and strawberries, the better.”  — you heard that.

avocado benefits skin


Avocado is a powerful fruit that does wonders for your skin. According to NHANES data, the average avocado consumption is one-half fruit, which provides significant levels of dietary fiber, potassium, magnesium, vitamins A, B6, C, E, K1, folate, niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, choline, lutein, phytosterols, and MUFA rich oil at 1.7 kcal/g. Besides being consumed, there are many remedies with avocado for skin and hair you can do at home.



Not only is it a delicious tropical fruit, but it’s also very healthy, due to the high content of fiber, folates, antioxidants, and vitamins. These days papaya is considered a Nutraceutical fruit due to its multifarious medicinal properties. Also, a mask with papaya will relieve dry skin. However, it has been proved that its consumption is unsafe during pregnancy.

cucumber for skin


Due to their high content of water, vitamins, and minerals that our body needs. Cucumbers are a rich source of phytonutrients, such as flavonoids, lignans, and triterpenes, which have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer benefits. Besides, they promote skin hydration from the inside out.

Carrot skin benefits


Carrots contain vitamin C, which helps the body produce collagen, a protein that prevents wrinkles and slows the aging process. Also, vitamin A fights free radicals to deal with wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone. Whether you consume them cooked, raw, or juiced, carrots will provide your body with useful nutrients.

sweet potato for skin

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are full of antioxidants that take care of your skin and fight against cell-damaging free radicals that can cause premature aging. Known for having high levels of beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A, once ingested, helps cell production and growth. Sweet potatoes also contain vitamin C, required for collagen production.

Hemp and flax seeds

Hemp and Flax Seeds

Those are an energy source of essential fatty acids, such as Omega 3, and are full of protein, making them a superfood for glowing skin. Eating them regularly as a snack, in salads, yogurt or sandwiches helps protect your skin from wrinkles and sun damage.

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