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What Dermatologists Think About Cleansing Brushes: Do They Work?

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All women can agree on one thing: we want a flawless and forever young-looking face. So, what is the ultimate skincare sin? Going to bed with your makeup on! Spotlessly clean skin is crucial so that we can talk any further on this topic! But whether you wash your face using only your hands or a sponge, dirt can remain in your pores. That is where the beauty revolution stepped in! And introduced to us: facial cleansing brushes! But before you decide on any new method, you should know everything about it. Thus, let’s go into the details about facial brushes. Should we keep it or skip it?

What are facial cleansing brushes?

The foundation, then powder, concealer, a slight blush, a lot of highlighters. When we take a closer look, we put too many things on our faces to gain confidence. Even if you are not one of us who wears makeup often, be aware that the air is more polluted than ever. And our face feels it! Even science agrees on it! I mean, don’t you sometimes think it has become complicated not to allow bacteria to multiply? That’s why facial brushes are made! They are supposed to quickly and thoroughly remove dirt from your skin. Plus, to deep clean your pores! But what exactly are we talking about? A facial cleansing brush is a small device with various shapes and structures. Either way, they’re all battery-operated. The rechargeable battery allows a certain number of working hours, and there are two technologies by which it works: pulsating and rotating.

Is it easy to use them?

Yes! There is a button that adjusts how we clean the face. That is, speed and strength. Plus, an audible signal warns us to move on to another part of the face. The bonus? It’s super fast — it takes a minute to do it! The only rule is not to use it for removing makeup! That may push it deeper into your pores, gross


That’s dope! But are facial brushes for everyone?

The manufactures would answer you that it’s suitable for all skin types. Facial brushes are supposed to help you get rid of extra oil. But also to fit for dry and sensitive skin. I would say that women with oily skin would be happier with it cause they feel that their face is never clean enough. But what do the experts say? So I spoke with a dermatologist with 15 years of experience. “People who don’t have acne problems can use electric facial brushes. Same with skin that does not have any irritations, e.g., dermatitis and wounds. Due to inadequately sterilized brushes, it can spread bacterial infections on the skin,” beautician Svelana Lakanovic stated.

You heard the expert: it’s not for everyone!

Why are facial cleansing brushes good for your skin?

This gadget promises many benefits. I tried it, and I can say that it fulfills promised. Cleansing brushes are ten times more efficient than manual washing! How? By removing dead cells and by opening deeply clogged pores! And you do know that eliminating dead cells will help reduce your wrinkles, right? Also, since the skin will be much cleaner, it will be easier to absorb the cream or serum you apply afterward. And that will improve the effectiveness of whatever cosmetic you are using!

You already heard not to use the brush if you have acne. Lemme explain why: you’d risk irritating your face! Due to the brush friction on the skin, pimples could burst, leading to swelling and redness. On the other side, since the brush helps remove all the dirt, it will cut the bacteria that lead to acne. Thus, this product is useful when you need to prevent breakouts, but don’t use it on inflamed ones.

In addition to cleansing, most of these brushes massage the skin at the same time, in time, making it appear relaxed and fresh.

Can a facial cleansing brush be harmful to your skin?

Is there any harm besides to those who have acne or wounds? Yes. But nothing you can’t control! When using a cleansing brush, you also need to know which facial cleanser to use. The cleanser should be in the form of a gel or foam. Don’t use products that are granular in structure. Those could irritate your skin. Besides, don’t forget to take care of your face properly. No matter the brush, you still need to apply a moisturizer, lotion, or face serum. Keep it clean and sterile, and don’t let someone borrow it. Does that go without saying? Yeah, but I had to say it, just in case!


And please, do not use it too often! Frequent use can lead to cracked capillaries, redness, and skin sensitivity. Also, as it removes dirt, so it removes natural oils. And natural oils are essential for skin protection.

So, how often should we be used ’em?

“For normal skin, it’s enough to use it once a week. That is because it’s essential to remove the dead layer and allow the skin to absorb skincare products better. If you have dry, mature, or oily skin, biweekly is fine,” beautician Svetlana said.

Do they really work?

As I already told ya, I use it. And from woman to woman: yes, it works! But I wouldn’t change a brush for a chemical peel. Svetlana agrees that “The best peels are chemical ones, done in cosmetic and dermatological salons. The ideal cosmetic treatment is microdermabrasion”, she said.

To use it or not to use it?

So, if you are unsure whether to get a facial cleansing brush or go for one of the treatments, my advice is to combine both methods. The cleansing brush is something that you will be able to use at home, and always keep your face clean. But, it’s no out of the question to occasionally treat yourself to deep cleansing done by professionals. 

Everything is fine until you overdo it! This also applies to facial cleansing brushes. The benefits are enormous, but if you use them daily, brushes are too aggressive. Also, a facial brush will not remove acne, blackheads, or blemishes on your face, nor wrinkles. But, it will improve your look, making it fresher and younger. So, happy scrubbing, ladies!

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