7 Exciting Ways CBD and Hemp Seed Oils Can Benefit Your Skin

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CBD and Hemp Seed Oils skin benefits

Probably you have heard a lot lately about CBD oil and hemp seed oil. The hemp plant has been creating quite a noise in the wellness and skincare fields.

It turns out, the hemp seed oil has many health and skin benefits — there is no denying it’s having a significant moment. 

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a chemical compound found in cannabis that has many medicinal effective properties.

Due to the widespread use in the medical and wellness industries owing to its health benefits, cannabis extract products are now a growing trend in the beauty world.

7 Ways CBD and Hemp Seed Oils Can Benefit Your Skin and Body

Read on to learn about the most exciting benefits that cannabis has for the skin and the most popular products that contain this wonder compound.

1. It Helps with skin irritation 

The application of hemp seed oil relaxes and soothes skin and can be used to treat dry skin, rashes, and some types of eczema.

Cannabis infusions act on a peripheral basis and do not enter the bloodstream. It can definitely be safely used with zero psychoactive effects on your body or any risk of failing a drug test.  

In 2017, a group of researches conducted a study at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus on how cannabinoids could be used in the treatment of a wide range of skin diseases.

By the end of the study, 8 out of 21 patients who applied a cannabinoid cream twice a day for three weeks wholly eliminated severe itching or pruritus. 

2. Soothe your complexion, perfect for dry Skin

The phytocannabinoid is mild enough for delicate skin. Topical CBD is not only gentle and non-irritating, but it’s also thought to help soothe skin. Having a perfect balance of EFA, Omega 3 and 6, naturally and effectively nourish and moisturize dry skin.

When applying a topical CBD cream, the cannabinoid goes to work directly with the endocannabinoid system in the skin to create a synergistic harmony.

Activation of cannabinoid receptors by endocannabinoids on epidermal cells regulates the normal function of the skin as a barrier. 

3. Balances skin oil

CBD helps sop up excess oils on the complexion, slowing the secretion of sebum. Cannabis skincare products are not clogging pores, as they are non-comedogenic due to the anti-inflammatory properties CBD has.

Moreover, this study showed that CBD inhibited and helped regulate lipid production, helping to combat excessively oily skin.

The study demonstrated that CBD is involved in mediating the lipogenesis action of AEA molecules on skin.

4. Cannabis helps with skin aging 

Another study revealed that the compound found in cannabis is a more potent antioxidant than vitamin C or E, making it useful in the treatment of wrinkles and fine lines.

Also, it neutralizes free radicals, unstable molecules unleashed by environmental aggressors, such as UV rays and pollution, and stops them from damaging the collagen and elastin, keeping your skin tight and youthful.


5. It helps itchy skin conditions 

According to the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, one of the most promising uses for CBD is in the treatment of itchy skin.

JAAD cited a 2005 study trusted source that 81% of patients with itchy skin who used a CBD-containing cream experienced complete resolution of their symptoms. 

6. CBD Oil can combat acne 

Most researches about CBD and acne are related to CBD’s power in stopping the processes known to cause acne, such as excess oil buildup.

One of the most promising studies was published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation Trusted Source, where researchers measured the effects of CBD compounds on human skin samples and oil-producing glands in a laboratory.

The result concluded that CBD inhibited oil production and also had an anti-inflammatory impact on oil-producing glands.

Cannabis is loaded with essential fatty acids that provide hydration. Furthermore, its antibacterial properties can help treat the bacterial infection on the skin, which is a significant contributor to acne. 

7. Cannabis Alleviates Symptoms of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disease that is characterized by itchy, painful red patches on the skin. Currently, there is no known cure for the condition.

Cannabis, however, is proving to be a powerful treatment for psoriasis. According to a study made in 2007, the cannabinoids in cannabis was found to inhibit the buildup of dead skin cells – a direct cause of psoriasis. 

Bottom Line

The benefits of cannabinoids are staking their claim to the wellness and beauty reals thanks to their healing, calming, and anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD oil and hemp seed oil are gaining popularity for the reason that has multiple uses, making it so practical.

Extracted from the hemp plant, CBD oil has come under a lot of legal and moral questions. Even if the opinions may differ, you can’t ignore the incredible healing power that hemp oil possesses and how versatile it is as a supplement and natural remedy. 

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