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Give Your Skin Some Love With These 11 Organic Skincare Brands

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Since you’re here, means you love your skin so much that you don’t want to compromise it with conventional products. Organic skincare has much more to give, giving you the best of both worlds. From their rich and nourishing formulas that literally love your skin, the thought you’re applying clean stuff on your complexion, and you care for the environment, organic skincare has it all.

Now, the only concern is how organic your organic skin allies are. With the vague regulations about what organic or natural means in skincare products, it’s easy to get deceived by false claims. This is where this post comes to help you — making the A-list of best organic skincare brands you can truly trust. But before we get started, let’s take a step back to understand organic skincare’s background and what it all means. 

Does organic label apply only to 100% natural products?

Not really. Products can be labeled as organic even though they contain synthetic ingredients. That’s happening because the current regulations for cosmetics and skincare products are vague.


For instance, The Food and Drug Administration doesn’t have any regulation for ‘organic’ in skincare. In fact, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is the one that may provide certifications for ingredients used in skincare products. These include labeling standards based on the percentage of organic ingredients in a product:

  1. 100% organic – meaning a product contains 100% organic-derived ingredients, most raw, unprocessed, or minimally processed.
  2. Organic – any product with a minimum of 95% organic ingredients, while the rest of 5% may be non-organic.
  3. Made with organic ingredients – any product with at least 70% organically produced elements.
  4. Less than 70% – products with less than 70% organic ingredients can’t be labeled as “organic.”

In other words, a natural skincare product can include some natural-derived ingredients, but if they’re highly processed, it’s far from being “natural.” For this reason, organic/ natural can be terms without any dose of meaning. Unfortunately, manufacturers can have a huge label on which is written “natural,” even if the product is loaded with harsh chemicals. If natural elements are listed by the end of the label, and at the top you see those names hard to read, don’t consider that product natural because it’s not. And nobody takes these brands to task. 

What organic means in skincare?

If a skincare product is labeled as organic, it doesn’t mean it is organic. ‘Organic’ in skincare applies to ingredients that are made/ grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, parabens, or antibiotics.

So that a product falls into the ‘organic’ category, it must contain between 70-95% organic ingredients. The key to transparency is to read the ingredients list. FYI, ingredients are mentioned from the highest percentage to the lowest. If a product claims to be organic, for your peace of mind, check the ingredients label or look for its certifications. However, there are brands recognized as transparent when it comes to organic formulations, and the best of them are listed here.

How to make sure you are getting an organic product?

That’s actually simple. Choose a product with a certification seal-like ECOCERT/COSMOS. This provides third-party assurance that products are of the highest quality, certified organic, and environmentally friendly.

The best natural skincare brands of 2021

Luckily for you, we’ve done this and found the best and most trusted natural skincare brands that actually are organic. 

La Mer Organic Skincare

La Mer

The journey began when Max Huber, suffered a horrific accident, when a routine experiment exploded in his face, resulting in severe chemical burns. At that time, medical science did not offer sufficient promise of help, so Dr. Huber decided to help himself. He eventually created his own method of unlocking potent activity from such pure ingredients, using the power of fermentation. Living by the sea, Max Huber was constantly inspired by marine life, especially the extraordinary, self-regenerating properties of giant sea kelp, still found across the brand’s entire range, from anti-aging skincare to foundation formulas.

Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy Serum

Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty, now one of the best organic skincare brands, was launched in 2005. Today it offers a broad range of skincare and makeup products, vegan, cruelty-free, and certified by USDA. On top of that, Juice Beauty uses sustainable energy sources for making the products. Their prices range from $10 for a stem cellular eye mask to $145 for a signal peptide firming serum. The brand uses organic juices such as apple or aloe leaf to base all skincare products, hence the name.

Chantecaille Bamboo and Hibiscus Exfoliating Cream


Back in 1997, Sylvie Chantecaille made her name in the industry with a simple French fragrance. Sylvie’s desire to make products that not only made women feel confident but were also healthy driven her to create this iconic brand. Today, Chantecaille is known as one of the best organic skincare brands, which creates both organic makeup and skincare products. They even created a philanthropy platform that shines a spotlight on global environmental issues to help protect the ocean, environment, and endangered animal and plant species. Each year they donate a part of their profit directly to charitable organizations that support these causes.



Since 1995, Naturopathica has sustained the beauty world with cutting-edge products that embrace the healing power of nature. We’re thankful to Barbara Close, the founder of Naturopathica, for educating people on the benefits of holistic health and its connection to beauty. She’s an inspirational person who always believed beauty comes from within, and the skin should never be compromised. Everything about this brand is organic, and they’ve got the whole arsenal of skincare you could dream of. They are certified by Ecocert, and never test on animals.



Founded by Julia Wills and Alexander Kummerow in 2011 in their Seattle kitchen, Herbivore is now one of the best and most praised organic skincare brands. From face to body, moisturizers, lotions, and serums, the brand covers everything for a completely clean skincare routine. Natural elements, plant-based food-grade-pressed oils, vitamins, minerals, steam distilled plants, recyclable packaging, and many certified organic ingredients create legit skincare products coveted by everyone.



What began in ’95 with one successful mineral foundation, as clean as you can sleep in it, is now one of the best organic skincare and makeup brands worldwide. Today, they check all categories for beauty and care, with millions of fans. Good to know: bareMinerals supports The Power of Good Fund, donating 1% of sales from online and boutiques with the mission to empower and elevate girls and women by supporting gender equality in literacy and learning.



What started as a passion for having a holistic lifestyle and using clean skincare ingredients turned into a one of the best natural skincare brands in just five years. Priscilla Tsai, the founder of Cocokind, started around values like simple, quality ingredients, consciously and sustainably created, and also affordable. Now, it’s making organic skincare products that address all skin types and concerns, plus a few organic makeup products. Allure tells her entire journey here

Pai Organic Skincare


Intending to create a skincare brand that targets people with sensitive and problematic skin 13 years ago, now Pai is a popular pick among everyone! Sarah Brown had the desire to create effective organic skincare that people could trust and help them get back control over their skin concerns, and she managed it big! Pai offers a vast range of face and body organic skincare products, they’re certified by COSMOS, Cruelty-Free International, and The Vegan Society.



Since its beginning in 1958, Eminence uses sustainable farming and green practices to create natural, organic, and biodynamic products. All their products are handmade without any severe heating or hydrogenating processes that can affect the nutritional content and potency of natural ingredients. Using hand-picked fresh ingredients, they create products infused with potent healing and active properties. Continually looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, Eminence uses wind energy and solar power energy in the making of the products. Love-proof: they plant a tree for every product sold, which tells more than enough about their devotion towards an organic approach. No doubt, Eminence is a leader among the best natural skincare brands.

La Flore

La Flore

After holding key senior leadership product development positions at many leading companies in the skincare industry, including Estée Lauder, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, and Origins, Maya Ivanjesku decided to establish La Flore. It’s a skincare brand that focuses on organic products, defining clean, luxurious products that focus on organic botanicals and touch-activated probiotic flora for all skin concerns. Each product is thoroughly tested for safety and approved by third-party dermatologists before undergoing the last step in the process – testing it on themselves. At the moment, La Flore released two collections for skincare, both containing probiotics, The Collection and The Discovery Set.



Healthy living bloggers Annmarie and Kevin Gianni powered up by embarking on a journey across North and South America to track down the best natural-care products to share. While Annmarie and Kevin were posting interviews with healthcare experts, manufacturers, growers, and healers, their viewers asked something: “Annmarie, what products do you use for your skin?” So they began examining labels and were horrified to discover that nothing Annmarie was using met her high standards. So, in 2009, Annmarie skincare line was launched. All ingredients are hand-selected, infused in base oils and plant juice, and then crafted using additional herb extracts and ingredients to make them as effective as possible.

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