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6 Best Organic & Natural Skincare Brands of 2020

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skincare organic brands and products

Embracing a healthy beauty routine is more than a trend.

Natural skincare products occupied an essential place in the beauty industry in the last decades, but actually, those were used even from ancient times.

Chemicals replaced the natural ingredients to make the cosmetics last longer, or for a better effect. But what if all these chemical additives can be replaced by natural elements, for the same result? That would solve all the problems.


After years of experimenting, we are now able to choose from a vast range of skincare products designed for all concerns.

Unfortunately, not all brands stick to the organic concept and even though their labels claim the products as 100% natural they don’t fear using harmful ingredients.

It is not right, nor legal, but still happens.

For this reason, you need to choose an organic brand that does not fake the label and is worldwide trusted.

6 Best & Most Trusted Organic Skincare Brands in 2020

After analyzing most of the brands, we believe these are the most trustworthy ones, with transparent labels and methods. Read on about the best organic skincare brands’ stories and see which are their most popular products.


La Mer

The journey began when Max Huber, an aerospace physicist suffered a horrific accident, when a routine experiment exploded in his face, resulting in severe chemical burns. At that time, medical science did not offer sufficient promise of help, so Dr. Huber decided to help himself. A lot of experiments during 12 years led to the epiphany of a lifetime.


For Dr. Huber, it wasn’t the ingredients, but the way they were distilled, and fermented. He eventually created his own method of unlocking potent activity from such pure ingredients, using the power of fermentation.

Living by the sea, Dr.Huber was constantly inspired by marine life, especially the extraordinary, self-regenerating properties of giant sea kelp, which is known to have benefits for the skin.

Huber had thousands of recordings and annotations scribbled on, so the team today uses the last tapes Huber made before 1991.

After his death in 1991, Estée Lauder purchased the brand from Huber’s daughter and turned it into the blockbuster luxury skin-care company we know today.

La Mer’s transformative blend of bio-fermented sea kelp is now found across the brand’s entire range, from the anti-aging skincare to the foundation formulas.

Creme de La Mer

Creme de La Mer

In 2005, Creme de la Mer Essence was described in newspaper reports as ‘the world’s most expensive face cream.’ There were waiting lists for the original when it was launched, and film stars Sharon Stone, and Jennifer Lopez were said to be fans.

This is the La Mer moisturizer that started it all. A luxuriously rich cream that immerses skin in deep, helping heal dryness, making it feel soft to the touch, supple and smooth.

It contains eucalyptus and sweet almond seed oils, lime extract, and sunflower seedcake, ingredients that feature a considerable power upon external factors and help to protect the skin. Use it day and night for a happy complexion!

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skincare organic cream

LA MER The eye Concentrate

A deep conditioning eye cream formulated with hematite, which is a magnetically-charged mineral, dramatically dissolving the appearance of dark circles, surface discolorations, and unevenness.

This rich and profoundly emollient formula hydrates, softening the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the eye area. The hematite, iron-rich mineral helps visibly improve dark circles, while Miracle Broth infuses skin with energy, helping it focus on skin’s repair. The Radiant Ferment brightens, clarifies, and supports skin’s natural collagen and elastin to boost firmness and tone.

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skincare organic serum product

La Mer The Lifting Contour Serum 

La Mer Contour Serum is a lifting and re-contouring face serum.

It visibly elevates contours and transforms facial definition as it is formulated with seaborn Lifting Ferment to promote the skin’s natural collagen production.

The precious, cell-renewing Miracle Broth helps firming action, creating the illusion of a slimmer, toned jawline. A more refined silhouette emerges as more lifted features, and your skin will feel healthy and beautiful.

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Originally from Hungary, Boldijarre Koronczay is the President of Eminence Organic Skin Care, an icon of the spa industry, having trained over a quarter of a million estheticians and spa professionals in the past two decades.


As an innovator of the organic movement, Boldijarre was honored with the International Spa Association’s Visionary of the Year Award for his lifelong dedication to natural wellness education. Attila Koronczay, Boldijarre’s brother plays a vital role in the vision of Eminence’s ongoing commitment to the environment by ensuring all offices and warehouses are dedicated to green practices.

Since its inception, in 1958, Eminence Organic Skin Care uses sustainable farming and green practices to create natural, organic, and biodynamic products.

Multiple times award winner, Eminence’s products are free of parabens, petroleum, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, colorants, fragrances, and other harsh cosmetic chemicals.

Using hand-picked fresh ingredients they create products that contain potent healing and active properties. Many of these ingredients are combined with pure waters drawn from a thermal hot spring lake containing minerals and trace elements.

Furthermore, all their products are handmade without any severe heating or hydrogenating processes that can affect the nutritional content and potency of natural ingredients.

Continually looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, the brand uses wind energy and solar power energy in the making of the products.

Moreover, they plant a tree for every product sold, which tells more than enough about their devotion towards an organic approach.

emience skincare organic brand

Eminence Organic Firm Skin Acai Moisturizer

Hydrate and nourish your skin with this creamy shea butter and skin-plumping botanical hyaluronic acid — the targeted formula, Homeostatine, and bio-complex boost the appearance of elasticity for younger-looking skin.

The Acai berry juice is known to improve the appearance of skin tone, while the hyaluronic acid is intensely hydrating, being an excellent emollient, minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The raspberry juice is an essential source of antioxidants, while vitamin C helps the skin to regenerate.

Promote your skin’s elasticity and deeply moisturize it while fighting the visible signs of aging for skin that looks and feels younger.

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Eminence Organic Skin Care Eminence Balancing Moisturizer Duo

Eminence Organic Balancing Moisturizer

Improve your complexion’s texture with this magnificent duo moisturizer that works perfectly for combination and oily skin types, especially acne-prone.

The T zone is where we have most of the sebaceous glands; this is why it is the oiliest area. On the cheeks, though, the imperfections develop because of rubbing, or friction with pillowcases, for example.

One side features the ideal ingredients for mattifying the T zone, green tea, tea tree, eucalyptus, salicylic acid. A smart combo to reduce oil and clarify skin.

The cheek moisturizer targets dry areas. It contains antioxidants derived from pomelo juice, goji, gingko, and bamboo leaf extract to fight also aging signs.

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Eminence Organic Skin Care

Eminence Organic Wild Plum Tonique

Choosing this toner is a great choice to start with. It removes impurities and makeup while supplying oxygen, pure fruit acids, iron, and vitamins to the skin.

It has a revitalizing formula that helps to invigorate fatigued and mature skin, at the same time hydrating dry areas, due to the wild plum juice that imparts mineral nutrients. The lemon assists in toning and reducing visible signs of aging, and your complexion appears vibrant, and toned.

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Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Masque

Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Masque

A best seller product. In plus, a seven times award winner—this is the correct solution to problematic skin.

Thanks to cooling cucumber and refining yogurt, you can attain a radiant and clear complexion, exfoliate, and eliminate the appearance of blemishes.

This mask is a booster of antioxidants, coenzyme Q10, and alpha-lipoic acid, to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve your skin. There is no reason you don’t want to use it.

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Tata Harper

A pioneer in natural luxury skincare, the firecracker Colombian behind skincare’s farm-to-face movement created Tata Harper about ten years ago.

Harper decided to be the change she wanted to see in the world after the doctors urged her father to read all the product labels on the hunt for something called toxic additives after he has been diagnosticated with skin cancer.

She couldn’t find any 100% natural products that were up to her standards, so she started Tata Harper to create them for herself and for women like her who refuse to sacrifice their skin health for beauty.

Sourcing more than three hundred different ingredients from over 68 countries, this brand uses only high-quality organic ingredients.

Originally from Colombia, Harper now lives and works on a 1,2000-acre farm in Vermont, where all the products are made.

In the past year, Harper’s business has grown 600%, carrying in major retailers like Neiman Marcus and Sephora and recently expanded across Europe.



Since 1995, the Naturopathica brand inspires natural beauty, sustaining it with so many products designed for each skin type and skin concern. We are thankful to Barbara Close for educating people on the benefits of holistic health and its connection to beauty.

Two decades later, Naturopathica continues to draw Barbara’s knowledge as an herbalist, esthetician, and aromatherapist to keep developing other products for skin care.

Inspired by a vast background in herbalism, this organic skincare brand believes in the healing power of plants and is committed to clean, sustainable ingredients.

Everything about Naturopathica is organic and natural, being certified by Ecocert.

Also, their actives are developed using green technology, never toxic ingredients, or known irritants in their formulas.

Naturopathica organic brand

Naturopathica Carrot Seed Facial Oil

A best seller of Naturopathica, this facial oil is made with an ultra-calming blend of hydrating and soothing seed oils.

While nourishing the skin, prevents redness due to its content of carrot seed oil. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to the primrose seed oil.

It’s hydrating, reduces redness, and gives an overall glow, soothing sensitive skin.

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 Naturopathica organic cream

Naturopathica Hydrating Cream

A moisturizing and nourishing cream that contains anti-inflammatory calendula extract to soothe dry, sensitive skin.

It contains a high concentrate of borage seed oil that helps soften the skin, being a rich source of gamma-linolenic acid—known for its soothing, anti-inflammatory and skin conditioning properties.

The Trehalose extract protects the skin’s fibroblast from dehydration by replacing the water in the tissue, which helps retain the natural structure of the skin.

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skincare organic Moisturizer

Naturopathica Oil-Reducing Moisturizer

Naturopathica Moisturizer is a light, mattifying cream that hydrates the skin, while absorbing the excessive oil, refining your pores with antiseptic rosemary and alpine willow.

Rosemary oil is known to calm skin, being rich in phytonutrients which contain powerful antioxidant benefits that shield against environmental aggressors. The alpine willow is a herb cultivated in the Swiss Alps, an ingredient that helps reduce sebum excess and refines pores.

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Naturopathica skincare natural products

Naturopathica Cleansing Facial

This 3-in-1 cleanser, scrub, and a mask is gentle enough for daily use, leaving the skin soft, supple and radiant.

It contains a high percentage of soothing oats and exfoliating jojoba beads to provide gentle and effective exfoliation.

The Oat Beta Glucan is a traditional ingredient used to soothe dry skin, hives, and inflammation, while the oat protein helps hydrate the skin, at the same time helping it to retain the natural moisture.

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Healthy living bloggers Annmarie and Kevin Gianni powered up by embarking on a journey across North and South America to track down the best natural-care products and protocols to share with viewers of their popular YouTube videocast.

While Annmarie and Kevin were posting interviews with healthcare experts, manufacturers, growers, and healers, their viewers were posting a question of their own: “Annmarie, what products do you use for your skin?”

They began examining labels and were horrified to discover that nothing Annmarie was using met their high standards. So shortly after their trip started, they set out to find a product line they could recommend.

One day, Annmarie walked into a small spa in Patagonia, Arizona. The esthetician there introduced her to a line of skincare, unlike anything Annmarie had ever known, with products that felt so alive, with a palpable energetic vibration.

In 2009, Annmarie Skin Care was launched. All ingredients are hand-selected, infused in base oils and plant juice, and then crafted using additional herb extracts and ingredients to make them as effective as possible.

Annmarie organic brand product

Start your beauty routine with this pH-balanced cleanser that combines with a unique botanical blend, delivering essential hydration for a calm and more restored complexion. The apple extract, with its potent brightening properties, is ideal for dark spots, gently softening and renewing the look of the skin. Finished with lavender, lemon, bergamot, and Litsea-cubeb, your skin becomes flawless and smooth, after the first week of treatment.

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annmarie organic serum

Stem Cell Serum is naturally formulated, with organically grown and wildcrafted ingredients, definitely the right organic serum for any skin. Formulated with uva-ursi, licorice root, and amla berry delivers youthful, vibrant, and radiant looking complexion. You can increase the appearance of firmness and tightness with this exclusive citrus stem cell complex that brightens the look of dull, lackluster skin.

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The ultimate skin serum that brightens, hydrates, and helps smooth aging signs at the same time. A dynamic blend of Kakadu plum and apple revives dull skin, while the concentrated dose of fruit, and plant-cells extract, are brightening the appearance of skin tone.

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organic skincare products kit

This four-piece, Balance Travel kit is a one month supply curated for all skin types, helping to soften and rejuvenate the skin. It’s perfect for removing the makeup and the dirt, the first crucial step in any beauty routine. The ayurvedic facial scrub gently exfoliates the dead skin cells and other residues.

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La Flore

Maya Ivanjesku is La Flore creative visionary and Chief Scientific Officer with over twenty years of experience in the pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical, and biotech industries.

She has held key senior leadership product development positions at many of the leading companies in the skincare industry, including Estée Lauder, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, and Origins.

The deep roots in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries mean La Flore brand knows what it takes to put a safe and rigorously tested product on the market. For this reason, it applies the same best practices to all products they make.

Each product is thoroughly tested for safety and approved by third party dermatologists before undergoing the last step in the process – testing it on themselves.

At the moment, La Flore released two collections for skincare, both containing probiotics, The Collection, and The Discovery Set.

LaFlore Natural Organic Probiotic kit

Simplify your skincare routine with the Probiotic 3-step kit, which contains practical transformative products to holistically healthy skin. Start with the gentle enzymatic cleanser that washes away makeup and pollutants and resets the skin’s microbiome for optimum overnight recovery.

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la flore discovery set

The LaFlore Organic Probiotic Discovery Set is the way to take care of your skin in three steps. Start with the cleanser that brightens and balances the complexion. The botanical serum smoothes wrinkles, and the moisturizer keeps the skin hydrated. All these products contain probiotics to fortify the flora in the skin’s microbiome and neutralize harmful bacteria.

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Final Words

It’s hard to have the best of both worlds when it comes to your skin – you need to prior your needs and desires. Remain faithful to an organic and natural skincare routine, and your skin will stay committed to you.

Well begun is half done, keep trying the best organic skincare brands, designed for your skin type and concerns until you find the most suitable for yourself.

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