Reverse Your Age By 20 Years, How You Can Do It

It is about that moment when you see a person or met one and immediately wondered how old is it. Acts, speak, move like a fifty but damn looks like thirty. You eventually find out and get shocked, it is thirty-year-old. How is possible? I know it happened to you too!

The thing we’ve just dreamed about is no longer just a dream. We live in an era where everything is possible. People came up with nuts ideas more often. Impossible became more and more possible. It became difficult to even follow the trends and be in touch with them as things evolve so fast.

What if I told you it is possible to achieve youthful skin, to reverse the aging process, would you believe me? Follow this article and told me later!

Reverse Your Age By 20 Years

It takes time, patience and devotion. The reverse aging process involves a mix of the most-known natural and artificial ways for preventing skin-aging. These methods placed together and wisely used can deliver unimaginable results.

Before going deeply into the subject you need to be aware of a few elementary aspects regarding the skin and aging process.

What happens to skin as we age?

It is important to have knowledge over the skin changes that come with age. As you know the effects you will know how to reverse them. What your organism will need and what needs to be done. The simplest way is to illustrate it via a diagram.


A diagram of younger skin and aging skin showing a decrease in collagen and broken elastin in older skin. Simply by understanding this you will know that recovering the broken elastin and collagen level should be your main priority.

You know what needs to reverse your age by 20 years. Let’s see how to do it!

How to reverse the aging process

As I’ve said previously it requires a mix of methods, things you need to do each day. Some make-up and anti-aging products will be necessitated to.

The best ways to reverse the signs of age reflected on your skin:

  • Maintain a diet established with aliments which helps the recovery of elastin and collagen level.
  • Use an efficient anti-aging serum. Find the right one here.
  • Changing your make-up with an organic one. See a list of best natural foundation you can use right now!
  • Add some physical exercises in your routine.
  • Take control of the stress-level, practice mindfulness.

I’ll follow up with more information and cover the most important ones below.

Is it possible to reverse aging?

Yes. I’m not the only person who affirms that. It is an answer based on proven study cases officialized by reputable organizations and associations. It might sound like a myth but following the right routine will prove the contrary.

Reverse Aging Diet


The alimentation needs to be rich in vitamin A, C, E, and B6. Drink between six and eight glasses of water per day. Starting the day with an egg it’s a smart decision. Be sure to include as many foods as you can from the list below in your diet.

What foods reverse aging

  1. Broccoli – rich in vitamins C and K, including a variety of antioxidants.
  2. Spinach – vitamins A, C, E, and K / magnesium.
  3. Nuts – don’t remove the skin, it will lose antioxidants.
  4. Kiwi – bags tons of vitamins C, E.
  5. Bell Peppers – rich in vitamin C, which increases the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin.
  6. Sushi, fish in general
  7. Chocolate – has been proven to be good for older persons.

I’m not going to focus all my attention on the diet as is not the only factor we’re interested in. Anyway, you can read more about what food you need to eat here.

Anti-aging serums

Used regularly, a serum can brings a lot of beneficial results over your skin. With the best serum followed by a good diet, healthy lifestyle and quality makeup you can reverse the skin age by 20 years.

We have a full article dedicated to serums. It is the right place to choose from: Best Anti-Aging Serums.

Can exercise reverse aging?

Yes. Sport is the best friend for your organism. It is recommended to follow high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It has been proven to makes tense improvements in mitochondrial energy production.


Do it right and you will be amazed. It is not rocket science and takes a reasonable amount of effort. Eat the right food, do exercise, use an anti-aging serum and your skin will be younger with 20 years. It sounds simple compared with the reward you get.

I’ve asked my mom to do the same. Two months have been passed since she started and the results are starting to shows easily. She feels younger, healthy. The skin is lighter and elastic. I’m still impressed by what humans can achieve if they are willing to pay for it.

Virginia Decker

Virginia Decker

She developed a deep interest in skin-related concerns focusing the whole life on how to improve and maintain a healthy skin condition. She works as a dermatologist in New York and occasionally is writing for Women’s Concepts. Guarantee, The Department of Dermatology at Yale.

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