Reverse Your Age By 20 Years, How You Can Do It

 Reverse Your Age By 20 Years, How You Can Do It

It is about that moment when you see a woman and immediately wonder how old she’d be. Acts, speaks, like a fifty, but damn looks like thirty. You eventually find out and get shocked, she’s fifty-years-old. How is it possible? I know it happened to you too!

The thing we’ve just dreamed about is no longer just a dream.

We live in an era where everything is possible. People came up with nuts ideas often and it’s even difficult to follow the trends and be in touch with them as everything evolves so fast.

What if we told you it is possible to achieve youthful skin by reversing your age by 20 years? Would you believe it?

What is following next will help you achieve this dream. The age will stop being a concern, and the aging process will look like a kids’ game. It’s not rocket science, everyone can do it, but the results might be different from a person to another — genes are also important.

What you need to know to reverse your age by 20 years

It takes time, patience, and devotion. The reverse aging process involves a mix of the most-known natural and artificial ways for preventing skin-aging. These methods placed together and wisely used can deliver incredible results.

Before going deeply into the subject, you need to be aware of a few elementary aspects regarding the skin and aging process.

What happens to skin as we age?

younger skin and older skin

It is essential to have knowledge over the skin changes that come with age. If you know the effects, you will know how to reverse them. What your organism will need and what needs to be done. The simplest way is to illustrate it is via a diagram.

A diagram of younger skin and aging skin showing a decrease in collagen and broken elastin in older skin. Only by understanding this, you will know that recovering the broken elastin and collagen level should be your main priority.

How to reverse the aging process

It requires a mix of methods and procedures you need to follow each morning and night. Also, it will be necessary to change your lifestyle (diet, sport, routine) if it does not respect the standards imposed by our dermatologist, Virginia Decker.

Besides using tons of products, you need to follow some steps that will improve your skin condition.

If the skin cells run in a healthy environment — which is heavily influenced by multiple external factors — will allow the anti-aging treatment to run in optimal conditions to provide better results.

We have tested the “reverse the skin age” treatment on ten women aged between 35 – 60. We have customized the treatment based on the patient’s unique condition and characteristics to get the most from it and see which one delivers the best results.

All of them have noticed a visible reduction in wrinkle’s appearance. Five women claimed an increase in the level of elasticity of the skin, resulting in youthful and healthy-looking skin.

Wonder how we have achieved these results? No worries, the answer is closer than never.

The best ways to reverse the signs of age reflected on your skin

1. Follow an anti-aging diet

Surprisingly or not, there are special diets that have a role in fighting and controlling the aging process. The most significant factor that has a massive influence on cellular aging is the alimentation.

Your nutrition needs to be rich in vitamins A, C, E, and B6. Drink between six and eight glasses of water per day and make sure to include in your meals as many foods as you can from the list below.

What foods reverse aging

reverse aging diet
  • Broccoli — rich in vitamins C and K, including a variety of antioxidants
  • Spinach — vitamins A, C, E, and K / magnesium
  • Nuts — don’t remove the skin, it will lose antioxidants
  • Kiwi — bags tons of vitamins C, E.
  • Bell Peppers — rich in vitamin C, which increases the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin.
  • Sushi, fish in general
  • Chocolate — has been proven to have more beneficial outcomes for older persons

You can read more about what food you need to eat here.

We highly recommend following an anti-aging diet. If it’s done right, it can bring a lot of positive outcomes that help the skin to achieve a youthful look. You can continue your research and find out how the diet can keep skin cells young here.

2. Protect the skin against sunlight

The damage from the UVA & UVB rays can cause your skin to age prematurely. It can accelerate the aging process at a point where it will be five-time faster than usual.

The skin also becomes more sensitive with each day it’s exposed to the sun. There are plenty of reasons that tell you to quit the idea of being that person that does not worry about the sun.

You need to start taking the necessary precautions to keep your skin safe.

But how you do that? How to adequately protect the skin from UV rays without actually dodge every sunlight? The foundation we wear every day can take care of that — always look for SPF protection formulas.

You can secure protection in other ways, but we prefer this one the most as you hit two rabbits with one shot: protect while being beauty.

We don’t want to let you alone with this decision. So to give you a helping hand, we have covered the best anti-aging foundation that features everything necessary to make you look youthful.

All products also feature a high sun protection factor. You can find our article on the following address:

If you don’t want to spend more time on this take a look below for a quick summary of the best three foundations to use to reverse your age:

best foundation for mature skin over 50

It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation

Foundation its infused with SPF 50+ UVA/UVB broad-spectrum physical sunscreen.
foundation for aging skin over 50

Colorescience Tint du Soleil Foundation

Rich in antioxidants and vitamins. It also secures heavy protection from UV rays.
anti-aging foundation

GloxiniaLife Medium Tint Foundation

 SPF 45 formula which offers the whole protection package against UV rays.

3. Use quality skincare products

The skincare industry has been in continuous evolution in the past years, with tons of products released every week. That is good for our purpose as we have plenty of options to chose from.

However, it is better to use only trusted brands, avoid harmful ingredients in makeup, and opt for a natural routine.

Serums are a smart investigation as they usually contain more active ingredients and are easily absorbed by the cellular tissue. We have tested a bunch of different products.

Still, by far, the serums delivered the best results in terms of wrinkles appearance and skin condition. If used regularly, a serum can bring a lot of beneficial effects over your skin. With the best serum followed by a proper diet, healthy lifestyle, and quality makeup, you can reverse the skin age by 20 years. 

Follow the below link to read more about anti-aging serums:

anti-aging serum

OROGOLD 24K Vitamin C Booster Facial Serum

serum reverse your age

Ogee Seeds of Youth Serum

anora serum

 Anora Skincare Anti-Aging Serum

Vivant Skin Care Anti-Aging Serum

4. Practice sport daily

If you include some physical exercises in your routine it will improve your overall body system’s condition. You will feel younger; in consequence, you will look more youthful. Go for a run, do some pushups, or simply walk a lot.

Find out the 15 ways exercises can make you feel and look younger.

Can exercise reverse aging?

Yes. Sport is the best friend for your organism. It is recommended to follow high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It has been proven to makes tense improvements in mitochondrial energy production.

5. Take control of the stress-level, practice mindfulness

If you are not aware of that, you should. The stress can harm critical DNA in the cells. The length of DNA sections is called telomeres.

People exposed to the stress often have the shortest telomeres — when telomeres become too short, the cells can die or become damaged, resulting in the skin aging prematurely.

Do it right, and you will be amazed. It is not rocket science and takes a reasonable amount of effort.

Eat the right food, do exercise, sleep, use anti-aging serums, and your skin will look younger with 20 years.

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To our readers

The information from this article is not entirely medical-grade level and should not be treated as a substitute for medical advice from your doctor. No one will know you, your medical history, the meds you’ve taken or are taking, your sensitivities and drug interactions, allergic reactions, and your lifestyle, but your doctor does.

Virginia Decker

Virginia Decker

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