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Reverse Your Age By 20 Years: How You Can Do It

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The truth is that there’s not much we can do about our chronological age. Yet, today, thanks to the latest research, we can control how we age and how aging reflects on our skin. So yes, we can reverse the signs of aging, or at least make them less visible. Now, more than ever, it’s easier to manage your skin and how it ages. We have dozens of products, devices, and ingredients to make it possible. What if I told you that it’s possible to maintain your skin youthful and reverse your skin age by 20 years? Would you believe me? What is following next will help you fulfill this desire, and finally, the aging signs will stop being a concern. It’s not rocket science, and everyone can do it, but the results might be different from a person to another — genes and lifestyle are very important.

What you need to know to reverse your age by 20 years

First upfront, you need time, patience, and devotion. The reverse aging process involves a mix of habits, well-chosen products, and of course, high-tech anti-aging devices and surgical interventions if needed.

Before going deeply into the subject, you need to be aware of a few elementary aspects regarding the skin and the entire aging process.


What happens to our skin as we age?

It’s essential to know about the skin changes during the aging process. If you are aware of the effects, it becomes easier to reverse them. Your skin cells and tissues are most affected when aging, following by a decrease in collagen and hyaluronic acid levels, as well as broken elastin. By understanding this, you know that recovering the broken elastin and collagen level should be your main priority.

How to reverse the aging process

Literally, it is not possible to reverse the aging process. But. There ARE ways to slow it down. Ok, you’ve aged, and you noticed more wrinkles and fine lines. Also, your skin lost its elasticity and firmness. You are now concerned, and you most probably think you can’t do anything about it. But rest assured. Sticking to the right routine helps reduce the wrinkles’ appearance, while it makes your skin more elastic and firmer. Isn’t this what you want?

But what exactly makes a routine good or bad? Well, a lot of things. It is not just about what products you use, what you do in the morning, or night. Your lifestyle, what you eat, and even your makeup products can change how your skin ages. Don’t worry. Soon, it’ll become crystal-clear what “the right anti-aging routine” means. Read on.

6 Ways To Reverse Your Age

We compressed the most effective ways to keep aging signs under control in five simple steps so that you can easily stick to them.

Eat selectively

Surprisingly or not, your daily diet has a leading role in fighting and controlling the aging process. There’s a reason for the saying you are what you eat. Frequently researched antioxidants such as carotenoids, tocopherols, flavonoids, vitamins (A, C, D, and E), essential omega-3-fatty acids, some proteins, and lactobacilli have been referred to as agents capable of promoting skin health and beauty. They can help protect skin from sun damage, stress, and pollution by reducing the inflammation in cells and preventing collagen loss. According to the specialists, the nutrition of someone who wants to control the aging signs needs to be rich in vitamins A, C, E, and B6.

What foods reverse aging?

reverse aging diet
  1. Broccoli — rich in vitamins C and K, including a variety of antioxidants
  2. Spinach — contains vitamins A, C, E, and K / magnesium
  3. Nuts — don’t remove the skin because it will lose antioxidants
  4. Kiwi — bags tons of vitamins C & E
  5. Bell Peppers — rich in vitamin C, increases the natural production of collagen
  6. Sushi, fish in general
  7. Chocolate — has more beneficial outcomes for older people

You can find more skin-friendly foods here. And by the way, remember to drink between 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. 


Protect your skin against sunlight

Actually, sunlight exposure leads to one of the most common types of aging: photoaging. Yes, that’s right. The sun can dramatically accelerate the aging process, altering the normal skin structure. If you want to preserve your collagen in the skin, you would better protect it against sunlight. For the simple reason that UVA rays, with their longer wavelength, penetrate deep into the dermis, where they damage the collagen fibers. And when you think that 95% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays are UVA, there’s really no need to think twice.

Another less known fact about UV radiation exposure is that it can negatively affect retinoic acid receptors and retinoid X receptors. Also, it leads to a deficiency of vitamin A, which can result in cell damage. This is why retinol, an OTC retinoid form, is one of the most popular treatments for photoaging. Be wise and protect your skin against UV exposure. You can get yourself a sunscreen or a foundation with SPF protection. We like these the most.

Use high-quality skincare products

You can get so much from your beauty routine if you know what products your skin needs. Yes, you can eat well and protect yourself against sunlight, but everything is pointless if you don’t use the right products. The topical application of skincare products is the most effective because it penetrates the deepest. Hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, retinol, antioxidants, and vitamin C are what you need from your products.  You won’t see a dermatologist that won’t recommend retinoids. They are practically vitamin A, and as MD Amy Derick says for Webmd, “the foundation of any anti-aging bare-minimum routine.” Retinol is an OTC retinoid that stimulates collagen production, accelerating the skin renewal and wrinkles’ reduction for smoother, evenly-toned skin.

Serums are more beneficial as they usually contain more active ingredients and are easily absorbed by the cellular tissue. If you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to look at these retinol serums and hyaluronic acid serums, here is what we like the most:

The Ordinary Retinol Serum

The Ordinary Retinol 1% 

With 1% pure retinol, The Ordinary’s serum locks in moisture, smoothing fine lines and fading age spots.

hyaluronic acid pro-collagen serum

ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Anti-Wrinkle Serum

The mix of potent anti-aging ingredients with hyaluronic acid makes out of this serum a cult-favorite.

Skin tightening treatments

Last but not least, you can take advantage of skin-tightening treatments. They’re probably the holy grail of any anti-aging regimen. The skin-tightening procedures work by using targeted energy to heat deeper layers of the skin. This is how collagen and elastin production is stimulated, gradually improving skin texture. Radiofrequency, the most commonly used in skin tightening devices, heats the dermis to 50-75°C, eliminating wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin.

Research found that radiofrequency treatment was effective in 70-middle aged women for removing wrinkles and tightening loose skin. Another reason to use radiofrequency is that it requires no recovery and works for every skin type. Purchase your radiofrequency device here.

Exercise daily

Everybody knows that exercising improves your overall body system’s condition. It is believed that exercise tightens skin and reduces wrinkles through the collagen increase and also from muscles toning and pulling the skin tight. Besides that, you most probably know the feeling after doing sport, when you feel stronger, more flexible, fitter, healthier, and with increased energy. If you are not really a sports person, you can just make sure you walk 30 minutes every day. That counts too. Find out 15 ways exercises can make you feel and look younger.

Can exercise reverse aging?

Yes, it can help a lot!


Sport is the best friend of your organism. It’s recommended to follow high-intensity interval training (HIIT) which has been proved to makes tense improvements in mitochondrial energy production.

Take control of the stress-level, practice mindfulness

If you are not aware of that, you should. The stress can harm critical DNA in the cells. The length of DNA sections is called telomeres. People exposed to stress often have the shortest telomeres — when telomeres become too short, the cells can die or become damaged, resulting in the skin aging prematurely. Insiders agree that stress can cause wrinkles. 

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