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How Coffee Scrubs Can Tighten Your Skin And Make You Look Fresh

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Coffee’s our hero, saving us from looking and behaving like we didn’t sleep the night. But coffee not only energizes our sleepy spirits. It’s more of a hero, especially since we’ve started using it for our skin, as an antioxidant-effect scrub, and skin-tightener. Wait, is that true? Well, yes. In addition to the energy-boosting effects, caffeine has numerous benefits when rubbed on the skin. As with many other cosmetics or ingredients, penetration through the skin barrier is essential for being effective.

So here comes the question: does caffeine penetrate the skin? Certainly, caffeine can penetrate the skin barrier, and it’s absorbed by the blood vessels, providing lots of benefits to the skin. Research conducted by Sindy Traured from the Department of Dermatology, Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, explains that caffeine reaches the living tissue by permeating the skin’s hair follicles. 

Coffee scrub is A-lister’s favorite too! For instance, Halle Berry is a huge fan of coffee scrub, using it to help to increase blood flow and smooth the skin, as per Cosmopolitan states.

Coffee scrub skin benefits

Coffee scrub is not at the same level as tightening devices, that’s for sure, but it can definitely complete an anti-aging routine, along with a cream or oil. Together with other tightening procedures, they form a powerful ally that helps you get tighter, more youthful-looking skin.

Coffee scrub has a multitude of benefits for the skin. First, and maybe the most important, it has antioxidant properties that help generate new skin cells. In this way, your skin achieves a glowing, fresh appearance. Antioxidants are also thought to help promote an overall healthier skin tone. Green coffee beans contain large amounts of polyphenolic antioxidants, thought to ward off free radicals. But the content of polyphenols is significantly affected by the intensity of the roasting process. Research shows that light and medium roasting is more beneficial for preserving bioactive compounds.

Next, coffee scrub acts as a stimulant to improve blood circulation and eliminate excess water in the skin tissue. You already know that improved blood circulation makes the skin appear healthier. This can lead to a tightened appearance, indeed. Another great benefit of coffee scrub it’s the exfoliating effect. By scrubbing your face with coffee grounds, your skin texture will get improved. And you can feel it right at that moment. In addition, the massaging effect can assist lymphatic drainage and stretch the skin tissue, leading to tightened skin.

If you’re thinking of applying a skin tightening cream after you’ve scrubbed your face with coffee, that’s a brilliant idea. Once you’ve eliminated the dead skin cells and improved the blood circulation, the product you layer after will get better absorbed into the skin. 


Don’t expect massive changes of tightening by only scrubbing your skin with coffee. There’s a lack of scientific evidence to prove the effects of coffee scrub on skin tightening. Still, if you keep doing it once weekly, along with other skin-tightening procedures, and you’ll notice an improvement in the way your skin feels and looks. 

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