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10 Best Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Devices for Home Use

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Whether you want to prevent or whisk away wrinkles and saggy skin, one of these best at-home skin tightening devices will do it all. Ok, not all. You still need to hold on to that healthy diet, exercise, and rigorously use your wrinkle-fighting products, from supplementscreams to serums or super-charged ampoules. Yet, using a skin tightening machine might actually be the perfect addition to your anti-aging routine, and here is why.

While topical products work on the surface, these devices use low-energy radiation to go into the deep skin layers, heating the dermis. It’s this heat that boosts collagen production, helping improve wrinkles and sagging skin while fighting sun damage. Besides, most at-home skin tightening devices require less downtime, lower costs, and no need for recovery compared to in-office lifting treatments — though the results won’t be as dramatic. 

While popular skin-tightening therapies include radiofrequency (RF), high-frequency, lasers, LEDs, and ultrasounds, experts consider RF one of the best non-surgical procedures. “Currently, radiofrequency represents the gold standard of treatments designed to tighten the skin in a noninvasive fashion,” reveals Abraham MT, Assistant Clinical Professor

Read on to find the best radio frequency skin tightening machines, but first, it’s important to arm yourself with some facts. 

How do radiofrequency skin tightening machines work?

Radiofrequency skin tightening devices work by using energy waves that heat the skins’ deeper layers — your dermis gets heated between 122 and 167°F. Maintaining this dermal temperature for at least three minutes triggers the release of heat-shock proteins. In turn, it leads to increased collagen and elastic fibers production, tightening the skin, giving it a bouncier and healthier look.

So, if you’re not the run-to-the-salon type and want to tighten your skin at home, radiofrequency therapy is your best option. FYI, all other skin-tightening procedures work on the same principle of warming skin tissues.

How effective are radiofrequency devices?

According to research, radiofrequency is a safe and effective method to correct sagging skin in as early as one week. It was found that radiofrequency delivers almost instant results in skin tightening as collagen production occurs immediately after treatment.

Are skin tightening devices safe for home use?

Since radiofrequency devices use low energy, they are considered safe for home use. However, there are a few side effects you should be aware of when using a radiofrequency machine. Besides tingling, studies reported side effects, such as skin rash and temporary swelling while using RF. Last but not least, to stay on the safe side, always remember:

  1. Don’t use chemical peels or laser skin resurfacing two weeks prior
  2. Don’t use microdermabrasion one month before
  3. Don’t apply topical retinoids within the last two weeks
  4. Don’t use RF on active infections or sunburn
  5. Avoid IPL/laser procedures for 7 days prior (on the area to be treated)
  6. Avoid alcohol two days prior to treatment
  7. Don’t use RF if you are pregnant or nursing

The best at-home skin tightening devices

If you want firmer and bouncy skin, here are the best skin tightening devices for home use to get you just that, and more.

TriPollar Stop Vx

TriPollar Stop Vx

TriPollar Stop Vx is a double-duty skin rejuvenating machine that packs two types of technologies to smooth skin and reshape the face. First, it uses interchanging radiofrequency waves to distribute heat evenly into the dermis, stimulating collagen and elastin. Additionally, the DMA technology targets muscles to improve their tone and increase their density and volume. In a nutshell, TriPollar Stop Vx is one of the best skin tightening devices that bring salon-like results at home.

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Silk’n Titan Skin Tightening Device

Silk’n Titan Anti-Aging Device 2021

Do you fancy handier skin tightening machines? Then Silk’n Titan is what you’re looking for! Clinically tested, it uses three different sources of energy, including RF, infrared heat, and LED, to make your skin appear tighter, firmer, and rejuvenated. By using the Silk’n Titan radiofrequency device, collagen and elastin fibers are repaired, cell renewal stimulated, sunspots and pores reduced, and skin elasticity improved. P.S.: If you’re a starter, begin with the first energy level and gradually raise it until you reach the heat level you are comfortable with. 

MLAY-RF01 Radio Frequency Machine

MLAY RF Machine

MLAY-RF01 relies on radiofrequency to tighten the skin and plump wrinkles, bringing salon-like results at home. It features a system that automatically adjusts the device’s energy depending on your skin’s temperature, avoiding overheating issues. For normal skin, use the device once in four days. If your skin is dry, you need to treat it more often; every two days will do. Once you’re satisfied with the results, decrease the number of sessions once a fortnight to maintain them.

NuFACE Facial Toning Device

NuFACE Advanced Facial Anti-Wrinkles Device

NuFace is another device that stimulates the skin with gentle microcurrent, producing almost instant lifting and tightening effects. Innovatively crafted, it features interchangeable treatment attachments that can be used on the face and neck to improve facial contour and reduce wrinkles look. NuFace is travel-friendly and promises to deliver instant results, being considered one of the very best skin tightening machines for home use.

ZIIP Beauty Facial Device

At-Home Facial Device for Tightening

If you feel like splurging on a tightening facial device, check this one. ZIIP Beauty is not using radiofrequency but nano-currents to stimulate skin cells, boost collagen and elastin, increase blood flow, and even repair broken tissues. All these lead to radiant, flawless, and glowing skin. The device is beginner-friendly, featuring a phone app that’ll let you choose from seven different facial treatments. It also comes with step-by-step videos offering an easy, relaxing, and comfortable experience.

Sensilift Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Device

RF Machine by Sensilift

Sensilift is another fantastic choice if you want a handy, easy-to-use skin tightening machine for home use. The FDA-cleared device works with radiofrequency to stimulate collagen production and remodel the existing one. Plus, Sensilift was built with a thermal sensor that adjusts the device’s power, so when the temperature reaches 104°F, it automatically stops to decrease the heat level. Similarly, as the treatment is ineffective at low temperatures, it increases the RF energy when it reaches low levels, maintaining the optimal power during the entire session. Thus, it’s more likely to give you transformative results. 

NuFACE FIX Line Smoothing Device

NuFACE FIX Line Smoothing Device

This tiny tightening device is your best bet if you’re always on the go. It helps smooth, plump, and tighten the skin using gentle microcurrent. Not only that, but it also visibly enhances lip volume appearance for a naturally fuller pout. Three minutes for each area, up to two times a day, and your wrinkles and fine lines will appear smoothened. For sure, NuFACE Fix is the best at-home skin tightening device you can use whenever your skin needs a pick-me-up.

Newa Anti-Aging Technology

NEWA Anti-Aging Skin Tightening Device

Among the best at-home skin tightening devices, Newa is probably the most popular. It works with 3DEEP — an RF energy-based skin treatment — to lift saggy skin and reduce wrinkles. Newa is one of the few devices that demonstrated anti-aging benefits in clinical studies. Even the FDA tested Newa, clearing it as an over-the-counter home-use device for skin tightening. “The benefits of the Newa device are based on the clinical performance testing provided, and the improvements seen on the patient wrinkle severity reduction scores are substantial,” concluded FDA.

Orlaya Skin DermaDeep RF Pro

Orlaya Skin DermaDeep RF Pro

This one works a bit differently than other skin tightening devices. As it boasts monopolar technology, Orlaya Skin DermaDeep RF Pro uses a single electrode, meaning it can penetrate deeper than devices that feature two electrodes. This leads the power of light to reach the deeper skin layers for instant and long-lasting benefits, restoring collagen and elastin to reveal smoother skin, softened wrinkles, and a toned face.

TriPollar STOP Eye Radiofrequency Device

TriPollar STOP Eye Radiofrequency Device

If you want a device that delivers radiofrequency energy to the delicate area around the eyes and the lips, reach for TriPollar STOP Eye. Its smaller shape makes it easy to target the under-eye, mouth, and nose, working to plump crow’s feet and minimize puffiness in no time. Since it supports collagen and elastin production, the device provides instant and long-term lifting benefits for saggy skin. Simply put, it has what it takes to be the best skin tightening machine for the eye area.

How do I prep my skin for a radiofrequency treatment?

Before using your skin tightening machine, start by having your face cleansed. To use your radiofrequency device, apply a conductor gel — it ensures a proper connection between electrodes and your skin.

What do to after?

After having the treatment, follow up with a nourishing and regenerating serum or cream. A hyaluronic acid serum, a ceramide, or collagen cream will quench your thirsty skin — right what you need after radiofrequency therapy. Now, for the following days, keep your skin moisturized, and any AHA, BHA, or harsh ingredients that may exfoliate your skin, such as glycolic acid, are a no-no. 

How often can you use the RF machine?

It depends. As each device has different specifications is not a one-apply-to-all rule. Your skin condition and your goals play an essential role as well. Yet, usually two to three times per week, with 10-15 minutes sessions, it’s what most brands recommend. Obviously, you’ll read the instructions and follow up accordingly.

Usually, after the treatment is completed, the skin maintains collagen production for one to six months, after which it starts to decrease. That’s why once you’re happy with the results, you can still use the device every now and then to keep your skin youthful.

Above all, you should not overuse the treatment. The skin needs time until it’s fully repaired. By using a skin tightening device excessively, you can block the process and lose all the progress.

Can I use RF on my body?

Yes. Skin tightening devices might be best-known to treat the forehead, under-eye area, cheeks, mid-face, jawline, and neck, but they also work for contouring and tightening the body’s loose skin too. While not all devices are designed for body use, some do, and they do it quite well.

Fast facts before you buy a radiofrequency machine

  1. One study confirmed that the energy produced is not diminished by tissue diffraction or absorption by epidermal melanin. As such, RF-based devices are suitable for any skin type and tone.
  2. Most at-home skin tightening machines require multiple uses, daily or weekly, compared to clinical devices that usually require use once every six months.
  3. Radiofrequency may instantly increase collagen production, reflecting in visible skin rejuvenation after the first sessions. However, the results don’t last long, and collagen production decreases after one to six months. Hence, you should do the treatment regularly.
  4. The frequency used varies from 1MHz to 6MHz, and the power ranges from 40W to 240W, which are considered safe. Most radiofrequency machines adjust their power according to the treated area.
  5. The radiofrequency energy penetration’s depth is inversely proportional to the frequency. In layman’s terms, lower frequencies can penetrate deeper into the skin.
  6. Ideally, don’t expose your skin to sun or tanning beds for at least three days after the treatment. And always use sunscreen!
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