Top 10 LED Masks for Wrinkles & Anti-Aging in 2021

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Best LED Masks For Wrinkles

Could you ever think about a therapy that can diminish wrinkles, aging spots, hyperpigmentation and kill acne-causing bacteria at the same time? It might sound too good to be true, but this is 2021, where one device can do all of these. And more important, at home. It’s all about LED (light-emitting diodes) therapy — an innovative method that uses varying wavelengths and light colors to improve skin health and treat various conditions. When the skin is exposed to these lights, it produces a biochemical effect that boosts the amount of energy stored in cells.

LED Therapy: Who, What, How

Everything started with the HEALS technology, developed by NASA, which allowed LED chips to work at their maximum irradiancy without emitting heat, subsequently becoming a safe therapy for skin. “LEDs are light sources releasing energy in the form of photons. They release long wavelengths of light that stimulate cells to aid in healing,” explained NASA. LED therapy is recognized as an anti-aging treatment because it protects the existing collagen and elastin while stimulates new collagen production leading to youthful-looking skin. Once the healing and renewing properties of the therapy were confirmed, LED therapy has been slowly introduced in professional salons. Shortly, it was adapted and cleared for home use, currently being widely performed by millions of women for skin tightening and rejuvenation.

How LED therapy works for skin treatment?

As we have already stated, when the skin is exposed to these lights, it produces a biochemical effect that boosts the amount of energy stored in cells. This increases the nutrients absorption level, healing and regenerating the skin tissues. Experts agree that LED therapy has restorative properties and holds the benefits required for treating multiple skin concerns. “We determined that phototherapy using LEDs is beneficial for a range of medical and aesthetic conditions… This treatment displays an excellent safety profile, ” says Dr. Ablon in his official paperwork about LED phototherapy.

Do LED masks really diminish wrinkles?

Depending on the LED light spectrum and wavelength used, a mask can treat a vast range of skin concerns. While red light reduces inflammation and promotes blood circulation, blue light kills acne-causing bacteria. But more importantly, the amber light is the one that helps stimulate collagen and firm skin’s elastin. Finally, the green light is believed to improve pigmentation. LED therapy is often used for wrinkle reduction because it protects the existing collagen and elastin while stimulates new collagen production. As the light wavelength increases, so does the depth of penetration, becoming more effective for wrinkles and aging skin.

LED Therapy: Is It Safe for Home Use?

Despite the recent recall, experts agree that at-home LED devices are safe — as long as you respect the precautionary measures imposed. An LED device must comply with all safety measures, including eye protection, heat detection, controlled power, and the ability to plug/unplug it quickly for extreme situations. The American Academy of Dermatology gives the green signal for everyone who wants to improve their skin at home with LED therapy. Since LEDs don’t contain UV rays, this is considered a safe form of light treatment that won’t cause long-term damage to your skin.

Will LED therapy work for you?

Overall, LED masks can be used by everyone who wants to improve their skin appearance, women and men, equally. But obviously that there are a few exceptional cases to consider before you plan such a therapy. In case you’re using any products that increase the skin’s sensitivity to light, such as Accutane, it’s better to ask a doctor before, so you don’t risk irritations or scaring. Also, you might want to consider avoiding LED therapy if you have an active rash or psoriasis. 

10 Best Anti-Aging LED Masks for Wrinkles

We have pulled out the best LED anti-aging systems that work great for wrinkles reduction. Convince yourself!

OPERA LEBODY LED Home Therapy Mask

led light therapy for wrinkles

Prepare your skin for an unparalleled experience! First on the list, Opera mask excels in delivering remarkable outcomes in three main areas, wrinkles removal, skin brightening, and cell regeneration. Moreover, it’s FDA-cleared for safety and efficacity. Brand’s engineers designed the mask to cover both face and neck areas. In plus, the 228 advanced LED bulbs are split into red and near-infrared lights to give maximum effects in skin rejuvenation. The two wavelengths of 630nm for red and 845nm for near-infrared lights will boost collagen production, make wrinkles less visible while improving the general skin condition. OPERA mask promises to do all of that in just 3 weeks, with 10 minutes per session. Make sure that after cleansing, you apply a serum and only after put on the mask. 


  • Loved by celebs and their aestheticians
  • FDA-cleared
  • The mask does emit both the red and infra-red waves


  • Expensive

Hime Sama Pro 7Color LED Mask

fda approved led mask for wrinkles

Hime Sama, yet an unknown brand in the skincare industry, received quite many credits with the release of Pro 7Color LED Mask — a mask that uses 7 different colors to work effectively against aging skin. From the very first sessions, it activates the skin’s collagen growth and cell vitality by using the advanced nano-bio light to penetrate the skin layer in-depth within 3.7 ~ 3.9 mm. Besides wrinkles, it aids in treating acne scarring, lumpy uneven skin, fine lines, discoloration, large pores, inflammation, redness, dryness, and excess oil. People also like it because it’s crafted with high-quality materials and ensures comfortable rejuvenating sessions.


  • Comfortable & Eco-Friendly
  • Designed for face & neck
  • They offer 1-year free warranty
  • Portable
  • The mask is FDA-cleared


  • Product instructions are vague
  • It feels a bit heavy

Aphrona LED Skin Care Mask

Aphrona LED Skin Care Mask

If you can’t decide which LED mask you should try, Aphrona might be the perfect solution for you. I don’t doubt when recommending this mask, as it is built with the highest quality lights (99% purity) and materials to bring efficient and long-lasting results in skin rejuvenation. It comes with 10 adjustable intensive levels working on the useful wavelength range to get you the most desirable results. All of the 3 spectrum colors will regenerate skin by increasing cellular activity, increase blood flow, detoxify, and decrease age spots and freckles. Cleared by the FDA, Aphrona represents the first-to-go option for thousands of women, being one of the most popular LED masks out there.

Dermal-Tech LED Mask for Skin Rejuvenation

Dermal-Tech LED Mask

Designed for treating multiple concerns with the help of 7 different light colors, this device activates photoreceptors in skin cells, revitalizes and restores your complexion for a complete treatment. Using a tested and proven non-invasive technology, Dermal-Tech LED mask reaches layers 3mm under the skin surface, promising more prominent results. If you would like to get that smooth, SPA-like skin in your home comfort, the Dermal-Tech might be the ride for you. With 15-30 minutes every day, you’ll activate the rejuvenation process for your complexion and neck.


  • Provides also neck coverage
  • 1-year warranty 


  • The device is in the process of getting FDA approval
  • Unknown brand

Déesse Premium Face Mask

Déesse Premium Face Mask

Leaving its rivals behind, Déesee takes light-therapy to the next level with its new device, Pro LED Mask Next Generation. Déesee LED mask features 770 medical-grade, safe, light-emitting diodes and two intensity settings, assuring eight treatment modes that target multiple skin concerns, including fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes, pigmentation, and scaring. Déesee’s beautifying mask uses flexible treatment programs of 10, 20, or 30 minutes per session, manual and pre-programmed options.


  • CE Certification
  • Comfortable design
  • Offers eight types of therapies
  • Celeb’s favorite
  • Flexible treatment programs


  • High price

YOOVE LED Face Mask for Wrinkles

yoove led mask

Built with 7 different colors, Yoove LED mask helps in skin enhancement through photodynamic therapy, supported by 150 LED bulbs. It vows to make your complexion feel and look younger with just 20 minutes a day, 3 times per week. Using natural light waves transmitted by LEDs into the skin, Yoove is a safe and sound device, suitable for all skin types and addresses mainly skin rejuvenation. The mask is also very comfortable to use. You just have to select the color you wish to work with and get on pampering your skin.


  • Cordless usage
  • Good quality-price ration
  • Suitable for all skin types


  • Not approved by the FDA
  • Unknown brand

Lexi White Beauty LED Mask

Lexi White Beauty LED Mask

An affordable version crafted by Lexi White Beauty, this mask can spoil your complexion with six light colors to prevent premature aging signs. All it takes is 10-20 minutes of therapy, 2-3 times weekly, to boost collagen production and get firm, smooth, and bright skin. Lexi mask can accelerate skin metabolism and promote circulation, activating the photoreceptors in skin cells so that skin elastin can revitalize, restore, and beautify your complexion.


  • Very affordable
  • They offer 1-year warranty


  • Not FDA approved

ECO FACE Near-infrared LED Photon Mask

led mask for wrinkles

Eco Face mask comes with a simple and clean design made from eco-friendly plastic that delivers high comfort and safety levels. The device uses red and near-infrared lights, both known to inhibit aging signs, improve skin texture, and reduce melanin while increasing skin elasticity & collagen production. “The most effective wavelengths of red light are in ranges of 630-670nm and 810-880nm”, says Glynis Ablon in one of his paperwork regarding phototherapy with light-emitting diodes. Eco Face has 120 LED lights split into 60 red lights with 630nm wavelength and 60 near-infrared lights with 830nm wavelength. At this power, the near-infrared rays are harmless to the skin and penetrate deeply to deliver optimal results. 

A few sessions of 20 minutes can instantly reduce the appearance rate of wrinkles and fine lines within the skin. However, this is a one-in-a-million situation since the treatment lasts up to three months. You may or may not see any visible improvements during this time — types of wrinkles and severity massively influence this.


  • Uses red and near-infrared lights
  • They offer 1-year warranty 
  • Cordless
  • The plug is non-polarized, and will fit in any standard outlet


  • It was only approved by the KFDA and the FDA approval is currently on pending according to their seller
  • Some customers complained about the mask’s reliability

Project E Beauty 7 Color LED Mask

masks for wrinkles

In a short time, Project E Beauty’s device became one of the best-sellers LED masks with customers worldwide who simply love it. The system features 7 LED colors, each focusing on different skin issues, providing coverage for the neck area as well. You don’t need to plug it in as it features wireless control allowing you to move anywhere while wearing it. It’s incredibly comfortable and uses natural lights free of UV rays that secure an utterly safe skin tightening treatment.


Project E Beauty is designed with 102 LED lights and 40 additional ones for the neck, both having seven different spectrum lights. The red light effectively penetrates the skin layers with a 415nm wavelength stimulating the skin cells to boost collagen production, while the green light (525nm) works as an anti-aging treatment by smoothing the fine lines and wrinkles.


  • It offers multiple treatments
  • Full 1-year manufacturer’s warrant
  • Wireless, safe & comfortable


  • Does not offer eye protection

Author’s Choice: CELLALAB LED Therapy Mask

anti-aging led mask

The LED mask built by CELLALAB offers a 3-wavelengths treatment, including red, yellow, and blue lights designed to provide the optimal solution for aging skin. The futuristic design weighs no more than 194g, making it easy to wear and comfortable during the whole period of therapy.

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