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From A Makeup Artist: How Oily Skin Should Apply Makeup

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Worst scenario: you spend an entire hour doing your makeup just to see how it shines as bad as it could blind someone and comes off after a few hours. No one ever fancies that, yet it’s a common situation for women with oily skin. That is why we have collected the best tricks to help you gain the desired look and make your makeup last, no matter what. 

What is oily skin?

 Are you aware that your problem isn’t odd? In fact, oily skin is the most common skin type. Super recognizable, it’s characterized by a shiny look mostly on the forehead and nose. Plus enlarged pores, and sometimes, oily layer detectable on the touch. The condition occurs when the sebaceous glands in the skin produce too much sebum. Fun fact: sebum is essential! This waxy substance protects and hydrates the skin. The only problem is when there is vast of it. So what leads to too much sebum?

We can often read that it results from lacking hygiene, which makes me irritated. Insufficiently informed bloggers make people ashamed of their skin type. What is the real reason, then? Medical research got an answer! Genetics, hormonal changes, medications, poor nutrition, wrong cosmetics, and weather conditions. 


The right skincare

We spoke to a makeup artist, Jovana Petrovic, to get her advice about the right skincare when skin is oily. “It all starts with good skincare! You need a proper daily routine, but also monthly facials with a beautician. But, hygienic treatment is a must only if you have problematic skin besides oily. That is acne and blackheads. The goal is to cleanse the skin and return the pH value to normal. Be aware that cleansing your face too much may dry out the skin. That will give it a sign that it needs extra oil, so in an attempt to replenish skin moisture, it will produce more sebum, and that’s not something you want. Also, some other treatments (sebum-balancing) will speed up the process of restoring the skin,” Jovana explained.

Are the treatments for speeding up the process necessary?

 “Not at all! These treatments are expensive. Yet, I recommend them because they are frequent at first and later is only to maintain it once in a while! Something like a visit to the dentist,” she added through the laugh.

What about hydration? Is it good for oily skin? Yes! Believe it or not, oily skin needs it as much as normal or dry skin! “Hydration is the most important thing! Women make a mistake thinking that it will help their skin get even more oily. Of course, cosmetics should be water-based and oil-free so as not to add greasy to greasy.”

Do you know what the T zone is? It’s an area with the most oil-secreting glands. Including forehead, nose, and chin, it just happens to shape the letter T! “You must see which region of your face is oily. It could be that it is only oily in the T zone. In that case, you should mat that part to avoid the sifting effect. While matting, avoid doing it in the thick layer to prevent closing pores,” she continued.

Last but not least important, oil-controlling ingredients — the ones to seek! These will, for sure, help you keep a greasy T-zone at bay. Green Bentonite Clay is from volcanic ash, so it is a powerful and natural way to balance sebum. Charcoal has a strong ability to attract and trap oil and water. Same as Hyaluronic AcidAnd Niacinamidealso known as vitamin B3, is excellent for getting the skin back to its natural moisture.

How to make makeup last on oily skin

Let’s be real: oily skin can be challenging, especially when applying makeup. The most annoying scenario is putting effort into your beauty in the morning to have your base melting by noon. “Long-lasting makeup for oily skin is a little more complicated but possible. The powder should be applied in a thin layer so that the pores can breathe. It’s also important that the brush is soft and the beauty blender moist. You should pass with a blender to balance, fix, and fill pores where they are expanded,” Jovana stated. What if the makeup starts to disappear after a few hours? Can we add another layer? “By no means! Gently pat the skin with a tissue to pick up excess fluid,” our makeup artist answered.


Should you prime or nah?

Women are often unsure over the need for primer. If you have large pores to fill, I’d say go for it! Apply it with a foundation brush, and blend it from the center to the sides. You don’t even need to put it all over your face if you don’t want to! You could put it on the T zone and spots you’re most likely to touch often. 

But, for the eyes, you can’t negotiate it! Prime will keep mascara and eyeshadow at their place. The other technique I love is sandbagging. Use a sponge to solidify on loose powder over makeup. Keep your focus on the areas underneath the eyes and around the lips. You will see how good it is for absorbing oils. In the end, brush the rest off with a fluffy brush.

Make sure the base is even

The proper foundation is a must! You can choose between a powder foundation and a mattifying liquid oil-free foundation. But don’t drag the product around, rather do it in quick motions! You only need to cover pimples or dark circles? Use a creamy, thick concealer.

What makeup should you use for oily skin?

In conclusion: the proper technique and the right set of products is your ally! So, what makeup should you use? The wet look is all great, but it might not be so good choice for your skin type. It would be a better idea to pick matte hues to define the face instead of the shiny highlighters. Speaking about blush, I’d say that lightweight balms would do a better trick than powder. Anyway, make sure your powder is not creamy! “You should use only a setting powder for oily skin that will mattify. Plus, it contains vitamins. As for the price, don’t worry! Many of them are great and still not pricey.” Jovana stated.

Now, we already went through that, but let’s repeat it once again: don’t add greasy to greasy! All products must be oil-free. Also, make sure they are non-comedogenic! Those products are made with ingredients that are not blocking or clogging pores. You can find non-comedogenic moisturizers, cleansers, and masks. 

Now, what about makeup remover products? “They should be water-based too. So as not to grease the face further.”

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