5 Best Natural Foundation For Oily Skin to Achieve the Best Look

You recognize the oily skin type by the enlarged pores, blackheads, pimples or other blemishes, dull or shiny, maybe thick complexion.

Of course, the oiliness level can change depending upon the time of the year or the weather. Some factors can make it worse like puberty, or other hormonal imbalances, stress, heat or too much humidity.

What you should know about oily skin before using foundation

There is a particular way to treat oily skin. After years of trying and testing multiple products, I am now finally sure which is the best way to keep under control of oily skin. I like it or not; I face the same situation! Happily, I can suggest you some steps I consider the best to take care of oily skin. Learn how to keep the optimal hydration level, which products perform well for your skin.

If you are looking for another skin type we have covered them in our natural makeup section. You can follow the best organic foundation for dry skin and mature skin on Women’s Concepts.

How is oily skin different?

If you have oily skin, it means that your oil glands are overactive and produce excessive amounts of oil called sebum. Typically, we experience shininess, blemishes, and large pores. Skin type is usually genetic, but there are a few factors that influence the evolution of it like climate, season, hormones, or as a result of lifestyle choices.

The good news, the natural oil that skin produces helps to keep moisture locked in; therefore, we are less prone to wrinkles and other signs of aging.

It does not mean that oily skin doesn’t need hydration. It needs proper hydration. The oily skin agrees best with lightweight, gel, and serum-type moisturize as more luxurious creams tend to clog up the pores even more and make my skin shiner.

Of course, we want to avoid products that cause problems or create a skin type that is difficult to control. If you use the wrong products, that contain skin-aggravating ingredients, you damage the skin and end up in a state where it can’t recover. That leads to the desire of using natural and organic makeup. It is the optimal solution to keep the skin under-control with a healthy environment and still looking great.

How to keep oily skin under control

There is a way of taking care of oily skin, and that is representing by the usual care, the necessary steps of a gentle routine, cleanser, toner, sun cream, moisturizer, exfoliants, night cream, serums. Oily skin can differ from one person to another. The level of sebum which affects its softness, how sensitive it is, and how much water is in your skin, which can affect its comfort and elasticity.

Depending on your preferences and expectations, you need a foundation that either contains the ingredients you prefer or doesn’t contain those you don’t want your face. Maybe you are looking for consistency, texture, or another. I’ve pulled out the best organic foundation for oily skin, and I picked five of them, those about I thought are the best from the best.

Before I go in detail with our chemical-free products list, I’ll give you some advice on how to take proper care of your oily complexion.

Oily skin home treatment

Don’t go out without cleansing your skin in the morning. The dirt, excess oils, and impurities are built up on your skin at night and can clog pores if you don’t gently remove them. A mild water-based cleanser or micellar water to kick off your day is a good idea to start. 

If your skin is cleaned, it allows the following skincare products to work better.

Twice or three times a week to exfoliate your skin is ideal for oily skin. The oily skin is prone to dead skin cell build-up, blackheads, and clogged pores. It is essential to follow this step regularly using a gentle exfoliate.

Your morning routine must include a toner for oily skin. It should get rid of residual dirt and makeup. It makes your skin absorb more active ingredients from the products you apply to your skin afterward. You need a toner that refines your skin’s texture and minimizes your pores and the same time maintains the moisture balance of your skin. A right toner addresses oiliness and shine, without drying out your skin.

You might also need a targeted treatment, essences, or serums to tackle whatever skin concerns you have in a targeted way, for example:

  • If you feel your skin needs hydration, use a special hydrating treatment (oils, serums, creams).
  • If you want to tackle fine lines, use an anti-aging treatment.
  • If you need to brighten your skin, use a brightening treatment.

My advice is to stick to more watery, lightweight textures that are absorbed quickly by oily skin. A moisturizer and eye cream are indispensable for every woman. No matter what skin type you have, supplying nutrients to your skin and eye cream are necessities.

For oily skin type is better to supply a light moisturizer, as richer creams clog up your pores and make your skin shiner. Use a lightweight, gel-type eye cream to keep your delicate under eyes moisturized and protected.

Sunscreen is questionable, you don’t need it because the foundation has it, or your moisturizer has SPF. In case not, you need to protect your skin against the sun, UVA, and UVB harmful rays. Sunscreen is a vital step in skincare, actually the perfect way to finish your morning routine and prevent premature aging.

Depending on your skin tone, you need a sunscreen rated at least SPF 30. The general rule is to use ½ a teaspoon at each application. Make sure you put it liberally.

Watch your diet, follow these routine skincare steps, keep under control your oily skin, and get prepared to put on one of the best natural foundations for oily skin.

I have picked five best natural foundations for oily skin

I’ll let you know everything you need about each of these organic foundations. It doesn’t matter if a million people call it perfect. There can always be that ingredient we are allergic to, or we don’t want to put on our faces.

Even the FDA recommends understanding the ingredient label and says: “There is no list of ingredients that can be guaranteed not to cause allergic reactions. Consumers who are prone to allergies should pay careful attention to what they use on their skin. Further warning that there is no basis in fact or scientific legitimacy to the notion that products containing natural ingredients are good for the skin”.

Nowadays, cosmetics have been chemically enhanced, and their harmful effects far outweigh the positive. Brand names are fighting to highlight the natural ingredients and are turning back to history to make their products most organic cosmetics available in the market.

Public knowledge has increased regarding harmful ingredients — the link between sun exposure and photoaging. Women become interested in both preventing and treating the adverse effects of UV radiation and pest chemicals. They are now trying to find the best and natural makeup products to treat or heal their skin.

There are lots of outstanding reasons to choose organic makeup. I did some digging and found so many amazing natural and organic foundations that were also cruelty-free or vegan. You can go out with a full beautiful makeup without wearing any synthetical or harmful ingredients.

5 Best Natural And Organic Foundation For Oily Skin

I have analyzed five best-selling organic foundations from the most reputable non-toxic makeup brands. Follow our guide to choosing the perfect match for your skin type and condition. My team has been avoided any product that has not been approved by FDA or has minimal information to proves its quality and efficacy. The following natural makeup products are the best selling and rated foundations on the market among its competition.

1. GRESSA SKIN Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation


GRESSA Collection represents the philosophy of a stand-alone, a pioneer, a revolutionary cosmetics organic brand, founded by Svetlana Zakharevich, who dedicated her career to demystifying healthy skin. It’s a range of natural skincare and color formulations that nourish the complexion, illuminate its best features and wears like a second skin. It represents a cult, favorite among the most discerning audience, celebrities, makeup, and beauty artists.

GRESSA SKIN Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation is a serum-foundation that has a fluid-to-velvet formula that delivers a veil of weightless coverage. It contains raw mineral pigments processed in the Grease Healing Complex. It is a proprietary powerhouse blend of carefully selected botanical extracts that benefits the skin by providing it with overall radiance, balance, and clarity.


GRESSA SKIN Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation

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The GRESSA organic foundation is a highly pigmented product. It lasts for a long time. You need two-four drops and your whole face will be covered, and your skin flawless.

Either if it is oil-based, the foundation is not moisturizing, especially not if you have a dry complexion. In this case, I recommend you use a moisturizer before applying the foundation in order to keep the hydration level on point.

It’s the first option for oily skin. Since I’ve discovered it, my skin presents improvement signs and keep the oiliness under control. It lasts through the day and gives a medium to full coverage. It makes you look mattified and flawless, even if you skip the powder. Gressa Minimalist offers a medium to full coverage which is buildable and is available in eleven shades.

A small but useful tip. Make sure you shake the product before you use it. The ingredients separate a bit since it’s mostly natural oils. When you apply it, make sure you concentrate on areas where are the most imperfections.

It gives a boost of multivitamins to your complexion as long as you are wearing it. It contains only natural and organic ingredients, are parabens free and sulfate-free.

It gives great results alone. I usually don’t put any concealer because it covers the dark circles very well. For oily skin, I always use a setting mineral powder after I apply foundation, and I blend two colors to achieve the perfect shade. Just great!

2. INIKA Loose Mineral Powder


INIKA Organic is an Australian brand that appeared on the market in 2006, in time becoming globally recognized and a trusted go-to brand for organic and natural makeup. The desire to create organic cosmetics was born out of a need for detox. Tony Rechtman knows that consumers lately began to remove harmful chemicals from their homes and diets, replacing them with real alternatives. He decided to create for us a natural, organic, and colorful makeup line.

INKA is shattering green beauty expectations. It is always aiming for quality. Their ingredients are ethically sourced, natural, and derived from minerals or botanicals. After more than a decade on the market, INKA is now a significant representative of healthy skincare. 


INIKA Loose Mineral Powder

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Inika Loose Mineral Powder has the right active ingredients for oily skin. Its coverage is smooth, easily buildable to full if you want. Leaves the skin with a subtle glow, but no shiny. The foundation won’t create any irritations oily skin-related or clogging the pores due to its ingredients.

It contains specially naturally-derived titanium and zinc oxide that provides a chemical-free sun protection SPF 25. Protect the skin against harmful UV rays.

How efficiently is for oily skin

It is deal one if you live in a humid climate and you don’t have to worry, if you are sweating, about not being transfer-proof.

Inika Mineral Powder contains 100% naturally derived ingredients, is certified vegan and cruelty-free. You don’t have to worry about containing any fillers or harsh chemicals. Guarantee great coverage and a very silky finish. It is an excellent choice for oily skin, or acne because it has healing properties.

Features pure earth-derived minerals that are working to even the skin tone and disguise conditions such as acne, scarring, rosacea, or pigmentation. The silky texture of this lovely foundation results in an airbrushed finish that won’t dry out your skin.

3. JANE IREDALE Liquid Minerals A Foundation


Jane Iredale is the name of a Londoner’s woman who came to New York looking for adventure, and it looks she found it. With much experience in the cosmetics industry, from 1994 she scaled up and bootstrapped her business for more than a decade.

The brand began with one product that was immediately embraced by dermatologists and plastic surgeons due to its ability to cover, soothe, and protect.

Jane pioneered and popularised concepts such as emphasizing natural ingredients, producing makeup designed to support skin health, not suffocate it and developing mineral cosmetics. We are thankful to this brand that keeps studying, analyzing, and creating a broad line of natural and organic makeup.   


JANE IREDALE Liquid Minerals A Foundation

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Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals A Foundation is a product that hydrates the skin with its light-reflecting formula for medium coverage. It is a serum with pigment that provides excellent coverage, hydration, and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Minimizes the appearance of pores, evens out skin tone and adheres very well, having a minimal transference.

It seems like containing colored bubbles, but those are spheres encapsulated liposomes (a state-of-the-art technology that prevents active ingredients from degrading and gives actives time to release into the skin).

I highly recommend for oily skin. If you are over 30 and worried about getting fine lines you need to know, at the base, this is an anti-aging serum that contains pigments to provide you great medium coverage.

Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals A Foundation is excellent, blending well for a natural look, and there are thirteen nuances you can pick. When you pump the cap, the beads mix and suspense as a liquid is unique and lasts a long time, plus you don’t need to use too much product for good coverage.

It is a light foundation, mixed with hyaluronic acid to smooth out your skin. Jane Iredale foundation is easy to apply with the fingers because the warmth of the hands breaks down the little spheres and make them blend nicely. It’s a non-greasy foundation, and those micro-pigments are good at hiding wrinkles.         

If you have oily skin, you might consider this light-reflecting formula foundation an option. I do not recommend it if you want to hide scars or acne; this is not the best choice. Treating is better than hiding. Don’t look for something to cover, but to cure, to treat and make you feel better even when not wearing makeup.

4. VAPOUR Soft Focus Foundation


Vapour Beauty brand represents a definitive guide to naturally beautiful living, including inspired makeup looks, artistry tips and insights of their passions and provocative points of view. Since 2000, two amazing women who have dedicated more than 30 years, combined in the cosmetics industry pursued this authentic brand. They have come up with a product line that offers strong bases that link skincare and makeup with gorgeous color blends.

They believe that with regular use Vapour brand improves your skin health, thinking about their products as an extension of women’s skincare routine. VAPOUR brand is using organic plant oils that do not clog the pores or cause breakouts. The light, dry plant oils balancing oily skin by breaking the pattern of over-active sebum production. It can deeply nourish dry skin as well.

Vapour Soft Focus Foundation reveals your inner beauty, calms, and protects your skin and is breathable due to its organic ingredients. A selection of light, dry plant oils replenishes and fine mineral pigments. It comes in a precision stick, and that makes it easy to apply without getting messy, blending on your skin very quickly, like butter.

It is designed for normal, sensitive, and oily skin, providing an instant luminous finish. It offers a light to medium coverage, a foundation that is designed to perfect the texture of the skin visibly. Smooth the appearance of fine lines, pores, and wrinkles while delivering moisture to your complexion.


VAPOUR Soft Focus Foundation

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You feel radiant when wearing it. It contains organically and wildcrafted antioxidant-rich ingredients: frankincense, tulsi, and lotus to help soothe that calms and protects your face skin. Vapour Soft Focus Atmosphere is nourishing your skin and botanicals deliver flawless, breathable, high-performance coverage. I tried it many times and was my favorite on cold days when the wind would dry my skin.

Why is it suitable for oily skin?

Vapour Foundation calms and balances your complexion, it leaves no makeup lines, but still able to cover dark circles under your eyes and small pimples.

I recommend you blend it with a beauty blender, it feels very light, and it doesn’t get oily throughout the day. If you have mature, oily skin, this is your stop. It won’t leave creases in wrinkles, nor to accentuate every tiny remotely dry patch.

The organic makeup product is suitable for all skin types, gentle enough for sensitive skin, suitable for the eye area. It is non-comedogenic, and it has organic ingredients in a proportion of 70%, 30% essential oils, vitamins, and fine art infused color. The inner and outer packaging is recyclable, contains no nanoparticles and no irradiation.

5. Alima Pure Pressed Foundation


Alima Pure is a brand coming from Portland, Oregon, which was founded in 2004 by Kate O’Brien, a mother, and a kindergarten teacher. Not a makeup artist, neither a beauty industry insider, but a woman who realized the importance of using clean products on our largest organ, the skin.

She and her team now create natural makeup for women from the entire world. Organic makeup made using clean, non-toxic ingredients. Their products match everyone, women, men, and teens.

Being one of the most reputable non-toxic brands, Alima Pure, craft all their products from pure and natural ingredients. All their cosmetics are considered luxurious and high-performance, seeking to redefine makeup as an empowering tool of self-expression through their diverse range of products, shades, and inspiring colors.

They believe that each woman should be able to find a fantastic foundation match and colors that are inspiring their self-expression. Each of us shall wear makeup that enhances our best features, without hiding who we are.

Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation is a product designed to provide you a real weightless, buildable coverage, being very easy to apply. It’s vegan, formulated without gluten, silicone, parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, talc, bismuth oxychloride and not any nanoparticles. These ingredients are one of the most widely used in cosmetics, being known for clogging pores and worsen acne-prone skin.

Satin Foundation is available in 45 shades, easy to find the one for you. Also, it is practical and easy to apply, you have to gently sweep the product across your skin smooth, circular motions until it is thoroughly blended. Even at the first application, you will notice how easily this foundation blends with your skin tone. It also, moisturizing and toning the skin due to primrose oils. Thanks to aloe leaf extract have anti-inflammatory properties,


Alima Pure Pressed Foundation

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Alima Pure Satin Foundation contains Argan oil which is revitalizing and nourishing your skin after using this product in the long term. It is a lightweight pressed mineral powder, that gives a velvety, matte finish. Even if its texture is powdery, it’s not messy to apply. Use a sponge applicator (also works with a foundation brush). Let it a bit melt on your face before you blend it.

The organic foundation is formulated with finely milled rice and mica powders to provide even and buildable coverage. End up to be an excellent choice for a velvety, matte finish, thanks to the blend of rice and mica powders. It creates a smooth finish perfect for oily skin. It’s made with four cosmetic grade natural mineral ingredients and is designed to provide weightless buildable coverage.

It provides buildable coverage from light to deep and stays put all day feeling luxuriously weightless. Say goodbye to unnatural ingredients, and notice how it keeps the oily skin under control.

Try it for precise spot application where you need it most, under-eye circles, blemishes, or redness. The result is a smooth matte finish with a subtle glow, a beautiful product with high properties benefits for oily skin.

The brand is recycling sustainably. You have the luxury to replace the empty pan, with a new one, without being needed to buy another one.


It is hard to make changes, even when it comes to makeup. It is hard to try new things and get out of your comfort zone. However, trust me, it is well worth it. From a woman that faced the same problem, almost ready to give up, to others in the same situation, give it a shot and come back later.

We are in continuous evolution. The makeup industry is releasing new stuff every day, and a few of them are great, you need to spot them. A good example would be a natural foundation, which in this case is best for oily skin. It is something new, fresh, right!

It’s never too late to change your makeup routine with a natural one. Women’s Concepts is the right place to start your journey and achieve the knowledge necessary to know everything about organic makeup products and brands. Follow our organic section to keep in touch with the best and latest trends regarding makeup.

Amanda Blake

Amanda Blake

An emotional woman that has an unlimited desire regarding makeup. She had started to work in the cosmetics industry since it was 14 with a part-time job promoting products of multiple brands sold by Sephora. With love and passion, she began a new career in makeup modeling, where she tested more than twenty products per day.

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