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6 Awesome Makeup Tips for Winter You Wish You Knew in Cold Days

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by Women's Concepts
winter makeup tips

Winter has come and your makeup is no longer able to resist? The cold dries out your skin even more, and you can’t control it?

That probably is because you don’t follow the correct routine, and you may use the wrong products. But you can rest assured as we come with the best makeup tips that will make the winter much more comfortable for you.

How Cold Weather Affects Our Skin & Makeup

Cold weather can be extremely harmful and break the skin’s protective barrier having a drying effect, and making your skin even more sensitive.


Dry and irritated skin seems to be the most common outcome of the winter cold, and in most cases, the makeup won’t resist on such skin.

Moreover, the wind amplifies the outcome, and no one is able to resist without taking action. The impact of cold weather over the skin highly depends on the individual skin condition and the measures taken by each individual.

However, luckily for us, the makeup can give great help in the fight with winter if used wisely and can secure our beauty even in the coldest days.

On the other hand, if you use it irresponsibly, you may worsen the situation and ruin your whole day. But stay optimistic and learn how you can avoid unpleasant situations.

6 Best Winter Makeup Tips for Cold Days

If you want to learn which kind of makeup to use in the winter season, read on to accomplish everything you need to know so that you’ll be able to face the cold weather with confidence.

Let’s see the best ways to winter-proof your makeup according to Women’s Concepts.

Know when and how to moisturize

Makeup or not, you can’t resist even one day in winter days without moisturizing.


Even though this is more likely skincare related, the hydration is clearly crucial, and you can’t skip moisturizing if you want your makeup to stay on in the coldest days.

You have to be generous when you use a moisturizer — better be safe than sorry. A serum can do a good job, as it contains more active ingredients than a cream, thus is deeply absorbed.

We highly recommend PCA Skin Hydrating Serum.

Put on the moisturizer after you cleanse to help lock-in the hydration. Make sure the moisturizer has been properly absorbed into your skin before applying makeup.

Waterproof makeup is your best friend

Unless you want to dodge every snowflake or drop of water, it’s a wise call to use waterproof makeup during winter days. The humidity level in the air is much higher than it’s in any other season, and precipitations are more frequent.

If you are not wearing makeup that won’t break against the water, you’ll have lower chances to keep it on throughout the day.

There is nothing worse than starting your day with the whole makeup ruined — water can wash away your hard work in a second.


Keep your makeup safe even in the most unfavorable weather conditions, and you will no longer have reasons to worry while you are outside.

You can choose from any of these waterproof makeup products and your look will stay in place even when the weather is unfavorable.

Use hydrating foundation

On a winter day, you need to keep your skin hydrated as much as possible, as the cold and wind dry out the skin much faster.

The most convenient way to maintain an optimal level of moisture all the time is to use a hydrating foundation. We recommend these natural hydrating foundations for dry skin.

makeup tips for winter

More creamy, less powdery

Powder-based products such as blushes, foundations, and highlighters can settle into flaky skin and make it look even less hydrated. As the winter dries out the skin, you want to avoid as much as possible anything that is too powdery.

Instead, a wise alternative is to use creamy products that will enhance your appearance even when your skin is dry.

Exfoliate your complexion regularly

During the winter, the skin is more prone to dehydrate. Thus, more dead cells to remove. A proper way to do it is exfoliating your complexion once a week, but don’t overdo it, as it may have negative drawbacks to your skin.

A great choice is this enzymatic cream exfoliator from ELEMIS.

Pay extra attention when you have to set your makeup

You may usually skip the powder, but in winter is essential to set the makeup before going out with a strong powder. A setting spray will do too.

Not just that it will make your makeup resist throughout the day, but you will also achieve more radiant-looking skin.

We like the setting powder from Dermablend.

Follow these tips, and your makeup will shine and proudly resist the winter days. The cold and wind will no longer ruin your day.

How to keep your skin healthy on winter season

  • Even though the sun may not be that strong as in summer, you still need to protect your skin against the UV rays. One easy way to secure proper protection is to use an SPF foundation.
  • Eat right and stay hydrated. Don’t skip a meal and drink a lot of water. Also, remember to wash and clean your face regularly. Eat a lot of fruits, and be sure you get your dose of vitamin C daily.
  • Avoid long and hot showers. The heat of hot water can break down the SC (Stratum Corneum) lipid barrier of the skin, which can lead to a loss of moisture.

Now that you know how to winter-proof your makeup you may enjoy the winter a bit more.

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