5 Best Mascara for Naturally Long Lashes with Reviews

Finding the best mascara for naturally long lashes is difficult, and you need to research carefully before applying any product as natural long lashes are more sensitive and need special attention.

At the beginnings, the only usage of eyelashes was to protect the eyes from dust, debris or any other small particles and to diffuse airflow to dry out the eyeball. It sounds boring and such a waste.

As we already know, a woman is a very creative creature, especially when it comes to makeup. In no time while blinking the long eyelashes started being considered a sign of beauty in many cultures. Accordingly, some women seek to enhance their eyelash length artificially, using eyelash extensions.

I do not like extensions, and I would instead invest an amount of money in a quality product that would probably last much more than extensions do, and give my lashes a more natural effect. Lately, extensions became very fashionable, and producers are trying to make them look as natural as they can, but still, I always recognize extensions and give me that plastic impression, if of course is not for a Catwalk presentation where they are “allowed.”

It became a trend, and nowadays it would sound crazy if you don’t apply mascara on your eyelashes and not having care of them, right? A lot of us are using just mascara as makeup, so this should be treated as an essential detail of beauty.

No matter if it’s native or not, every woman wants to have long lashes because of their beauty and how much you can do with them.

Some of us are gifted with long eyelashes since we were born. Having naturally long lashes is such luck, and we shall be thankful because we don’t have to face the struggling of making them look beautiful, but just a little bit. I have naturally long lashes, so I know how happy this makes you feel if you were gifted with such lashes. Thanks, mom. For the rest of us, thanks to Beauty Industry because there are so many mascara types to satisfy each of our needs.

The Best Mascara For Naturally Long Lashes


However, having already long eyelashes does not mean you can rest or don’t have to take care of what mascara you use.

You have them long, but you need them to be thicker too

Usually, women with long lashes want them to be thicker too; it just makes sense. Long does not mean beauty necessarily, so you have to remember you might be blessed, but that does not give you enough peace.

Moreover, that’s the reason why you should pick one of the best mascara for naturally long lashes as the ones from our list are specially made for keeping the natural aspect of the eyelashes but giving the texture a more elegant look and making them more thicker.

Mascara is a cosmetic commonly used to enhance the eyelashes. It may darken, thicken, lengthen, or define the eyelashes, generally in one of three forms: liquid, powder, or cream. The modern mascara product has multiple formulas. The most contain the same necessary variation of pigments, oils, waxes, and preservatives. The most used form of mascara is a liquid in a tube.

What mascara should you use for naturally long lashes?

The ones from my list are carefully picked and analyzed for weeks. The products were chosen based on sizeable public opinion and reviews from the internet and social media, reviews from magazines, and makeup artists.

Giving the best look to your eyelashes takes you in a whole complicated process taking many things in the equation such as color, texture, thickness, length, and shape. All of it can be covered using a good mascara wisely chosen for your eyelashes type. You need to pick the product based on its properties.

Properties of a good mascara

  • A perfectly shaped brush, if the brush is not shaped well, it merely won’t coat lashes thoroughly. The wand size must be equally appropriate for those with small and big eyes.
  • The brush material is also significant, silicone brushes that are additionally flexible, adjust themselves to the form of eyes, don’t scratch, are safe for hypersensitivity reaction sufferers, and don’t trigger irritations.
  • The ingredients, you need to make sure the product doesn’t contain any hazardous substances.
  • Resistant to weather conditions and lasting all day long, you need to make sure no matter if it’s raining or snowing your mascara does not shade off.

You can read more about the mascara properties in this article: What is the properties of a good mascara.

5 Best Mascara for Already Long Lashes

I have picked and analyzed the most efficient mascara for naturally long lashes. The products are chosen based on customer reviews, real study cases and the most important aspect, the formula which mascara was conceived. It is important for the product you pick to feature a specific formula which includes ingredients that benefits in the long term for long eyelashes.

Follow our makeup guide and find the best methods to achieve the perfect makeup.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero-Smudge Lengthening Mascara 01 Black


The first place in my list, best mascara for naturally long lashes, goes to this Estee Lauder product. Not only by reading the reviews and as the brand says, the quality of the product is uncontested, but I am using this product for many years and is suitable for my needs. The brush is intended with micro-fiber bristles that run into the lash bed to comb and detangle lashes, for super separation from the root to tip that delivers a fashionable coating of pigment.

Giving your eyelashes an excellent texture and not stealing the natural aspect you can spend up to 15 hours and not worrying about your look. It is smudge and waterproof, and surprisingly it’s super easy to wash it off, not irritate your eyes. The eyelashes lift instantly giving a fresh and beautiful image; the lashes are perfectly curled and separated as you wish due to the high quality of brush material.


Awesome for naturally long lashes

I’m also using this mascara day by day, and I was never left unpleasant by the quality of the product, not even in the hottest and longest days. Many people are saying this product is the best mascara of 2019 (according to Instagram and other makeup artists) and it goes perfectly for any eye color, shape, and lashes characteristics.


Buy Estee Lauder Double Wear Mascara

Perfect match for long eyelashes

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Christian Diorshow New Look Mascara No 090 New Look for Women, Black, 0.33 Ounce 


You will get many compliments if you decide to go for this beautiful mascara from Dior. Your eyelashes get a boost of beauty and elegance, perfectly shaped with a black nuance that steals any look.

This mascara is most commonly used for long lashes due to the extra volume package that applies instantly on your eyelashes, and if the lash is long enough, the result is a long natural strong-looking eyelash.

Worth place in our Best Mascara for Naturally Long Lashes list

Its a popular product among any makeup artist and appears on many models getting much good feedback as being one of the most resistant mascara, and for this reason, it is widespread between beauty models.


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Best-selling mascara and perfect suit for already long eyelashes

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Too Faced Size Queen Mascara, 0.5 Ounce


The black on this mascara is super ‘rock’ it just explodes when you look at it. Raining, snowing, swimming, sweating does not matter; this mascara keeps in place and not move an inch. It comes with a light-reflecting patent pigment that adds a nuance of elegance to the power of pure black.

Already having long lashes its a nice bonus when it comes to Size Queen Mascara because the mascara formula makes your eyelashes thicker, defined and curled in a blink giving the best results and having all the necessary parts covered.

Keeps the naturally long lashes healthy

The mascara is featuring a combination of panthenol and vitamins C and E that keep eyelashes healthy while red algae increase keratin resistance for maximum lash flexibility. Also, it is straightforward to remove; you need just water.

Its one of the most popular mascara and giving the price you can’t go wrong if you decide to use this on your eyelashes. It was mentioned in many magazines to be one of the most purchased and appreciated mascara of the last few years.

I once bought this lovely mascara, and I liked it, the only inconvenient for me who I am not a light-handed Queen, was the big brush and sometimes when in a hurry, I would soil my makeup. I had to say pass to this one, unfortunately.


Buy Too Faced Size Queen Mascarauy

Long lashes mascara one of our writer choices

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Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara, Rich Pitch Black, 1 Count


Comes with a beautiful looking Rich Pitch Black color that gives a more severe and robust texture to each lash. It is waterproof, but don’t get scared, you will not have to live again these moments when you rip off your eyelashes to remove the mascara. To remove Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara, you need to wash it off in hot water.

It never smudges, it lasts the whole day long, gives a more extended, natural, stronger, thicker, and darker look and is simply awesome. You will start loving it.

Its one of the most popular mascara for naturally long eyelashes simply because the volume level is perfect, not too high, not too low, the result is stunning. Many women use this day by day, so maybe you can give it a shot to this mascara which gets a ten out of ten in every area.

I’ve decided to use this mascara in my top list because I used it a long time, and based on the latest internet reviews, I would get much hate if I skip this, ha-ha.


Buy Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara

One of the most popular mascara, great performance for long lashes

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Christian Dior Diorshow Iconic Waterproof Mascara Extreme Wear High-Intensity Lash Curler #090 Extreme Black 0.27 oz


Some people might think you use fake eyelashes when using this mascara even if they are natural- this happens because of the unique mascara formula that gives extra shine and dark black color to your lashes, making them look more dense, stronger, and healthy.

It is waterproof, lasts 12 hours in any weather condition and is easy to remove simply with hot water. The brush feels smooth, light, and curl and creates the shape you desire. It does an excellent job of separating both upper and lower lashes.

I use this mascara, especially when I train, and I’m not worried at all, I’m very confident in this particular product and never disappointing me. As you might read on the internet, I think none of the customers was unhappy after using Christian Dior Diorshow Iconic Waterproof Mascara.


Buy Christian Dior Diorshow Iconic Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara for naturally long lashes

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It is not enough to have long lashes naturally to look beautiful; you still need to take care of them and use the best products to get the stunning results you desire. It is hard to pick the best mascara as in general; the term “best” is subjective and is different from person to person as each of us is unique.

You might not even find the one you are looking for after reading this article, but you need to keep searching, and if you find something suitable for you we encourage the idea to share other people reviews on our site so don’t hesitate to comment or send us an email with your review.

Having long lashes gives you an extreme advantage, but you still need to focus on making your eyelashes more thicker, stronger, and healthy and to do this you need a good mascara that protects your lashes.

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