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How to Pick The Perfect Makeup Brush: Guide to Essential Brushes

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by Women's Concepts

There are a few things to take into consideration if you want to find the holy grail of makeup brushes — the one that has a perfect synergy with the products you use and of course, with your skin.

The most important one is where the hair’s brush comes from.

You might believe that a natural hair makeup brush will do best, but in some cases, it might not be the most optimal solution.


For instance, someone can prefer natural hair brushes but there might be special cases where an allergy could be implied and a synthetic alternative might be a better solution.

Don’t take our advice as an ultimatum and adapt to your needs.

After our team has made in-depth research, we created a list with some remarkable products that cover different materials, shapes, and characteristics.

Makeup Brush Types — What you need to know

First of all, we will debate naturally vs synthetic conflict — there is a lot you can pick from. You don’t want something that will damage your skin.

When it comes to natural hair for a brush, probably you wonder the following:

  • How the hair was obtained?
  • How it was treated in the process of making?

Handmade brushes are catching up extremely fast. In some cases are overtaking natural alternatives in terms of performance.

Natural Hair Makeup Brushes: Pros

Natural brushes are known to pick up powder pigment more effectively and blend it into the skin with less work on your part. This way it absorbs the makeup better due to the porous cuticle structure present in natural hair.

Besides, you will have a less messy experience using a natural hair makeup brush as powdery formulas cling better to natural bristles.

Due to the durability of natural hair fibers, natural makeup brushes are considered to be a long term investment, if they are well made.

Natural Hair Makeup Brushes: Cons

When it comes to cream products, a natural hair brush will always absorb more product than you want, this also means that won’t ever apply fluid products evenly.

Moreover, a natural brush is much more prone to house dirt and bacteria. For this reason, you need to wash them more frequently.

It also can trigger allergic reactions, or even aggravate the sensitive skin, so know your allergies before you pick any makeup products or accessories is our first suggestion.

Synthetic Hair Makeup Brushes: Pros

The synthetic ones are smoother when it comes to applying cream and liquid formulas.

In comparison with natural ones, synthetic brushes enhance precision due to their shape, and also because synthetic bristles tend to gravitate towards one another.

Synthetic brushes have a bigger capacity of keeping the bristles together, versus the natural hair ones which are more likely to leave hair on your face.

Also, they keep their shape longer.

The hygiene front is what we should aim for. The synthetic makeup brushes are less likely to create irritations, as those don’t get dirty as fast as natural ones.

Since these don’t have a cuticle it makes them less prone to attracting and collecting dirt and bacteria.

Synthetic Hair Makeup Brushes: Cons

It becomes a bit problematic when you use synthetic brushes to apply powder formulas because a poor quality brush doesn’t hold onto the product as much as a natural one.

Hence, you need to be prepared to use more makeup and also get ready with a cotton pad because it might get a bit messy and off-piste.

Another minus is that they are less flexible.

Best Makeup Brushes Sets: Naturals and Synthetics

Those being said, we have picked five of the best makeup brushes sets for each budget, different combinations of bristles materials that will transform your makeup routine in pleasure, helping you achieve professional results.


Either you want to create a simple look, or a creative, red carpet one, using the right makeup brushes makes everything easier.

Sigma PK001 Beauty Premium Makeup Brush Kit

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Sigma is a well-known brand among makeup artists, and favourite of millions of women.

With top quality materials, Sigma brushes help you blend shadow shades, softening harsh lines, covering your lid in color, create hair-like brow strokes, lining, contouring, apply foundations, and powders.

This set provides your daily makeup use, and it comes is a fabulous and practical case, so you can easily carry it everywhere you need.

The extra-soft fibers are synthetic, vegan, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic to protect your skin — this set has got you covered.

essential makeup brushes set

Bdellium Tools Professional Makeup Brushes

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Bdellium Tools Professional Makeup Studio Line Luxury is a brush set that contains 24 pieces, each of them making it easier for you to apply your makeup. These brushes’ hair is a blend of synthetic and natural hair — pony and goat.

It’s hand-crafted with a yellow wood handle and an aluminum ferrule. Also, they are eco-friendly and anti-bacterial.


All these brushes are ideal for applying foundation, powder-like formulations, contouring, perfect eyeshadow blending, eyebrows and lips makeup — everything you need.

It comes in a nice roll on the pack with a classic black synthetic leather exterior, while the inside is made with nylon, in a complementing brown color.

You might want to try this professional luxury brush set, recommended by makeup artists.

makeup brushes

SIXPLUS Coffee Makeup Brush Set

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These brushes are designed for both beginners and makeup artists, having great design and high-quality materials.

Bristles of this brush set are created with high-quality synthetic hair goat and horsehair.

Sixplus’s set promises to make it as easier as possible for you to create fantastic looks with 15 well-shaped brushes. From foundations and powders, eye & eyebrows makeup, this set contains the minimum required for a red-carpet look.

It comes in a modern and practical package, a storage box that you can use not only to hold your brushes but also other things, could be separately used as two storage pieces.

essential makeup brushes

YAVAY Premium Makeup Brush Set Soft Taklon Goat

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YAVAY makeup brushes set is a great choice if you want to release your inner makeup artist.

It contains 32 professional-grade brushes — what you need to create a catwalk-inspired look. These brushes are handmade, with a wood handle.

The bristles are made of animal hair and fiber wood mixed, which makes it easier to grasp the powder, while the fiber hair does not eat the foundation.

Black hair is synthetic being designed for liquid makeup. The white hair is made of synthetic mix animal hairs — designed for powder.

This set it’s really enough to achieve various looks — it includes brushes designed for applying different formulations, having the right sizes to shape and blend perfectly.

how to pick the perfect makeup brush

Best of Beauty Junkees Makeup Brush Set

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If you are looking for a quick and easy makeup application, we recommend this set of makeup brushes.

Bristles are synthetic Taklon, combined with goat and horsehair that offer the softest touch — dense brushes that work exceptionally for liquid foundations, powdered minerals, BB creams, setting your makeup smoothly.

It also contains a foundation sponge, which is latex-free, safe for your skin.

These brushes make the applying makeup routine easier, being perfect for stippling, buffing, blending, contouring, and finishing.

The synthetic bristles are antibacterial and hypoallergenic, so no worries if you have sensitive skin. Handles are created by wood, ensuring strength and durability.

Follow the Makeup Guide section from Women’s Concepts to learn more awesome guides and tips that will help in achieving the perfect makeup routine.

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