magnetic eyelashes with magnetic eyeliner

6 Best Magnetic Eyelashes with Magnetic Eyeliner Kits to Buy in 2020

magnetic eyelashes with magnetic eyeliner
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Having charming eyelashes it’s the pursuit of every woman, especially when they have a natural look. It’s not difficult to achieve it with a pair of magnetic eyelashes with magnetic eyeliner — the new trend, becoming more popular than ever!

Eyelash extensions can take you time & money, while glue can irritate eyes and so on. 

Everyone wants thicker, longer, gorgeous lashes, and magnetic lashes give us that while being comfortable to apply & wear.

Because not everyone knows how to use magnetic eyelashes, let’s pass through the steps to make it clear from the beginning. However, each kit comes with a set of instructions, or you can watch a Youtube video for a better experience. 

All you have to do is applying the magnetic eyeliner as you would usually. Ideally is to wait for about one minute to get dry — not too dry tough.

Then, fix the magnetic eyelash on top of it. The lash will quickly attach itself where you’ve applied the eyeliner. When removing, use gentle zig-zag moves to take them off.

You don’t have to be a pro to apply magnetic eyelashes, especially if they come with an eyeliner formulated with magnetic microparticles. 

6 Best Magnetic Eyelashes with Magnetic Eyeliner Kits

All of our picks contain full kits, so it’s comfortable and easy for you to apply lashes that make your eyes look brighter and bigger.

The good news is that they’re different lengths & volumes, so they can match each of your needs. Even better, a pair of magnetic eyelashes can last up to 30 usages.

Here are the best magnetic eyelashes & eyeliner kits for 2020 — choose your pick.

Arishine Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit

best magnetic eyelashes

Arishine eyeliner is very durable, being made with a strong waterproof formula that doesn’t fade away. You can enjoy your beautiful lashes look all day and all night.

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This magnetic eyelashes kit is what you really need if you want to be self-assured for a while. With five different lengths and density levels, from natural to dramatic lashes, this set will satisfy you with every occasion you’re wearing them.

The magnetic eyeliner contains ultra-fine magnetic particles that allow the eyelash to connect quickly and fast.

With the Arishine Magnetic Eyelashes kit, you can experience the benefits of gorgeous, thicker lashes without toxic ingredients or glue.

Moreover, the ingredients incorporated in this makeup product are hypoallergenic and safe for skin contact; the Arishine kit does not contain allergens that may cause skin irritation.

Other good news? You can reuse them again and again. 

Aroamas Magnetic Eyeliner & Eyelash Kit

Another hugely appreciated magnetic eyeliner & eyelashes kit comes from Aroamas.

Magnetic eyelashes with a natural effect are not easy to find, but this kit helps you achieve that natural look you’ve been wanting.

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The lashes come with five strong magnets each, while the magnetic eyeliner has ultra-fine magnetic particles in its formula, so the lashes can easily attach and stay on.

You can go about your day showing off your look without the worry of them falling off. For a better hold, you can apply a second layer of eyeliner after you apply the lashes.

However, keep in mind that this kit does not contain waterproof products, so think twice before going out on rainy days or water sports.

HSBCC Upgraded Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Magnetic Eyelashes Kit

magnetic eyelashes kit

Three amazing 3D style lashes. You don’t have one pair, but three types of lashes, from natural to party look. 

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These pairs of magnetic eyelashes come with five strong magnets each, that quickly attach itself.

Moreover, the magnetic lashes cover just two-thirds of your eyelashes toward the outer corners, giving you a glamorous 3D look instantly.

The eyeliner was created to resist water, so you don’t need to stress on rainy days or while practicing sport.

Even if the magnets are very small, they’re so strong, making sure you have a gorgeous look all day long.

HSBCC Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit include three pairs of different lashes styles, one eyeliner, and a tweezer — fast and comfortable. 

Reazeal Magnetic Eyelashes With Eyeliner

magnetic eyelashes

Four styles of eyelashes it’s what this kit brings to you, making it comfortable for you to have amazing lashes in just a few minutes. Achieve equal effect as you’d put lashes in a professional salon, at home with these magnetic lashes.

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The liquid eyeliner has an updated formula, containing more magnetic particles, so you don’t have to worry about them falling off, yet won’t irritate sensitive eyes. Moreover, the eyeliner is water-proof for a safer experience.

Also the tweezer is designed with a new curvature, more comfortable and fast to use.

Arishine Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kit, Upgraded 3D

Arishine Upgraded 3D Magnetic Eyelashes

Putting on these magnetic eyelashes with magnetic eyeliner is very simple. 

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It can be reused as many times as desired since the hair of the false lashes are strong. Also, this magnetic eyeliner can be used as a conventional one.

You get five pairs of lashes with this kit so that you can be ready in time for each occasion. 

Feeling super weightless, you don’t feel like having them on. 

Arishine chooses safe ingredients for these lashes, premium quality silk, super comfortable, and lightweight, using an upgraded magnetic technology so you can have the best experience.

Latex-free, no glue needed, these lashes use high-quality ingredients, approved by the FDA.

Make your eyes look bigger and brighter with this natural-looking magnetic eyelashes kit.

Ardell Professional Magnetic Liner & Lash Accent 

Ardell Professional Magnetic Liner and Eyelashes

Last, but not least is Ardell Professional Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes, adored by celebs, like Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson and Demi Lovato.

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This professional kit accentuates the density of your real lashes to provide the perfect uniformity, creating a winged-out look, fantastic for each eye shape.

The application technique is straightforward, while the black eyeliner creates an intense line that keeps your lashes firmly in place.

Ardell kit includes a pair of magnetic lashes, magnetic gel eyeliner, and an application brush.

These innovative half falsies from Ardell are quick and easy to apply, thanks to the tiny magnets placed along with the lash brands. 

The cool design gives your eyes a wider and brighter appearance, making it a perfect addition for a natural look!

6 Reasons You Should Use Magnetic Eyelashes

If you are still not convinced that magnetic eyelashes are a great investment for your beauty routine, we might raise your interest with these six simple but great reasons to purchase a kit.

  • They are practical and easy to use
  • You will not need mascara anymore, which will benefit your eyelashes in the long-term
  • They are comfortable to wear, even for the whole day
  • They are affordable and come with magnetic eyeliner — a great deal
  • Are easy to remove
  • Are giving you the look of professional makeup in just a few seconds

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