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The 7 Best Cream to Powder Foundations of 2021

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Are you craving the nourishment and moisture of a cream foundation but the soft-touch matte finish of a powder one? If so, a cream-to-powder foundation is what you’re looking for, and here I’ll share the best of them. Cream to powder foundation goes on like a cream, drying into a powder when it sets onto the skin. It’s not easy to work with transformative makeup products, but this post answers all the questions you may have. Now let’s see what cream-to-powder foundation means and who can use it. 

What is a cream to powder foundation?

Creamy foundations have rich textures, emollient and moisturizing effects, and as you may have guessed, they work wonders for dry and mature skin types. Oh, and creamy foundations have an incredibly staying put power. On the flip side, powder foundations are lightweight, absorb excess sebum, and look more natural than a creamy one. Oily skin type benefits the most from a powder foundation. 

But what about cream to powder foundation? Such a foundation combines the best characteristics of each one. A cream to powder foundation has a silky, creamy texture that layers like a dream, evening skin tone, great blend-ability, gives enough coverage to conceal all imperfections, yet feels feathery and looks natural, just like a powder foundation. Indeed, with a cream to powder foundation, you can have the best of both worlds.


Is a cream to powder foundation right for me? 

No two foundations are the same. The ingredients they’re made of also matter when you think if you can use it or no. Generally, a cream to powder foundation works the best on combination skin types. But also, if you have oily skin and the product lacks oils in its formula, you can use a cream to powder foundation. At the same time, if you live in a humid area, a cream to powder foundation will be just perfect for you. 

You can use a cream to powder foundation when you have slightly dry (not very dry!). The creamy texture will give you a burst of hydration, and when it ends setting, the powder will give that flawless, dewy look.

Layer your cream to powder foundation using a sponge or a stippling brush.

What are the best cream to powder foundations?

Ahead, find our favorite cream to powder foundations.

Lancome Cream to Powder Foundation

Lancôme Teint Idole Cream to Powder Foundation

Lancome’s foundation is a multitasker that does everything from concealing, contouring, covering, highlighting, and blending while gives you that shine-control your oily skin needs. This cream to powder foundation has buildable coverage yet is lightweight and hydrating, working on layering seamlessly and blending amazingly, drying in a natural-looking matte finish, like your skin, but better. It’s the perfect on-the-go foundation if you’re looking for an oil-and fragrance-free formula, breathable, that gives full coverage and a velvety matte finish.

YSL Cream to Powder Foundation

Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Cream to Powder Foundation

YSL made an amazing oil-free foundation stick in a long-wear cream to powder formula for whoever is always on the go. With this foundation, you can have a quick swipe of velvet matte coverage on the entire complexion, on the eye area, or just to cover blemishes there and there. The formula is great if you have oily skin and live in a humid area since it’s oil-free and waterproof. It feels super comfy on the skin, lets your skin breathe, and doesn’t block pores, being one of the best cream to powder foundations out there.

Shiseido Synchro Skin Self-Refreshing Foundation

Shiseido Synchro Skin Self-Refreshing Foundation

OK, this is not a cream-to-powder formula, but a super creamy powder that gives instant hydration yet absorbs oil for a whole shine-free day. This foundation is incredibly resistant to humidity, sweat, transferring, and creasing, supported by active force technology that protects the flawless finish from oil and facial movement. Also, the Shiseido Skin Self-Refreshing foundation uses anti-adhesive properties to keep pollution away from the skin, while the antioxidants from wild thyme extract protect against free radicals damage. Way to go, Shiseido. 

La Mer Soft Moisture Powder Foundation

La Mer Soft Moisture Powder Foundation 

Recently, also La Mer made a powder foundation with a creamy, silky formula. So it literally gives the freshness of a liquid foundation in a light-as-air weightless powder that melts right into the skin, minimizing pores look, evening skin tone, blurring imperfections, and soften fine lines. The sponge allows for a sheer, luminous finish if you’re using the velvety side either for more coverage if using the textured side. On top of everything, La Mer Soft Moisture is definitely one of the best cream to powder foundations as is boosted with lots of antioxidants to protect your skin against free radicals damage while wearing it. 

MAC Cream-to-Powder Foundation

MAC Studio Fix Tech Cream-to-Powder Foundation

If a lightweight, sweat- and humidity-resistant cream-to-powder foundation is your jam, this one will provide just that. The transformative formula gives medium buildable coverage and a natural matte finish thanks to a try-system blend of water, emollients, and powder. This foundation glides onto the skin like a creamy emulsion, drying into a soft powder texture, delivering instant moisture, great for all skin types.

Au Naturale Zero Gravity C2P Foundation

Au Naturale Zero Gravity C2P Foundation

Zero Gravity foundation is here for you if you’re looking for an organic, vegan formula. It is made with meadowfoam seed oil and natural blurring pigments that give from sheer to full coverage the entire day, with a smoothing finish. As one of the best foundations with a cream-to-powder formula, this one contains a blend of natural oils, vitamin E, and candelilla wax, making it an excellent choice for dehydrated skin that wants a matte, flawless finish.

Best Cream to Powder Foundation

Flori Roberts Cream to Powder Foundation

This cream to powder foundation combines skincare with makeup to protect the skin while giving it a natural, velvety matte finish. Once applied to the skin, the silky and creamy formula creates a flawless look and long-lasting shine-free coverage. The waxes keep skin hydrated and make a protective film, the kaolin, and zinc help absorb excess sebum, while the retinyl palmitate improves skin tone and unclogs pores. Need more from a foundation?

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