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7 Perfect Blushes for Fair Skin with Pink Undertones

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by Women's Concepts
Best Blushes for Fair Skin with Pink Undertones

Just a quick swipe of blush imparts a fresh, rosy glow, instantly making you look wide-awake. You don’t want to skip the blush because it’s that product that completes your appearance, fair enough. Sometimes you might not even use makeup at all, but blush only, to bring out that refreshed look. One thing I know: everyone loves blushes. At the same time, many makeup fails involve using the wrong blush shade for the skin tone. 

Fair skin with pink undertones finds it difficult to hit on a suitable shade; definitely, you don’t want one that’s too red or too orange. Soft pink, light coral, and peach are what you need if you aim for a natural flash. It’s risky to go for dramatic hues when your skin is fair and has pink undertones because you might end up looking as you’ve just started your clown career. Equally important when you choose your blush is your skin type. Dry skin requires a creamy texture, while for oily skin, a powdery blush will do best. Hence, our top picks address all skin types that are fair, with pink undertones. It’s tough to pick a suitable blush for fair skin tones, but this list contains the best of them to make it that easy for you!

7 Blushes Suitable for Fair Skin with Pink Undertones

It’s tough to pick a suitable blush for fair skin tones, but this list contains the best of them to make it that easy for you! Either you’re looking for a soft, pale pink, or a bit more pigmented, matte, or highlighted finish, this is the right place to pick the perfect match for you.


jane iredale blush

Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Blush

If you want your cheekbones to stay healthy, be defined and highlighted at the same time, Jane Iredale’s blush is the answer. It contains boron nitride, a mineral that helps the color glide on, adhere, and diffuse light. Plus, it offers antioxidant protection from pine bark extract and pomegranate extract to calm and soothe your cheeks. Jane Iredale takes first place in our list because it’s non-comedogenic, is formulated mostly with minerals, cruelty-free and sensitivity-tested. We also like it because it’s multitasking — it can be used as a lip color, eyeshadow, and blush. Clearly pink, Barely rose, Awake, Cotton candy, and Queen bee are the most suitable shades for you.

chanel blush

Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush 

This is the iconic blush by Chanel — the essential step to enhance your complexion, face’s structure, or to create a glowing effect. Joues Contraste features the “baked powder” technology — a manufacturing process exclusive to Chanel, resulting in an incredibly soft, delicate, and silky texture. It doesn’t contain any oil elements for a smoother blending and application. The result? A touch of color and radiance to enhance your complexion all day long. You can go for a glowing effect by dabbing on top of cheekbones or structure the face by darkening the dip of the cheeks or emphasize the temples, forehead, and facial contour. You’ll love it!

blush for skin with Pink Undertones

Bobbi Brown Tawny Blush

Give your look a soft feel and real color on your cheeks with this silky blush with a matte finish. BB’s blush was featured in Glamour Magazine, Beauty Awards, 2018 for Best Blush, for multiple reasons. Tawny shade perfectly mimics the color that your cheeks turn when you’re naturally flushed, for a natural effect. The oil-free formula feels delightful and weightless on the skin, offering a long-lasting experience of a fresh look with natural minerals, such as iron, titanium dioxide, and talc, being formulated without oils, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or gluten.

Burt's Bees 100% Natural All Aglow Lip

Burt’s Bees 100% Natural All Aglow Lip and Cheek Stick

For dry and mature skin, this blush is the best fit. Hydrating, made with natural ingredients, such as jojoba seed oil, sunflower oil, and coconut, gives your cheeks that perfect color pop. Blush Bay shade screams a pinkish rose hue, great for fair skin that has pink undertones. Easy to apply, blend, and multitasking, you can use this blush not only on your cheeks but on your lips too!


CD Christian Dior Rosy Glow Awakening Blush

Rosy Glow Awakening Blush by Dior perks up your complexion so that you can have it radiating all day. If you are not a fan of super pigmented blushes, then you might want to go for this one. The finish is pearlescent, creating the appearance of naturally rosy cheeks, brightened from the inside while the light pink shade is pretty sheer — after you apply it, give it a few minutes to become a natural flush. Don’t apply more coats before you notice how it goes, as the nuance takes a few minutes to lay. More importantly, it lasts all day, from AM to PM, no-budge, no smudge.

Powder Blush for fair skin

Benefit Cosmetics Dandelion Box o’Powder Blush

You can fake awake in one stroke with Dandelion Benefit’s long-lasting highlighting powder in ballerina-pink. You’d be thrilled with this blush if you want a satiny pale-pink for a soft look. Its intensity is buildable, so if sometimes you want more of a dramatic effect, it’s still the right product. It’s shimmery, satiny, and radiant, leaving an immediate fresh finish that brightens up your face. However, even if it includes a soft-bristle brush, we wouldn’t recommend it because of its shape. You might want one that’s round & fluffy.

Les Merveilleuses Face Color Rose Laduree

Les Merveilleuses comes with a different kind of blush of what we’re used to, a beauty-in-expression in bloom. The product has the form of rose petals, which is actually natural paper with pigment. It’s truly unique, has an outstanding pink shade, perfect for fair complexion, and resists throughout the day without the need for touch-ups. The colors blend in easily, assuring a soft hue. Take up the product with a large brush by gently stroking the petals and applying circular motions over your cheeks.

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