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More and More Women are Turning to Solid Shampoo: What are its Advantages?

solid shampoo guide
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Solid shampoo may be a new discovery for those of us who grew up using bottled shampoo. 

However, special soap bars for washing hair were widely used before the emergence and popularization of the liquid in the 1940s.

The advantages of shampoo bars

There are many reasons to switch to solid shampoo, from better hair quality to caring for the environment and saving a lot of money.

Here’s a little more detail on why.

solid shampoo environmentally friendly

It’s environmentally friendly

You’ve probably heard about the number of plastic soda bottles being thrown away each year and how it’s impacting our beaches and our oceans.

According to an article written for Forbes by Trevor Nace, Ph.D. in geology, we buy one million plastic bottles per minute, and 91% of that material is not recycled.

Other disposable containers, such as shampoo bottles, are also part of this.

Shampoo bars get rid of that problem because they come in cardboard boxes. The Chagrin Valley brand of soap bars calls liquid shampoo a “chemical soup” that not only wreaks havoc on your scalp and hair but also pollutes the water. 

Environmental Protection Agency says that traces of pharmaceutical and personal care products have been found in almost every water source tested.

Environmental agencies are concerned that our cleaning routines are affecting aquatic life.

On the other hand, because they are smaller than the bottles, the bars take up less shipping space and reduce the carbon emissions generated by their production.

solid shampoos benefits

Take good care of your hair

What is it about the “chemical soup” in liquid shampoo?

Preservatives, detergents, foaming agents, artificial fragrances and synthetic dyes, all products that come into contact with your scalp, irritating and dehydrating it.

Many of these ingredients are linked to allergic reactions.

That’s why shampoo bars are recommended for sensitive skin, because when you apply the shampoo your scalp only comes into contact with the foam.

By being gentler to the scalp, you will notice that your hair will gain strength and shine, and its loss will be stopped.

A lot of people also report more volume in their hair and more defined curls.

shampoo budget friendly

Produce more

Think about how much shampoo you pour into your hand and how much you really need. With bottled products, it’s tough to measure yourself and use only what you need.

Shampoo bars are more concentrated than liquid — the liquid is diluted in water — and allows you to use what you need.

They are believed to last about 80 washes longer than the liquid version. You’ll find yourself saving a lot of money on personal care products.

The only care that needs to be taken to make the bars last as long as they should is to leave them in a soap dish that allows drainage, or somewhere where they won’t collect water.

Saves space

Sort out the bathroom cabinets and the shower shelf and you will save a lot of space that several large bottles would take up.

Shampoo bars can also serve as decoration and match the colors of your bathroom, keeping a beautiful look, without obstructing the decoration with labels and bright colors

It is multipurpose

Although solid shampoo has a different composition than soap — contains ingredients that promote hair shine and moisturize the scalp, you can use it to clean your body. Some people also use solid conditioner, both on their hair and body, as it acts as a moisturizer.

What is good for?

  • They do not remove natural oils from the hair, allowing it to retain moisture and balance hair oil production. Your hair and scalp will get a break from the harmful synthetic ingredients that rob your scalp of its natural moisture.
  • Biodegradable. Free of plastic bottles. Free of toxic chemicals.
  • Economic: natural solid shampoo bars last a long time.
  • Practical for travel. They will not leak and can be stored in hand luggage.

How to Use Solid Shampoo

While they are easy to use, it is crucial to have a proper technique for using solid shampoo, and more so if you have long hair.

First of all, choose the shampoo of your needs, and preferences. When washing, some people gather their hair in a loose ponytail and pass the soap in the direction of the hair.

The easiest way, however, is to lather the soap in your hands or on a sponge and apply it to the hair, massaging it all over the scalp, as you would normally do with shampoo.

What you need to keep in mind when using both shampoo and conditioner bars is to rinse your hair thoroughly so that no residue is left behind to make it look greasy.

If you have long hair, pay attention to the area around the nape of your neck, which is where most soap can accumulate.

Some hair may require a transition to solid shampoo, as the body gets used to receiving one type of wash, and when you change it to another, the result is different.

Why you should use solid shampoos

Most people have no problem with shampoo sticks, but some may find their hair a little oily, especially those who have become accustomed to washing their hair every day.

That’s why the solution of rinsing the hair with apple vinegar diluted in water has emerged.

Due to the strong chemicals in the liquid shampoo, the scalp gets used to producing more oil to defend itself, which creates a vicious circle: you wash your hair more often because it gets greasy faster, but it gets greasy faster the more you wash it.

That won’t happen if you use a solid shampoo.

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