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6 Best Supplements with Saw Palmetto That’ll Reduce Hair Loss

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Do you want something quick and effective to reduce hair loss? If so, then saw palmetto might be exactly what you need right now. I’m sure you’ve seen this plant extract in many hair growth products as it is quite a popular ingredient. There’s a reason why saw palmetto is the first-to-go choice for many people. Its effects on promoting hair growth had actually been proved in scientific research — something we can’t say about many other anti-hair loss treatments. Although it may not be enough to draw a conclusion, current data suggests that saw palmetto holds properties in stimulating hair growth. No matter what papers say, people all over the world love it, and experts recommend it whenever they have the chance.

Saw palmetto and hair loss

In case you’ve wondered, saw palmetto or other called Serenoa repens, is a long-lived palm tree natively coming from West Indies. What’s commercially used is the extract of this plant’s berries that contains approximately 85-90% fatty acids and sterols. It can be found in today’s market as dietary supplements, tablets, powder capsules, or whole dried berries. You may also see it as an ingredient in serums and oils.

Saw palmetto extract is known to have antiandrogenic properties because it’s an inhibitor of 5α-reductase responsible for the conversion of DHT. Studies suggest that saw palmetto can decrease DHT binding capacity to androgen receptors by nearly 50%. When DHT attaches to these receptors, it disturbs the growth cycle and shrinks hair follicles, causing them to produce thinner and less hair. 


Thinking that androgenic alopecia, the most common form of hair loss, is caused by elevated levels of DHT, you may now understand how effective saw palmetto is. Other popular treatments, such as Finasteride, Capixyl, or Procapil, are also 5-alpha reductase inhibitors and work similarly as saw palmetto. What makes saw palmetto a better choice is that it’s natural and has little to no side effects when used regularly. “Serenoa repens could be considered as a valid approach in treating low or moderate androgenic alopecia and a good alternative for patients in whom finasteride or other topical therapies cannot be used. Saw palmetto resulted able to stabilize hair loss without having any side effects,” concluded a 2012 research.

Supplements with saw palmetto

It seems that dietary supplements are what most people prefer — like you do. It’s not just that they are very easy to administrate, but studies found that oral supplements with saw palmetto may increase hair density in 83% of cases. Nelson Prager and other researchers evaluated the effects of oral tablets containing 200-mg of saw palmetto extract in the treatment of hair loss. Their results show a 60% improvement and greater conservation of hair density. Similarly, research found that 100-mg saw palmetto is the least effective, with a 23.4% hair increase reported, while 300-mg taken twice daily for 6 months seems to provide the best results, with over 90% cases reporting a reduction in hair loss.

How to use saw palmetto supplements?

You can take saw palmetto supplements daily. In fact, saw palmetto performs most effectively when taken in daily doses of 160 – 320 mg — most studies were performed with 100, 200, and 300 mg of saw palmetto. However, as I’ve already said, more research is needed to make a call. Always consult an expert before taking saw palmetto to get an appropriate dosage for your condition.

Saw palmetto supplements for hair loss

The best part about hair growth supplements is that they usually contain much more than just one ingredient. In addition to saw palmetto, biotin, vitamins, zinc, or copper may be added to increase the supplement’s effectiveness. All these work together to get your hair back to normal and make it grow faster. Are you getting excited already? Here is what saw palmetto supplements we find most effective for hair loss:

DrFormulas Hair Growth Supplements

DrFormulas Hair Growth Supplements

DrFormulas is a great example of supplements that contain everything your hair needs to grow normally. Formulated with no less than five natural DHT-blockers: 200-mg of saw palmetto, beta-sitosterol, quercetin, pumpkin seed, and pygeum, DrFormulas has the ability to both strengthen your hair and promote its growth. It also provides the essential nutrients for hair, including biotin, vitamins A, C, B, iodine, copper, zinc, silica, and selenium. With such a strong composition, it’s hard to believe your hair won’t be improved. Try yourself for 45 days, with 2 capsules per day, and see how it goes. You’ll be surprised.

Natures Craft Saw Palmetto Capsules for Hair Loss

Natures Craft Saw Palmetto Capsules for Hair Loss

Are you looking for something more potent? Natures Craft offers supplements containing 500mg of pure saw palmetto extract. Although it exceeds the recommended daily dose, one capsule per day could be enough to stop hair loss without getting in the warning zone. Make sure you speak to your doctor before taking any supplements, especially those with over 300mg saw palmetto.

Nature's Way Saw Palmetto Berries

Nature’s Way Saw Palmetto Berries

Each serving of Nature’s Way supplements contains 585 mg of saw palmetto berry ready to encourage healthy hair to grow. One purchase is enough for 6 months, so if you want something for the long-run, you know where to stop. Don’t forget to read their recommendations before taking them.

NutraPro Hair Growth Vitamins

NutraPro Hair Growth Vitamins

Biotin, zinc, 250mg of saw palmetto, 24 herbs, and a lot of vitamins — this is what you get from only one capsule. Can you believe it? This unique formula helps transform your thinning hair into one you can’t wait to show off. All it takes is two tablets a day to enjoy long, shiny, and healthy hair. What are you still waiting for?

Arazo Nutrition Store Saw Palmetto Supplements

Arazo Nutrition Store Saw Palmetto Supplements 

Or you can go with Arazo’s supplements. They contain 200 mg of saw palmetto, 30 herbs, plus vitamins & minerals that support natural hair growth. Take 2 capsules once per day for maximum results!

Nutrafol Hair Growth Supplement

Nutrafol Hair Growth Supplement

Nutrafol is actually a research-backed supplement for hair growth. Recommended by specialists and multiple times award-winner, Nutrafol is your best ally against hair loss. It got saw palmetto extract, hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, C, D, black pepper extract, biotin, and zinc to make sure your hair receives all it needs to grow healthy. There’s much more about these supplements so you better check them out ASAP because they sell so fast and their stock is limited.


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