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Laser Cap for Hair Loss: 9 Good Reasons Why You Should Use One

laser cap for hair loss
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Recent studies have been proved the effectiveness of a laser cap and the reason why it is the fastest way to combat pattern hair loss in men and women.

In the past years, the prestigious names in the hair recovery industry focused their attention on developing new and innovative methods to promote hair growth.

After the discovery of lasers in the 1960s, there has been tremendous interest in adapting them to treat various medical conditions, including hair loss.

Low-level laser therapy

If, in 2012, there was almost no evidence to support the use of lasers to treat hair loss, in 2016 were recorded two approved cases that strengthen the potential of low-level laser therapy (LLLT) to stimulate hair growth.

Not after a long time, the LLLT devices have been approved and cleared by the FDA for being a safe and effective way to prevent hair loss and promote new hair growth at home.

The HairMax LaserComb gets the first FDA clearances in January 2007, an event seen by the competition as a green signal for them to start developing their own devices.

The brands cornered the market with plenty of devices with unique characteristics and features for hair loss.

After years of research and work, some producers succeeded in producing a new series of devices, based on advanced technology, with improved features and mechanisms.

In that year, the futuristic devices have revolutionized the way men and women around the world face & treat their hair loss, providing spectacular results in a short time.

 hair loss caps types

What is a laser helmet for hair growth?

A laser device uses low-level lasers to promote stimulation of hair regrowth in the balding areas of the user. The photobiomodulation activity of LLLT can cause more hair follicles to move from the telogen phase into the anagen phase.

When the hair is in the anagen phase, it’s actively growing, and the laser cap’s feeding light energy to the hair follicles to speed up that process.

While the helmet is sitting on the head, the energy emitted by the lasers irradiates photons into the scalp tissues in order to promote new hair growth and prevent future hair loss.

How low-level lasers treat hair loss

The light emitted by the lasers allows for an increase in ATP — an essential fuel for cells — in the cell nucleus at the molecular level. The red laser light ensures improved blood circulation, allowing the hair follicles to receive more oxygen and nutrients.

Due to the enhanced blood circulation and energy management, hair becomes healthier while growing quicker & thicker than usual — the inactive hair follicles becoming active again.

Low-level laser therapy can be used alone or with other treatments in parallel, thus constituting a complete home treatment.

But are these laser helmets effective for hair loss? Is it worth to spend money and time on them? Absolutely.

There are plenty of studies that prove the success of low-level laser therapy in treating genetic hair loss via a high-tech device for home use.


If you are not convinced by that, we are going to share the most important reasons why you should use a laser cap for hair loss right now.

9 Reasons to Use a Laser Hair Growth Device

1. LLLT has a high recovery rate upon the lost hair

Even though it has its weaknesses is still way above the other treatments for hair loss in terms of performances and results.

For instance, compared with shampoos and oils, the lasers directly deliver energy into the hair follicles, penetrating the deepest layer of the scalp, and guaranteeing a recovery 3 times faster than any other treatment can do.

A regular laser cap for hair loss secures optimal results in only two months if it’s used regularly between 15-30 minutes per session (depending on the wavelength chosen to treat this issue, normal values between 632 to 904nm).

laser hair loss before and after

A complete laser treatment estimates a rate of hair loss recovered of 40-80% for men and 35-60% for women with a minimum of 100 additional new hairs per inch square. If we think about the old and classical methods where most of the time the treatment does not provide any visible results, the lasers show a significant improvement in terms of hair recovered and its condition.

2. One purchase is more than enough for a lifetime treatment

Unlike the hair care products and natural therapies, one laser cap for hair loss secures a lifetime treatment. Because most of the devices feature batteries that last up to 12,000+ usages, you can use them for a long time even after completing the treatment.

They are also extremely durable and resistant to any potential external damages running in optimal conditions for the entire period of functionality.

Even if the device gets broken, most of the selling brands offer one year+ warranty. But seriously, they are so well executed that you need a hammer to break one.

iRestore is a good example of such a device that guarantees optimal functioning for more than thirteen thousand usages quantified in ten years if used daily.

3. It’s safe for home-use with no side-effects

The idea of lasers getting in your head sounds dangerous at first sight. But in reality, the exposure to laser therapy involves only a few harmful outcomes that can be easily avoided.

The heat generated by the laser can damage the hair and even the scalp if it reaches high temperatures. At the same time, if the heat is not powerful enough, the treatment will have no effects.

To solve the problem, most devices have automatic control over the emitted temperature to secure the optimal level of power and adjusts it when it’s too high or too low.

Another way the user can get hurt while using a laser cap is the direct contact between the eyes and the laser, which is obvious.

In other words, do not stare at the laser, especially when it’s so close to the eyes.

Recent studies show that the FDA-cleared LLLT devices are both safe and effective in patients, especially for those who did not respond or were not tolerant of standard treatments. 

4. Beside recovering, it also strengthens and promotes new hair

lllt for hair loss

Unlike your typical hair loss treatment that has only one purpose of recovering the lost hair or promoting its growth, a hair growth laser cap will do all of that in one therapy session. An LLLT device will recover the lost hair and at the same time, will promote a new one to grow and strengthen the weak hair that’s close to falling. It repairs, improves, and prevents the issues with each session.

5. Extremely comfortable for home use

Literally, all you have to do is to put the helmet on your head, press the button and leave it on for 10 to 30 minutes.

The device will automatically stop when the program is over. It even adjusts the power used to adapt to your situation, securing the most optimal result.

To make the treatment easier, the latest devices offer phone applications that create unique hair regrowth programs for each user and come with more useful features like reminders, records & evaluations.

6. Records the fastest results for a home-treatment

The results are similar to the ones provided by professional clinical treatment. The laser hair growth devices are incredibly close to the ones used in cliniques and specialized salons.

Both provide visible results in a short period.

If for a typical treatment, you have to wait up to 6 months to notice small changes, for laser therapy, the results show after 1 month, and you can expect significant changes in just 3 months of regular therapy.

7. Effective for every hair type and condition

You don’t need to worry about not meeting the conditions of using a laser treatment.


Regardless of your hair type or condition, the lasers will have the same effect over the hair.

However, the treatment’s results might be slightly different depending on the individual situation.

But it’s always a wise call to consult a dermatologist or a specialist if you are unsure of the hair condition. That way, you make sure you are in the safe-zone.

8. The price asked is just right

We are used to having overpriced products in every direction we look. But when it comes to LLLT devices, the price is excellent for what you are paying for.

A purchase like this may seem expensive at first. But, considering the technology used to build the device, the results obtained from the treatment, and the battery — which lasts for more than 10 years — the price is just right.

The range price for an FDA-cleared laser cap ranges between $500 – $2000 but is a one-time payment.

9. Provides a complete treatment used alone but you are not limited to that

One of the most common concerns people have regarding laser caps it’s if it can be used along with other treatments.

Yes, the low-level laser therapy can be used alone or with other treatments for hair loss (oils, shampoos, serums) and will deliver the same results or better. You can extend the limits of the treatment and achieve the desired results in the shortest time possible.

These should be enough reasons why you must use a laser device for hair loss.

You can’t go wrong. It’s a much cheaper alternative than a hair transplant and the results are more or less the same in the long run.

They come in a decent range of products you may choose from, but a few are viable and FDA-cleared. You definitely need to buy an approved device that was tested and studied before being released.

What is the best laser cap for hair growth?

It’s questionable. We have made a full study mainly focuses on the best laser caps for hair loss. A few things are worth to be considered when you have to pick a hair growth device.

Things that differentiate a good device from a poor one are the power used, the number of lasers, and the safety measures provided.

Usually, an FDA-cleared device should cover all of these, but that does not make them equal in terms of quality.

Below you can find a quick summary of the three best laser cap for hair loss and regrowth, but if you want to read our full guide, you can find the address at the bottom of the article.


iRestore Review

Features 51 lasers running with an optimal power of 650nm red light.

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HairMax RegrowMD Laser Cap

272 high-quality lasers that provide optimal results in 1 to 2 months.

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iHelmet Review

200 low-level lasers with a power of 650 nanometers / 5 milliwatt.

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We made a list of the best laser hair growth devices to use in 2020. All of these are FDA-approved and reviewed by our team to help our readers make the right decision.

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