iRestore Review – Buying Guide Of The Best Device For Hair Growth

 iRestore Review – Buying Guide Of The Best Device For Hair Growth

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System is an FDA-cleared hair recovery device for treating alopecia, receding hairline, balding, thinning hair and to stimulate hair regrowth for men and women. The whole therapy is done at home and the process is extremely simple.

The hair treatment industry exploded when Freedom Laser Therapy Foundation, which was founded in 2003, released its official product, iRestore.

iRestore Laser Hair Growth Device Review

Our team has made an in-depth study analyzing the performances of the best-selling hair growth device. See our iRestore review and browse our buying guide to find the best laser helmet to use against hair loss.

The results are unimaginable as it can be clearly seen from the reviews on the entire internet. It is one of the most appreciated devices.

iRestore Customers Reviews

With an average of 4.8 stars out of 5, iRestore device delivers the best services precisely as they promise in their advertising.

  • I’m thrilled with the results in only three months of use.
  • I have been using it for about 6 weeks now and starting to see the results in my problem areas. It’s such a boost of confidence!
  • I have been using the system for 2 months and have noticed some overall improvement. Enough to say its working as it advertised.

These are just a few, but most common reviews you can find on the internet just by surfing on a few websites.

About iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

Our team made an in-depth study to cover the most critical aspects of your interest, more precisely, how efficient is iRestore for hair regrowth.

Well, to answer this question, we need to pass through each characteristic that this system features from technical and actual results’ perspectives.

The first fact that strengthen the quality of this device is the number of sales the brand has in the past years with the release of iRestore. It is the best-selling laser hair growth device of 2019, with over one million sales recorded so far.

Even with the release of new devices and technologies iRestore still stands as the best performance laser cap for hair growth with impressive performances and results.

Facts that approve the product quality

Doctors have clinically studied iRestore and been demonstrated that this improves hair regrowth for men and women in a 2017 research study.

In this specific research, a surprising 100% of active male and female customers saw noticeable hair growth with an average increase of 57.91% in hair count.

How safe is iRestore Hair Loss Treatment?

iRestore features medical-grade lasers (Class 3R) and light-emitting diodes, which are approved by the FDA. The best news is that no case has been reported that would imply side effects or ending being harmed by the use of the Freedom Laser Therapy device.

However, the only thing that may happen is if you are staring directly into the lasers, your eyes might get affected. For this reason, it is important to avoid looking directly into the lights. Anyway, these are situations that can be easily treated at home.

To ensure all the necessary precautionary measures, a safety sensor is built into the system to prevent that from happening, as long as it is used carefully.

The lasers do not emit heat or radiation, and the treatment is entirely pain-free. The FDA clears these lasers for both safety and efficacity. iRestore System also features the following certifications that hold and guarantee customers’ safety:

The official institutions and cliniques approve iRestore for its efficacity, being the perfect home therapy against hair loss and sharing the fastest results recorded so far in any other related treatment.

How efficient is the iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

Theoretical, this depends on each person and how their hair system responds with the device.

Furthermore, based on numbers and statistics and talking strictly to the “in theory” perspective, we might be able to give you a suitable answer.

Excluding any other iRestore reviews, we will only refer and share information based on approved and well-known real cases impeccable studied by doctors and iRestore engineers over months.

The system lasers are set to the optimal wavelength (650nm red light), which is proven to promote hair growth. The 51 medical-grade lasers and LEDs radiate light energy that is absorbed by the hair follicles to enhance cell metabolism rate and reactivate follicles to stimulate hair growth.

In addition, it implies pure science. Everything is done perfectly in order to provide the best and efficient results in terms of time and money.

Study case, 4-months treatment results

In a recent study, 60 men and women who suffered from genetic hair loss and thinning hair were selected to take part in a 4-months study for the iRestore device, conducted by dermatologist Dr. Adam Bodian.

In this experiment, 30 people were being given an iRestore System, while the other 30 were given different treatments for the same purpose, recover, and treat hair loss. All the treatments were carefully picked and only high-rated by the customers.

By the end of the 4-months study, Dr. Adam Bodian’s results were predictable by everyone: the iRestore cases showed 100% improvement, no adverse effects, no injuries, while with the other devices the customers were unsatisfied with a rate of 21% partial successfully results.

Another impressive case, ReviewedByPhil tested iRestore for 1 year and 8 months and shared the result on his channel, you can check it here

How much time should you wait to see the results?

iRestore center affirms that you should see visible results in hair loss and reduction in miniaturization of hair follicles in the first 2 to 4 months, while the treatment can last up to 6 months. However, the recommended treatment period is 6 months, not less.

Based on the reviews, a good part of the customers are giving positive feedback saying that the first results were observed after the first month.

How is the progress looking over time?

Hair loss treatments take time, and you can’t, or better said, you shouldn’t rush the process as it can have a negative impact.

In the first two months, your thicker, tinny hair will “fall” and be replaced with a stronger one. After that period, hair loss should already be stopped or at least slowed down.

Between 5 and 6 months, you can expect visible hair growth with an accelerated recovery rate. And after the 6 months of treatment, the iRestore laser helmet provides optimal effects over the lost hair and the treatment can be interrupted or continued if the user is not satisfied with the result.

Before and after 6 months of iRestore laser hair growth treatment

How to use the iRestore Laser Hair Growth System?

There is a full guide on their official website that you can check. Follow each step carefully and with extremely seriosity for your protection and best results.

How do I use the iRestore Pro device?

How often you should use the iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

It is recommended to use the system daily and no more than 25 minutes per session. Follow this every day for 4-6 months, until you get the optimal results. Then use it as often as desired to maintain the results and keep your hair healthy.

How does the entire process work?

Before starting any treatment for hair growth, you should know how the process works. The most crucial aspect you need to know is that your hair is always in one of these three phases of the hair growth cycle:

  • Anagen is the growth phase
  • Catagen is the transitional phase
  • Telogen is the resting phase

While your hair is in the catagen or telogen stage, it is not growing. When it’s in the anagen period, it is actively growing.

What low-level laser therapy does is that it modifies the process of “hair weakening” by feeding light energy to your hair follicles. It stimulates cell metabolism rate and improves energy production. Also, this system counteracts hair loss to enlarge the growth phase, which reactivates dormant follicles and encourage hair growth.

What you should know before using iRestore

It always helps to use a special shampoo that stimulates hair growth.

The internet is full of these products, but we recommend using their product iRestore Hair Growth Shampoo. You can read more about hair growth shampoos and how to properly use them on our Best Performance Shampoos For Hair Growth guide.

It does not imply any side effects. We have learned a lot about this product’s safety by now. iRestore is officially approved by the FDA, which means no significant risks while using it.

It has the same functionality and results for women and men; numerous women like to use the iRestore to help recover the hair volume and shine. iRestore system is designed to be used by anyone looking to change and improve their hair, with no adverse side effects. Shelley Zurek uploaded a video that proves how efficient is iRestore for women.

You can run other treatments while using iRestore.

Physicians consider that the combination of LLLT and other products, such as topical products, minoxidil, finasteride, supplements, gives better results.

Besides these other products and treatments are not required and do not improve the results provided by laser therapy.

Take care not to use iRestore if you are under the age of 18, without consulting your doctor.

Comparison with other well-known hair loss treatments

There are no words required in a comparison between the typical minoxidil or finasteride treatment based on medication and iRestore laser hair loss treatment.

The most straightforward argument denies the efficacity of other treatments compared to iRestore: the laser amplifies the growth process by six times over a “natural/classical” treatment like the ones mentioned above. Moreover, guess what, no risks, no side effects.

Let’s take the game to the next level, how iRestore stands in front of the HairMax device? Based on a study executed by Dr. Adam Bodian for a test purpose, iRestore performance and results are 15.6% better than the HairMax’s ones.

This outcome is based on the product/treatment responding time, system quality (technical point of view), the risk level, and price.

Is iRestore worth buying?

It is pretty expensive at first sight, but worth every penny. The brand does not boost the price as it happens with many products these days. The price is just right and represents the production cost of the device, which is by default high due to the superior quality and advanced technology they use to give the best results to their customers.

Besides other treatments, iRestore Laser Hair Growth System has a significantly higher price, so why you don’t just use these less costly treatments? Why spend so much money on iRestore when others are available on the marketplace at a lower price?

Well before iRestore release, there was no hair loss treatment with a 100% rate of success, not even close, and most of them do not give any visible results. That’s because of their standard quality of the materials, technology, process, people involved and so on. They invest less money, they ask for a lower price, but they give weak results, it just makes sense.

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System delivers the best services and results at the right price!

irestore review

Buy iRestore

Best-Selling Hair Growth Device For 2019

Guarantee visible results in less than 2 months and optimal results in 4 months

With more than 10.000 satisfied iRestore reviews


Why everyone should use iRestore Hair Loss Treatment

For the only reasons, it is unique and revolutionary. It is the most efficient treatment for hair loss. Here is a quick summary of what worths being mentioned about iRestore.

  1. It has an average of 4.8 stars out of 5 in more than 10.000 iRestore reviews.
  2. All the customers saw visible hair growth with an average increase of 57.91% in hair count.
  3. FDA approves it for both safety and efficacity.
  4. There are real study cases that approve the product quality and services.
  5. It gives visible results in just 2 months.
  6. It can be used both by women and men.
  7. It features no side effects.
  8. The price is not boosted; it is just right!
  9. It is the only hair loss treatment with a 100% success rate.
  10. One purchase lasts up to 10,000 usages which secure a lifetime treatment for hair loss.
  11. It was the best-selling device in 2019.


It’s been a long talk here, but however you look at this iRestore Hair Loss Treatment, it’s a must-have for those who are looking for efficient and safe growth hair treatment at home. Do not get terrified by the price; you will get to know by yourself how excellent investment it is for your physical and emotional condition while you use it.

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  • My only concern is with the helmet lasting. They have a warranty, but a few customers complained that the helmet stopped working completely just after the warranty, and they would not return the product to troubleshoot it. They said you have to buy a new one or pay $387 for a refurbished one. I could understand paying for the exchange shipping to troubleshoot the item, an even a replacement fee but it should be reasonable. Your paying $600+ for a product, if it stops working after a year it is most certainly defective. They should want to see why to improve it, and make a customer happy by fixing it for a small exchange and shipping fee, and replacing it for similar small fee as it is not a cheap item.

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