8 Best Hair Growth Oils to Fight Against Hair Loss in 2020

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best oils for hair loss and regrowth

Facing hair loss it’s more than just vanity, as thinning hair is often the cause of emotional distress in many people. Falling hair along with a receding hairline can be very distressing for both men and women. Fortunately, there are many ways to improve the hair’s health and promote its growth.

How Oils Can Stop Hair Loss

If you are looking to combat hair loss, you can always try a hair growth oil. But before raising your expectations, bear in mind that these oils have not been tested nor proven to stop hair loss. They weren’t subjected to any clinical trials. Therefore oils are not recognized as medical-grade treatments by specialists.

Even though oils don’t directly impact the hair loss condition, they can drastically improve the overall scalp’s health so that the hair follicles will produce stronger and thicker hair.

Most oils are rich in antioxidants and fatty acids that increase the absorption of vitamins and minerals by the scalp. Also, they have properties to hydrate and nourish the scalp creating the perfect environment for hair follicles to grow healthy hair.

It sounds very promising, isn’t it? Now let’s see what the best hair growth oils are according to Women’s Concepts.

10 Best Oils for Hair Growth You Should Use in 2020

Either you want to prevent hair loss or make the hair grow faster and longer, we carefully picked for you 10 of the best oils for hair growth that can make a difference.

HAIRMETTO Saw Palmetto Oil

hair oil for hair growth

The first place is worth by Hairmetto Saw Palmetto oil. The Hairmetto oil uses a powerful combination of organic ingredients, well-chosen, integrated into a fantastic formula designed to restore, repair, and protect the hair. More precisely, it’s a cold-pressed oil based on a botanical formula that contains six vital ingredients to stimulate hair growth. It does not feature any drug-related side effects, and it’s formulated with only natural and organic ingredients.

Hairmetto Saw Palmetto oil improves the scalp condition with a powerhouse of antioxidants and enzymes that block DHT and provide the scalp a good environment to grow new hair. The saw palmetto extract works to restrain DHT hormone in the scalp, revitalizing hair follicles. Moreover, it contains rosemary, lavender, and cedarwood extracts, known for their productiveness as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal solutions.

With a large happy customer base, Hairmetto succeeds in pleasing and satisfying every customer’s needs, guaranteeing the best experience for men and women. Check their official testimonials page and convince yourself.

OMS Organic Hair Growth Oil

oil for hair growth

OMS also follows an organic approach, with a 100% natural product which uses castor oil as a primary ingredient, known to stimulate hair growth. It can accelerate the production rate of new hair, having the same effectiveness for both men and women. 

OMS oil’s formula includes coconut oil, sesame oil, almond oil, olive oil, and grape seed oil for scalp and hair conditioning. This product is also known to reduce inflammation of the follicles, protect hair from UV damage, and repair split ends, making the hair shiny and more manageable due to the volume boost. 

Having the ability to protect the hair and scalp with antioxidants, this oil defends the hair from environmental aggressors. Moreover, it’s proven to unclog the follicles to penetrate the scalp deeper, which results in stimulating the dormant hair follicles, encouraging new hair to grow faster.

Essy Naturals – Hair Growth Oil

Natural Hair Growth Oil with Caffeine and Biotin

Choose to grow your hair with Essy Naturals Oil, packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients. The key ingredients, caffeine & biotin, are combined with other potent elements, such as castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and rosemary oil blend, to create a magical formula that promotes healthy hair growth.

ESSY oil can be applied to the scalp and let on about one hour before shampooing, 2-4 times a week. Also, you can mix a few drops with each shampoo and conditioner application. To use the oil as a deep conditioning treatment, steam hair with a hot towel while oil is in hair to deeply strengthen it. Leave the wrapped towel on your hair for 20 minutes before shampooing, and enjoy your healthy and shiny hair.

GENIUS Hair Growth Oil

GENIUS Hair Growth Oil

GENIUS Oil’s natural nourishing formula strengthens thinning hair resulting in noticeably fuller and healthier hair. Formulated with wheat, soy protein, vitamin B5, vitamin E, D-panthenol, coconut, and tea tree oil, this product promotes rapid new hair growth, nourishment, and protection. It’s also non-paraben, non-cruelty, non-gluten, non-sulfate, and fragrance-free.

Even since the first time you use it, it makes your hair smoother and shinier with less frizz and breakage — the numerous positive reviews testify to the oil’s quality.

For the best results, mix 2 – 3 drops of the product with shampoo, massaging it into your scalp, working from root to tip.


Hairfinity Botanical Hair Oil

Hairfinity Botanical Hair Oil

You can try this botanical oil created by Hairfinity, formulated with collagen, coconut oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E, proved to reduce hair breakage by 95% in men and women. It contains 100% naturally derived ingredients and essential oils so that your hair and scalp are pampered with a powerful blend of nutrient-dense vitamins and organic essential oils.

Besides stopping hair breakage, Hairfinity Oil increases shine and elasticity to encourage faster hair growth.

This product can be applied to wet or dry hair, as needed, to the scalp, length of the hair, and the ends. Also, it can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment if you apply a small amount to the hair & scalp, comb through, leave it on for 30 minutes then shampoo as usual.

Biotique Bio Bhringraj Therapeutic Oil

hair loss oil

Biotique is bragging about its impressive collection of skin and hair care products, being one of the biggest and trusted organic brands on the market.

While the oil is a blend of powerful natural ingredients, the main one is Bhringraj, a revered plant in Ayurvedic medicine known for its nourishing properties, also rich in antioxidants and calming & rejuvenating properties. The all-natural elements are organically grown and harvested from the foot of the Himalayan Mountains.

For the oil to help hair growth, it needs to be massaged into the scalp with circular motions and left on for a minimum of thirty minutes. Repeat the process 2-3 times per week. Remember that unlike other hair oils, the Bhringraj oil needs to wash off.

Botanical Green Care Cayenne Scalp Treatment

Botanical Green Care makes great use of the proprieties of Capsaicin (a Cayenne Pepper compound) known to be a powerful stimulant that triggers hair growth. The Cayenne-based treatment was proven to prevent hair loss by developing further blood circulation to the scalp, encouraging more hair follicles to remain in the growth phase.

This product is more like a pre-shampoo treatment; however, some customers claim that it can do a great job against hair loss by itself. It’s infused with the best hair loss treating ingredients and most powerful plant-based extracts. Among these, the product formula is supplemented with vitamin mixtures such as vitamin A, provitamin B5, and vitamin E.

The best way to use it is to apply the oil directly on the scalp, 2-3 times a week. Once applied, leave it on for 20 minutes, then shampoo your hair as usual.

Salvia Hibiscus Essential Hair Growth Oil

regrowth hair oil

This 100% natural and pure hair growth oil has all the makings for a reliable anti-hair loss treatment. The flower from which the oil is harvested is organic, rich in vitamins and antioxidants that work wonders for the hair follicles.

What is special about it is that it’s cold-pressed, which means it is in its most potent form. Also, cold-pressed oils retain all their nutritional value and are more effective for hair growth.

Salvia Oil also strengthens the hair follicles and the shaft, promoting blood circulation on the scalp, an action that helps hair to grow. Another reason to use this oil is that it eliminates dandruff and relieves itchy scalp.

How does oil help promote hair growth?

Among the many treatments available, oils have been a consistent and effective way to accelerate the hair growth process and strengthen the existing hair to prevent future loss.

How does it work? Well, to understand the process, you have to know that the hair has two distinct parts:

  • Shaft – The part of the hair that is visible above the skin. It is hard and is considered dead as it does not have any biochemical activity. 
  • Follicle – Lies underneath the superficial layers of the skin called the dermis. The follicle is the only living part of the hair, and it’s where the stem cell functions take place. The regrowth of hair takes place in the follicle. 

Natural oils that have a higher concentration of caprylic acids and lauric acids can penetrate the hair follicle easier. What makes this possible is the small molecular size of these acids. Once it’s used, it replenishes the hair follicles and increases the natural hair’s strength. The fatty acids within the oil will add a protective layer to the hair shaft, coming with both productive and protective roles.

What are the best essential oils for hair growth?

When it comes to oils for hair loss, the ingredients and composition should be your main point of interest. Be aware of these essential oils with nourishing and healing properties for the scalp and hair:

  • Coconut oil – one of the best moisturizing oils for the scalp
  • Hibiscus oil – rich in vitamin C, it stimulates collagen production on the scalp
  • Olive oil – a moisturizing oil for the hair
  • Rosemary oil – known to stimulate hair growth
  • Jojoba oil – contains omega-9 fatty acids
  • Castor oil – it has omega-6 fatty acids as well as Ricinoleic acid
  • Peppermint oil – an excellent oil for hair growth
  • Argan oil – also a moisturizing oil, it can penetrate the hair shaft and follicles
  • Baobab oil – it has a high concentration of vitamins

You may also need a DHT blocker as is the primary hormone that affects hair loss. The smart way to slow down and prevent hair loss is to block this hormone. A DHT blocking shampoo usually does this, but it can also work with oils. Read more about DHT as it plays a vital role if you want to accelerate the hair growth process. Also, we recommend these DHT blocker shampoos to stop hair loss and encourage new hair growth.

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