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8 Best Laser Combs for Hair Growth & Regrowth Hair Brushes

best hair growth laser comb
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A laser comb is a handy and extremely comfortable device that uses low-level lasers to penetrate the scalp layers to heat the hair follicles, so it stimulates more hair growth.

The low-level laser therapy (LLLT), or red light therapy (RLT) is a well-known therapy proved to promote new hair growth in both women and men suffering from genetic hair loss.

In 2007 and 2011, the laser comb devices have been approved by the FDA as a safe treatment for male and female pattern hair loss — the first cleared device being HairMax LaserComb.

Hair Laser Combs

Now, laser combs are globally used by millions of people and slowly may become the most popular treatment for hair growth.

If you fight against hair loss and want a quick treatment, easy and very convenient for home use, you should try a laser comb for hair growth.

A hair growth device is another great alternative, but more expensive. Basically, both have the same principles and use LLLT to promote hair growth.

However, a helmet device is bigger and expensive, and on the other side, a laser comb is smaller and cheaper.

Does laser comb work?

A laser comb uses LLLT and there are some solid studies that approve the performances of low-level laser therapy to stimulate hair growth in humans.

John L. Satino tested the effectiveness of LLLT using a HairMax Laser Comb for hair growth.

He chose 28 males and 7 females, with androgenetic alopecia to take part in the test. After six months of regular therapy, it was observed a new 55% hair count in women, respectively 74% new hair count in men.

With a different approach, Zarei M. along with 4 teammates have searched through PubMed, Google Scholar, Medline, Embase, and other databases to find relative studies regarding the LLLT and hair growth.

“We found that the FDA-cleared LLLT devices are both safe and effective in treating male and female pattern hair loss who did not respond or were not tolerant to standard treatments,” they conclude after studying over 21 official studies and trials.

There are also cases that haven’t announced any improvements and new hair count after LLLT, but they are less compared with the successful cases.

Laser Combs Reviews

A laser comb is a practical device whether you want to prevent hair loss, to treat the existent one, or to keep your hair healthy from the root to the ends.

These items gained a lot of popularity lately, and there are many reasons for it — the positive reviews testify it.

We have decided to review the best of these laser combs for hair growth simply because people love them and many are constantly looking for the best devices to use at home.

What is the Best Laser Comb for Hair Loss?

Our author’s and editor’s choice is clearly going to HairMax Ultima 12 Laser Comb. We have concluded that HairMax released the best hair growth laser comb designed to treat genetic hair loss in both women and men.

The Ultima 12 Laser Comb has recorded the best performances globally in the past year, with the highest number of new hair count by the end of treatment.

But you didn’t come here just for that. Let’s move next to a more detailed analysis of the best laser combs for hair growth.

8 Best Laser Combs for Hair Growth & Anti-Hair Loss Brushes

Perhaps you need to read everything about all of them so you can decide which one would work best for you. Some of the systems are designed to promote hair growth, while others maintain the existing hair healthy. Some will do both.

New released, or not, these are the most popular devices among people who want to promote hair growth and keep it healthy.

HairMax Ultima 12 Laser Comb for Hair Growth

best laser comb for hair loss

The Women’s Concepts first choice goes to HairMax Ultima 12 Laser Comb.

HairMax is the pioneer of at-home laser hair regrowth technology and is the undisputed global leader in the field, bringing doctor recommended laser light treatments to hair loss sufferers around the world.

You can drastically improve your hair appearance with the HairMax LaserComb system that uses high technology light therapy to restore and promote natural’s hair growth cycle.

Moreover, HairMax LaserComb does not use LEDs, but 12 medical-grade lasers that assure treatment for full scalp coverage. The device is FDA cleared for home use and is clinically proven to encourage hair growth and reverse the thinning process.

Eight minutes per day of therapy is what you need to achieve the desired results in just a few weeks. Continued use is required to maintain benefits in the long run. 

Check on the HairMax official video, which shows you how to use the comb properly.

The Ultima 12 LaserComb delivers gentle, nourishing laser light to your hair, including a hair parting teeth mechanism to help deliver maximum light energy to your follicles for optimal results. Without teeth, hair can block laser light from reaching the follicles.

The laser diodes are closely placed within the devices to provide consistent and uniform delivery of laser light to the hair follicles.

With a new iconic Italian design, by Pininfarina, is the latest state of art and practicability — easy to carry and use everywhere.

HairMax Ultima 9 Classic Laser Comb

laser brush for hair loss

The second place goes still to HairMax, with nine medical-grade lasers this time. A practical, cordless device, comfortable to use everywhere, with a lightweight design.

Similar to HairMax Ultima 12, it features exclusive hair parting teeth incorporated, making it more efficient in reaching your scalp for maximum benefits. 

It’s enough to get eleven minutes of therapy per day until you achieve the desired results. Then, you can continue the treatment on how often you want to keep your hair healthy.

Its users’ declared visible improvement after six months of usage, but some cases reported positive results after eight weeks.

However, most people affirmed that they observed significant new hair growth and an increase in hair density between three to four months of therapy.

3-IN-1 Phototherapy Scalp Massager Comb for Hair Growth

laser device for hair growth

You get three types of therapies in one device with Yeamon Phototherapy Comb.

Hair loss issues, greasy hair, and knots are no longer a problem with Yeamon’s device.

The high-frequency silent vibration helps muscles to relax and promotes blood circulation, stimulating cell activity, and strengthens hair follicles to improve the hair quality.

Moreover, the soft infrared light helps enhance blood circulation, so that the nutrients & oxygen can be sent to the hair follicle, preventing hair loss.

Furthermore, the blue light relaxes scalp muscles, having anti-inflammatory effects, and helps adjusts the oil content of the scalp secretion.

Comfortable to use at home, after a full workday, or before sleeping to improve the sleep quality, this device makes it an excellent gift for yourself or someone else.

Vinmax Electric Hair Regrowth Laser Comb

hair growth laser system

The Hair Growth Laser Comb by Vinmax uses soft infrared light to stimulate follicles and enhance blood circulation to promote hair growth through a relaxing massage to the scalp.

Due to the 650nm wavelength that activates the atrophic scalp cells to balance its bioenergy and improve its metabolism, the access to nutrition into the hair follicles tissue is accelerated.

The comfortable anti-skid switch design allows the user to operate fast, silently, and simple, at a glance. It also features a detachable comb head so you can wash it to avoid dirt residue.

Finally, besides promoting hair growth and improving scalp blood circulation, this system enhances oil production — red light regulates the secretion of sebum —, and also makes your hair root stronger and firmer.

NutraStim Professional Hair Growth Laser Comb

Professional Hair Growth Laser Brush

NutraStim brings a simple and safe device, FDA-cleared, that uses 12 cutting-edge low-level lasers to stimulate the scalp and help regrowth hair from the roots.

In addition, this system utilizes low-level 12-laser therapy to stimulates hair follicles, boosting energy to combat hair fall and thinning hair. 

The treatment requires to be done three times a week for 8 minutes — using the comb more than three times per week has not been shown to accelerate the benefits.

The recommendation is to have your scalp clean before treatment to prevent oil build-up or blockage in the scalp pores so that the hair follicles will absorb the red light.

For maximum results, it is suggested to continue using NutraStim Laser Hair Comb even after you start to see results to promote continued growth.

laser comb before and after

Finally, you have to know that the device is not suitable for severe, or mild hair loss, but moderate and for those who want to prevent it. 

Boost your confidence by restoring your hair to its former glory!

Scalp Massager Anti Hair Loss Laser Comb

anti hair loss laser comb

Yeamon brings us another device, 2-in-1 this time, a scalp massager, and an infrared radiation thermo-light that uses anion technology, known to neutralize air inclusions through the emission of negative ions, purifying and eliminating bacteria.

While the vibrating function promotes blood circulation, the gentle infrared stimulates the hair follicle to increase hair growth, breeding new hair and strengthening of existing hair.

The device can be set either at low-frequency mode or high-frequency mode. A little noise may accompany the high-frequency vibrations. It also features a dismountable comb needle so it can be used as a massage stick, ideal for scalp, neck, and shoulders. 

It’s essential to use the comb for ten minutes per day, and you will be able to see results in about six months. After that, you can use it as often as you like to maintain the results, and to keep your hair healthy & shiny.

As a quick note, after several days of using, the massage comb would be dirty, so we suggest cleaning it after 6-8 uses.

Hair Growth LED Photon Laser Comb 4 in 1

led laser brush for hair growth

This LED Photon Comb 4-in-1 device provides three types of light waves — blue, red, and mixed — and a good massage to the scalp.

The red wave has an influential role in activating cells, inducing rejection of dead cells, and regenerating new ones. 

At the same time, the blue wave has a relaxing effect, working to relieve pain and pressure, improving the lymphatic system.

Mixing the two waves helps induce healing scalp, itching, or scalp acne. The diodes are closely placed within the device to provide uniform delivery of light to the hair follicles, and comb is detachable, making it easy to be washed to stop bacteria growth.

In plus, the device is also capable of offering a relaxing scalp massage —that’s good for the brain and nerves.

Its use is comfortable and fast — you only need ten minutes of therapy every day to prevent hair from fall and promote its growth.

Anti Hair Loss Massager Brush – Laser Comb For Hair Growth

laser brush for hair growth

This Hair Regrowth Comb device uses LED light technology that generates 650nm wavelength, stimulating hair follicle, and activating growth cells.

With three function modes, vibration mode, light mode, and LED mode, this device is appropriate for those who want hair-regrowth or have oily or dull hair or other hair issues.

The system is designed with 8 LED lights to stimulate the hair follicle, reducing hair loss and promoting its regrowth. The laser helps disintegrate the skin sebum, balances the secretion, and exports the impurities.

The massage uses 14 diodes with a smart shape that can relieve pressure and headache, accelerating blood circulation, and relaxing the scalp.

It’s advised to be used three times a week for eight minutes to achieve results. Users can expect visible improvement after 4 months of usage and full results after 6 months.

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