The 4 Best Hair Oils For Dry Hair – The Best Products For 2019

 The 4 Best Hair Oils For Dry Hair – The Best Products For 2019

One of the first things you see or notice in a person is their hair! It gives shape and symmetry to our head, frames our faces, and simply enhances the way we look. This is true for not just women, but men too. But it especially applies to women more because let’s face it; we know how to wear our hairs better than men ever will!

Having said that, when your hair doesn’t feel or flow the way you want it to, it can become the most frustrating and annoying thing in the world. You end up scrambling through a thousand products trying to find the right fit. It just burns a hole in your purse while your hair remains dry, rough, hard and frizzy! Trust me, I’ve been there, and I know the horror of it all.

Professional Guide To The 4 Best Hair Oils For Dry Hair!

Most of the problems we face in hair-health and conditioning are because of one issue: dry hair! That’s right, those two dreaded words. Don’t worry, though. I’m here with you. I will solve your dry hair problems with ease. Before we can effectively apply our treatment oils, it’s crucial to have an understanding of what dry hair actually means, and what causes it.

Why is my hair dry?

The hair tends to become dry when it loses the ability to retain the necessary amount of moisture to keep it soft and shiny. The side-effects are not that favorable. The hair will look dull, dry, and frizzy. I will explain why.

There’s an outer layer of your hair (there are three layers altogether). Its role is to protect your hair (natural and organic oils increase that protection and keep the hair soft and shiny). When this outer layer dissipates or gets weaker, that’s when your hair starts going dry and dull. The next obvious question then is “Why does this happen to the outer layer?” Well, the answer is not just one thing; it can be a combination of different exposures and situations.

Main habits and exposures that cause dry hair

Dry hair is the consequence and result of a combination of the following exposures and practices. Try to avoid these as much as possible.

  • Excessive exposure to sunlight or even the wind can cause dry hair. Sometimes we don’t pay enough attention to the effect that the natural elements have on our hair.
  • Swimming in pools that have high levels of chlorine damages the outer layer of your hair. Public swimming pools or even personal ones if not well maintained can contain a lot of chlorine and other chemicals.
  • If the region you live in has a hot and dry climate, it can take a toll on your hair too. The dry hair develops over a period of time and the environment is something we can’t avoid.
  • Excessive washing of hair can wear off the outer protective layer, leaving it drier than before. A lot of women mistakenly believe that washing their hair as frequently as possible is a good idea. It isn’t! The hair condition can be aggravated by unnecessary washing.
  • Chemical treatments and dyes that aren’t safe can also wear off the protective layer of your hair strands. This is a dangerous habit because hair colors come in a wide variety of makers and brands. We need to be extra careful in ensuring that our hair color products are infused with the right ingredients and do not contain harmful chemicals.
  • Excessive use of blow-dryers and electric curlers can also damage the hair. Yes, we like to change-up our look every once in a while, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The problem is when we unintentionally damage our hair by habits that harm more than they work.

But the main one I will write it separately. Needs a bit more attention. You need to be wise and patience when it comes to deciding which products you use on your hair. A careless choice can be a huge factor in causing dry hair and damaging the hair condition. There’s a ton of hair products and shampoos being sold by retailers today. We need to make informed decisions about the products we’re using, especially the content and ingredients. This ensures that we treat our hair with the best and healthiest products. We’ll give you a breakdown of the 4 best hair oils for dry hair available today.

It might feel like most of the stuff we do to our hair is somehow damaging or unhealthy. That’s not entirely true. All we need is a little care on our part, and the right treatment oils in our hands. Going back to the part “dry hair is because of natural oils that are deficient in our outer hair layers“, as a reminder. How did we fix that?

The best and most effective way to set our hair back to shine and softness is by re-infusing our hair with the right treatment oils. There are tons of oils out there that claim to offer you all sorts of benefits. But it’s hard to differentiate between the genuine oils that help and the ones that are just out to make a profit.

Four Best Hair Oils For Dry Hair

I’ve put together this helpful and straightforward list of the four best hair treatment oils that will lay you dry-hair worries to rest. We’ve taken great care to elaborate on the particular strengths and ingredients so that you can go for the product that suits you best.

1. Moroccanoil Treatment

hair oils best for dry hair

The Moroccan oil remains a classic and timeless solution to dry hair, ever since it took the cosmetic market by storm back in the mid-2000s. It is an argan based oil (extracted from the Argan tree, Morocco). Has always been a culturally valuable and organically healthy source of culinary and beauty practices for ages. The Moroccan oil has brought this ageless wonder to the rest of the world through its refined and tested product.

Naturally infused with nutrients. The Moroccan oil contains a variety of nutrients that are conducive for hydrating dry hair. The argan oil is a natural U.V. protector and a source of amazing antioxidants. This makes it a perfect solution as the most known causes of dry hair include excessive exposure to sunlight and a deficiency of proper nutrients.

hair oils best for dry hair

Moroccanoil Treatment

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These qualities, along with its shine-enhancing vitamins create the perfect solution! Moroccan Oil is a natural remedy that relieves dry hair of its deficiencies and vulnerability to heat. Your hair will benefit from a high boost of nutrients due to the argan oil. These vitamins renew the hair strands individually, adding more life, shine, and vigor to your hair.

How to use the argan oil treatment

There are different and varying ways you can use the Moroccanoil Treatment, but personally, I recommend the classic approach:

  1. Apply a few drops (You don’t have to overdo it) of the oil on your hair. Make sure you apply from the middle to the end.
  2. Gently massage and work it to the rest of the hair. Avoid the roots of your hair because you want to avoid that oily finish that isn’t so desirable.

Keratin Forte – Keratin Hair Blowout Treatment

keratin hair treatment

The Keratin Forte is one of the best alternatives if you’re looking for a product that softens your dry hair. One of the most common problems for those of us with dry hair is when you try straightening it. Even if you succeed, it simply takes too long. Or the result isn’t nearly as satisfying as you thought it would be. Trust me, you are not alone! It’s an issue that a lot of women with dry hair face, but the great news is that with products like the Keratin Forte, you’re in great hands!

Keratin Forte’s professional-grade products are specifically designed to smoothen and straighten your hair. Keratin Forte treatment uses argan oil. You already know what that means. One nice plus, itis infused with coconut oil and nutrient contents that soothe and hydrate your dry hair.

keratin treatment for dry hair

Keratin Hair Blowout Treatment

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Argan oil combined with amino acids makes a great combo as a conditioner giving you a natural luster and fresh-feeling hair. The hair straightener with Keratin Forte treatment will last for over four to five months. That’s an additional benefit for those of us who run busy schedules and rarely find time for intensive hair grooming.

The best way to apply the Keratin Forte treatment is to have a friend or someone who can assist you nearby. Sometimes it can get cumbersome trying to treat your hair on your own. Also, get a straightener or flat iron, which is easy to use and control. Other than that, following the simple instructions on the products should easily suffice.

Kerastase Elixir Ultime Hair Oil

best hair oil treatment

The Kerastase hair oil stands out on this list because of the sheer number of satisfied users who swear by its magic. It is an all-in-one hair treatment solution that heals your hair in multiple ways. Perhaps this multi-pronged approach to hair treatment is also one of the reasons why it’s so loved and widely used. For many users, who have tried a variety of hair treatment oils, the Kerastase Elixir has been the final stop.

There are essentially four unique oils that combine to give you the best oil to fix dry issues. These oils are argan oil, camellia oil, maize oil, and pracaxi oil. Each of these oils provides a unique advantage that works to make your hair better, softer, stronger, and shinier.

best hair oil treatment

Kerastase Elixir Ultime Hair Oil

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When it’s applied, most users agree that the effect is immediately visible. You can instantly see the shine and luster infused in the hair, unlike other products with slow results. It comes with a pleasant scent and fragrances. These fragrances can range from Freesia or Violet leaf to Mandarin and other woody aromas.

Biolage R.A.W. Nourish Conditioner

Conditioner for Dry skin

With dry hair, one of the most annoying problems we have to face on a daily basis is frizzy hair. The BIOLAGE R.A.W. conditioner is probably the most effective product on this list when it comes to crinkled and creased hair.

It’s one of the most chemical-free and natural-content hair treatment oils in the market today. Composed of all-natural ingredients that make up ninety-five percent of its content! That’s about as natural as hair treatment products can get! It’s an especially effective hair treatment plan that aims at turning those dry and dull follicles into a fresh and shiny hair.

The core ingredients of the are kaolin clay and coconut oil. The first one has the role to invigorate and detoxify the dry hair while the coconut oil can burst growth, add shine, and soften the follicles. It’s infused with added ingredients like honey as well as quinoa husk. The whole product is almost entirely biodegradable. The conditioning oil is free from chemicals such as sulfate, parabens, and silicones. These natural and organic ingredients fuse together to give you the ultimate hair treatment plan.

Conditioner for dry hair

Biolage R.A.W. Nourish Conditioner

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The best way to use the Biolage conditioner is to thoroughly shampoo your hair first so that you remove any particles that may be lodged between hair strands. Apply the oil by massaging it through your hair gently. You can let the oil rest and seep through the hair for a few minutes (we generally recommend 2-3 minutes for best results). After this is done, rinse your hair properly, and you’re all done! It will moisturize and hydrate your dry hair, as well as condition it to feel softer and look shinier.


Having that many products on the market with the same purpose is not necessarily good. When it comes to hair care products most brands failed to achieve the quality required by the customers, yet that does not stop them from releasing their products. These failures are advertised as being efficiently followed by a lot of promises which, unfortunately, are lies. The irony is that most people fall into this trap and get baited by the words that, unfortunately, in the end, are just words.

You need to follow the product label and read carefully the ingredients. Failing in picking the right hair oil can do more bad to your dry hair. You should take more time and do some research until you find one that is well worth to trust.

What I’ve done was to do your research job and share it. The results approve the most efficient treatment for dry hair is oil-based. Now you need to find the good one. I’m sure is here!

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