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9 Tips About How to Wash Thinning Hair to Prevent Hair Loss

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The most common mistakes that lead to hair loss occur when washing the hair.

Even if it sounds basic, there are some mistakes that many women do when washing their hair, actions that lead to losing hair.

Maybe you consider it would take too much time, and you just want to keep it quick, but, in reality, it worths the price.

Taking extra time to cleanse your hair correctly, it will definitely pay in the long run.

To stop thinning hair from falling, and keep it looking its best, consider how you wash your hair using our tips. Consequently, this list will help you learn about the most impactful factors that make your hair fall and break.

Don’t use hot water

First up front, never use hot water! It is relaxing and all, but it’s harmful to your hair. 

It is reasonable why — hot water opens the pores, making the hair follicles brittle, causing hair to break and fall.

What to do?

Wash your hair with lukewarm water and after that with cold water to seal the hair follicles. 

Don’t scratch your scalp

Whenever you apply shampoo, masks, or you have an itchy scalp, always use your fingertips to massage it gently. 

The reason is simple. When you scratch the scalp repeatedly, the skin and hair follicles might get damaged, resulting in temporary hair loss, dandruff, and scabbing.

Furthermore, besides being relaxing, scalp massages can also help create an ideal environment for hair growth as they stimulate the hair’s follicles and blood circulation within the scalp.

Use shampoo just for your scalp

The shampoo is designed just for the scalp, so don’t apply shampoo on your ends, but just conditioners and masks. 

Shampoo dries out ends, because it is not as nutritive as conditioners, and usually contains SLSs and ingredients that might weaken the lengths.

We recommend using any of these 11 Best Hair Growth Shampoos of 2020.

conditioner for hair loss how to wash

How to apply conditioner 

Hair must be damp when applying conditioner, so before that, squeeze out the water. 

If you don’t do so, the excess water stops the conditioner from staying on, hydrating it less, and making it prone to break when you’ll comb it.


Leave the conditioner on for up to 5 minutes while you wash your body, then rinse thoroughly with warm luke water.

mask for hair loss

When and how to apply hair-masks?

Hair masks need to be applied to clean and towel-dried hair — once per week will do.

To optimize the mask’s effect, we suggest having your head covered with a hot towel and leave it on for up to 20 minutes.

Before rinsing it out, comb through your hair once with the mask in place to ensure you distribute it evenly throughout the hair. In this way, you avoid your hair to tangle and break.

Rinse well

It is essential not to overlook rinsing. Instead, take a few minutes to remove any shampoo & conditioner out of your hair to avoid post-shower build of the products.

If you leave any product residues, these can seriously damage the hair follicles and scalp, leading to hair breakage.

Use cold water

Once you’ve done washing your hair, do not forget to rinse it with cold water. 

In this way, you close the hair pores, which helps seal in the moisture from your conditioner & mask, making it stronger and less prone to break.

Don’t overwash your hair

It is crucial not to wash your hair more than is necessary, as it dries out the skin and might lead to hair loss. 

There’s not a perfect interval for everyone; it depends on the hair type, and lifestyle. Usually, it is suggested to wash our hair twice per week. 

However, if your hair is very oily, and you prefer to wash it daily, make sure you use a special shampoo for frequent use, one that has more natural ingredients.  

wash hair tips to stop hair loss

Last thing!

When hair is wet becomes very fragile and is more prone to breakage.

Let your hair dry for 10-15 minutes before combing it. You can gently run your fingers through it before to make it easier but never comb soaking wet hair.

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