Capillus Laser Cap Review: Which Capillus Device Is The Best?

 Capillus Laser Cap Review: Which Capillus Device Is The Best?

In the past years, laser therapy has become one of the most common methods to treat hair loss and promote hair growth.

Not a long time ago, it was impossible to follow a laser-based treatment at home.

The process would have been too dangerous and complicated to be handled by regular people; therefore, the only way was to visit a clinic, which might be inconvenient.

But technology advanced, now one out of three people who suffer from hair loss is recovering at home following laser therapy.

A high tech device does the whole process by using low-level lasers to penetrate the skin layers and stop the hair loss.

In no time, it became the best way to treat multiple concerns and issues related to hair.

Given the success, many brands and investors have designed their own devices, but not all of them have done a good job. In fact, just a few have succeeded in developing an efficient and safe laser cap approved for home-use.

Above all brands is Capillus, one of the most reputable and active brands on the market, with no less than three devices released so far.

Capillus Laser Cap Review

Founded in 2012, Capillus has provided thousands of high-quality medical laser devices globally, keeping its standards to the highest level. It offers three versions of the same device differentiating from each other by the power and number of lasers used.

The Capillus devices feature 3 versions called:

  • Capillus82 (CapillusUltra)
  • Capillus202 (CapillusPlus)
  • Capillus272 (CapillusPro)

Clinically tested and approved by the FDA

All of their devices hold 510(k) clearances emitted by the FDA for the efficacity and safety of the products. You can check all the FDA clearances hold by the Capillus devices on their official website.

More than that, to strengthen the value of the treatment, Capillus’s engineers and doctors have done several clinical studies to show therapy productiveness in long-term sessions.

Tests were done for 17 weeks using a Capillus272 to treat different patients that suffered from hair loss. The results showed significant improvement — hair counts by 51% more for women and men plus an overall health improvement on the hair condition.

Capillus is highly appreciated around the world

Based on these factors, Capillus has received huge credits helping millions of people to treat their hair concerns.

But how does the process work? Does the Capillus cap really give results?

These are the most frequent questions asked by the customers. Here we discuss how Capillus performs on the long-term treatment and how safe it is for home-use.

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How Capillus Hair Growth Device Works?

The Capillus device uses low-level laser therapy (LLLT) to stimulate hair regrowth and prevent future hair loss.

The technology generates light from low-power lasers ranging between 600 and 1000 nanometers that are absorbed by the hair follicles to enhance cell metabolism rate and reactivate follicles, stimulating the hair growth phase.

To understand how the therapy affects your system, you need to understand the three stages of the hair growth cycle.

How the process works during long-term treatment

The hair passes through three main phases during lifetime: anagen, catagen, and telogen. Every hair can be at a different stage of the growth cycle at any time.

The anagen is a growing phase and is the only stage where the hair actually grows. The catagen is the transition stage to the telogen phase, where around 10-15% of the old hair is resting, and a new hair begins the growth phase.

Over time, the length of the anagen stage decreases. Therefore, the hair may become weaker and thinner and start falling.

The low-level laser therapy used by the Capillus laser cap is proven to increase blood flow in the scalp and stimulate metabolism in catagen or telogen follicles.

It moves the hair follicles into the anagen phase stimulating the growth process.

The increased blood flow that LLLT causes helps to increase the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles, improving the hair production rate and strengthen the existing hair to prevent it from falling.

Does the Capillus laser cap work?

It is more likely a question regarding the technology used instead of the device.

As we have mentioned above, the Capillus cap uses low-level laser therapy (also called cold laser therapy) which has dozen of studies and tests that proves the efficacity of lasers for hair loss in long-term treatment.

In addition, all three devices hold clearances and approvals from the FDA side that strengthen the quality of the results provided by the Capillus caps.

Capillus LLC has made a clinical study that involved 44 women participants in testing the efficacity of low-level laser therapy for hair loss in females. They used a Capillus laser device for daily sessions, 30 minutes each, during a treatment period of 16 weeks.

At the end of the therapy, the results showed an average of 89.9 increased hair count for each participant compared with the first day of treatment. Also, no severe harmful effects were observed in none of the sessions.

capillus before and after

On their official website, the clinical trials and studies section shows another study for a period of 17 weeks with the CapillusPro device.

You can find the results on the highlighted page.

However, The NAD (National Advertising Division) had disapproved of all of the above studies. They say the advertiser did not prove any clinical studies on Capillus82 but referred instead to studies focusing on different laser caps, which demonstrated the efficacity of those devices in regrowing hair, including Capillus ones.

Whether it is true or not, the FDA clearances are still available and up-to-date.

How safe is the Capillus cap for home-use?

Before being released, all three Capillus hair growth devices were subjected to multiple tests and studies for any possible side effects or potential harmful outcomes to which the user would be exposed during the treatment.

No serious side-effect was recorded in any of the official studies, and even this day, no case has been reported to show the device wouldn’t be safe for home-use.

Capillus secures all the necessary precautionary measures imposed by the FDA to be cleared and approved as safe-to-use at home.

capillus safty

Ensure all precautionary measures

The Capillus hair growth device uses low-level laser light that operates at a power of 650nm. At this level, the laser energy does not damage skin cells, nor the scalp, the lights being absorbed by the skin without causing any pain or discomfort.

The temperature emitted by lasers does not harm the scalp, and just in case it does, it has an automatic system that adjusts the power level in order to lower the heat.

Another potential risk to which the user is predisposed is the eye contact with the lasers.

Follow your common sense, and do not stare directly at the lasers as it can have a negative impact on your eyes.

Dr. Thomas Rosanelli took the time to explain the most critical aspects regarding Capillus devices, including the efficacity and safety measures the cap is designed with. You can watch the whole documentary on their official Youtube channel.

What are the differences between Capillus devices?

The price ranges between $999 and $2999 — depends on the device version. The biggest difference is made by the number of lasers featured by each Capillus cap. With more lasers comes better coverage and faster results.

However, it has never been proved that more lasers deliver better results if we consider the NAD comment “there was no evidence demonstrating that additional lasers are more effective in regrowing hair and impeding hair loss than laser comb devices with fewer lasers. “

The CapillusUltra uses 82 lasers that provide medium coverage and costs $999, while the Pro version uses 272 lasers (3.3x more lasers than the CapillusUltra) and provides extra coverage designed to reach every inch of the scalp, but the price is significantly higher.

Capillus Reviews

Capillus has received quite a lot of credits from their customers and is one of the best seller devices of 2019. Most of those who used Capillus have left with a good experience and totally satisfied with the results achieved from long-term treatment.

We strongly believe that Capillus can’t disappoint those who have realistic expectations. What we want to say is that if you expect that your hair will grow overnight you should not buy a laser cap.

However, one thing is for sure, Capillus is one of the strongest brands out there that has provided thousands of quality medical laser hair growth devices globally. For that reason, you should trust them.

Which Capillus device is the best?

Basically, all three devices are the same.

The only noticeable difference is made by the number of lasers, which tells the coverage level of the device. More lasers mean better coverage and more power that indirectly can be associated with faster results.

Regardless of the device version, each one provides high-quality therapy running in the most optimal conditions. Therefore, is one version better than the other? Technically, yes, but not necessarily.

Let’s see which one is the best laser cap for hair loss and what you should choose based on our Capillus laser cap review.

CapillusUltra Review (Capillus82)

The budget version includes 82 laser diodes with a total power of 410 mW that secures a medium scalp coverage (although they advertise it for full coverage).

Fewer lasers, less power, and a lower price is what Capillus82 provides. A low-budget alternative for those with minor issues to recover the lost and weak hair in small areas of the head.

Also, having a lower power, the device delivers results slower than the other version.

If you aim for full scalp coverage, Capillus202 or Capillus272 might be a better solution.

The therapy provides optimal results if used regularly 6 minutes each session, the first significant results being noticed after two months of treatment. Here is the timeline provided by Capillus; they explain the results that you should expect every month.

We have analyzed the latest customer reviews for CapillusUltra. Most of them are positive and a few complaints about the efficacity of the device; later, they were recommended the versions with more lasers, which lived up their expectations.

You pay a fair price, and you get a complete treatment that recovers the hair in small areas and in a decent time. The 82 lasers are not fully capable of full recovery but are more than enough to deal with less severe conditions.

We recommend CapillusUltra if

  • Your hair loss count is minimal, and you aim to recover small areas of your head
  • You do not mind to wait for the results a bit more (up to 3 months)
  • The scalp is sensible and does not support high temperatures

CapillusPlus Review (Capillus202)

Our editor’s preferred choice, CapillusPlus, features 202 lasers, which are more than enough to cover the entire scalp and penetrate even the most difficult areas to reach.

More than that, the device is capable of providing coverage 2x more prominent than the previous version due to a higher power used.

The therapy sessions last the same as the other versions, 6 minutes each, and you can use the device daily and expect optimal results in just two months (more or less). 

HSNtv did a full review of Capillus202, showing the performances and results provided on a long-term treatment; they also have more information on how the device responds with the body system overtime. It is definitely a must-watch if you consider trying this version.

Capillus202 has received the most credits being the best-seller of Capillus devices. It’s no surprise most people prefer to choose the middle option, the number of lasers, namely the power used is perfect for providing optimal results in 95% of cases.

Therapeutical speaking, the differences between CapillusPlus and CapillusPro are almost non-existent, and the other 70 lasers are providing extra benefits in only 5% of cases.

Why you should choose Capillus202 laser cap

  • CapillusPro is more expensive and has 70 more lasers than CapillusUltra. This version has the best price-quality ratio among the other versions.
  • The therapy will provide optimal results in 95% of cases
  • The brand offers a 2-year warranty for the CapillusPlus laser cap

CapillusPro Review (Capillus272)

You can’t miss it if you chose the Capillus272 laser cap.

Even though it is not proven that more lasers deliver better results, the CapillusPro is designed to cover the entire scalp and reach the deepest and most hidden areas.

It has more than 3 times more lasers than CapillusUltra providing professional coverage and ultra-intense hair regrowth therapy.

Although it is the most expensive hair growth device, it has lower sales compared with the others. No wonder why, but if you afford to spend the money, it’s the best option guaranteeing the fastest results.

Capillus 82 vs 272: Which one is worth?

Everybody makes a fuss regarding which one is better or more worthy. Even the industry and doctors have different opinions.

Capillus 272 features more lasers but it was never proved that more lasers reflect better efficiency, it may be very likely that the extra lasers will be a waste at the end of therapy.

On the other hand, Capillus 82 might end up missing some spots and take longer than Capillus272 to achieve the same results.

82 lasers are more than enough

The Capillus82 has enough power to penetrate the skin layer deeply enough in order to provide optimal results, but it may take more time.

On the other hand, Capillus272 holds 3 times much power and full scalp coverage.

Which one is better is very debatable and highly depends on the individual condition and expectations. Each has its own benefits and weak points.

If you want to find more about laser therapies and other ways to regrowth your hair, you definitely need to read the hair growth section on Women’s Concepts. You might also find interesting the following articles related to hair loss concern and laser caps:

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