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Women’s Concepts, officially released on 21 June 2019, is a new brand that covers the universe of women — their concepts, thoughts, ideas, resources, and everything that defines beauty. 

Amanda Blake, the founder of Women’s Concepts, was born in New York City, and the passion for the beauty industry made her hit the road. With a strong drive of making things happen, she laid the groundwork for creating a community for women that covers each topic and gives the most useful pieces of advice.

Our purpose is to cover what all women are interested in, in terms of beauty, framing the following niches:

  • Makeup Guides | Reviews
  • Organic Makeup
  • Skin Care | Concerns
  • Hair Care 

What if it would be a place exclusive for women where all the concerns are covered in high-quality and researched articles with a vast information level that answer all your questions regarding beauty? That was the idea upon Women’s Concepts have been developed. By who?

Meet our team

I’m not sure if this began with my mom, who inspired me through all the way to become the person I am today, or with myself convincing her to create an online community for women. 

For myself, everything started with a massive passion for the beauty industry, a love that my mother inspired me to have. Continuing with a Master’s Degree in Painting, History of Arts, and an extended makeup course, I am now able to relate as a professional makeup artist and advisor, holding a creative specialist certificate in makeup artistry.

In the 2000s, Jennifer Blake becomes a cosmetologist in New York City. Since then, she has built an active career in this industry, with a solid background in skincare and makeup.

She isn’t much into technology; so, it took me a while to convince her becoming a consultant for my website and now she is writing for our Skincare category, a mother-daughter business.

However, none of this would have been possible without my fiancé, who’s doing the hard work behind curtains. The coding, the design, the interface, and all the small wheels that make a platform to work and respond appropriately. I am hugely grateful for that.

Jamie is the new mate. He is in the hair care industry for 10 years now, working as a hairstylist in New York City. We were looking for a haircare content writer when he contacted us. His desire is to keep people right informed about all that comes with haircare, products, and devices. Our missions are alike — we needed one each other, and I am happy to have him in our team.

Virginia Decker is a dermatologist since 2000, and she is currently writing articles regarding skincare and skin concerns for our website. Her professionalism and the way she approaches every topic makes her a fantastic co-worker, friend, and dermatologist.

Gaining a lot of experience in the skincare field, Virginia is currently one of the most appreciated in this industry, and we are happy to have her in our team.

Exploiting this talent so much, I have understood that along with hard work and passion comes happiness. So here is where I began to think about creating a community for women. 

My goal is for the women to see this as a clear and sincere place, somewhere where they can ever come to seek ideas, opinions, advice, and information about the beauty industry and all that comes with it. At the same time, my second goal is to keep learning and to improve myself. 

Since the beauty industry is multifaceted, I want to be part of making everything clear and straightforward. 

Our depth of experience convinced me that we can make out of this a place where all women will come back because it is friendly, candid, and open. 

Our mission is to share quality information, useful tips, and valuable bits of advice about beauty routines, makeup, hair, and skincare trends, and latest releases. We want to offer the best solutions, product’s benefits, trends, and for this, we spend precious time to cover all the aspects that might interest women. 

We desire to convey all the passion we have for beauty to the Women’s Concepts mission. Connecting women around the world, giving them what it is essential will hopefully create a community that will help each other by sharing good and bad experiences, relating one with another.

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