About Me

My full name is Amanda Blake, people like to call me AM and I’m the owner of Women Concepts, officially released on 21 June 2019, a brand that covers the universe of women’s secrets, thoughts, ideas and resources that define the beauty.

I am an emotional woman that has an unlimited desire regarding make-up, traveling, body caring and hairstyle. I’ve started to work in the make-up industry since I was 14 with a part-time job promoting cosmetic products of multiple brands sold by Sephora industry and since a 14-15 years old girl spends so much time in the paradise of cosmetics, perfumes and treatments, is no surprise I have developed this huge passion and care about makeup and cosmetic products for women.

Not after a long time, love and passion led me to a new career in make-up modeling where I’ve started to learn about and test more than fifty products per day. I have knowledge in each area (from foundation products to blushes, eyes shadows, lipsticks, and perfumes) and in no time I realized that I was an expert, an artist of beauty, so why not share with other women all my ideas.


How obsessed I’ve become when it comes to my body is impossible to imagine. I had a skinny body since I was a child and when I started to become a lady, I didn’t like to be that skinny, also because I am not very tall, I looked like 9, but I was 12 -13, so I begged my mom to let me get Fitness pass and that was the moment I introduced sports in my life and I really cannot imagine life without it.

Started with gym, continued with some yachting, swimming, and dancing, I am now having 2 medals for semi-marathons and 6 for kick-boxing, because somehow I brought this at a professional level and you know why? Passion. Along with the journey of being healthy and having the body that I desire,

I’ve started to develop and improve my knowledge in body fitness and caring practicing and reading a lot of books about natural and unnatural ways of getting and keeping a perfect body.

My belief is that I will live in this body of mine for the entire life and I want it to look and feel the way I want, the way that makes me feel the best, otherwise I’d be frustrated and become as mean as when I am hungry.

When it comes to hair we are like a very accurate sniper, seeing, hearing, becoming aware of every detail, every aspect and having a large vision when it comes to hairstyles.

My close friends call it an obsession, I call it passion because I never leave the house until my hairstyle is perfect. After many tries and tries, using a lot of products I’ve got extremely high knowledge about keeping the hair healthy and how to get the perfect style and colors, what products to use and some natural tricks to keep it fresh.

I love to travel, I just can’t stay in the same place for more than a few weeks. I keep traveling every month, discovering a lot of new and awesome places.

And here I am, after a while, I’ve started to write about my passions, my interests and I want to talk as a voice of every woman, about our concepts: beauty, traveling (soul), body and hair.

Achieving pieces of knowledge and experience in each area I liked the idea of sharing my experiences with other women and letting people discover my passions.

You might keep this website in mind as it covers all the thoughts of Amanda Blake.

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