About Us

Women’s Concepts, officially released on 21 June 2019, is a new brand that covers the universe of women — their concepts, thoughts, ideas, resources, and everything that defines beauty. 

Meet our team

Amanda Blake, the founder of Women’s Concepts, born in New York City, developed a massive passion for the beauty industry, which made her hit the road and create a whole community around her career. 

Having confidence in her skills and knowledge, with a strong background behind, Amanda believes that what she has to share will help women with their daily concerns. With a strong drive of making things happen, she laid the groundwork for creating a community dedicated to women — covering most popular topics and sharing useful information.

Women’s Concepts has a powerful team of three members, each one with his own role, passion, and love for the community. 

Amanda Blake, Virginia Decker, and Herman Richard are the pillars of Women’s Concepts.

For Amanda, everything started with a massive passion for the beauty industry, a love that her mother inspired to have. Continuing with a Master’s Degree in Painting, History of Arts, and an extended makeup course, she is able to relate as a makeup artist and advisor, holding a huge desire to share and connect with our readers.

Amanda is the brand image of Women’s Concepts

Virginia Decker, our leading writer in the Skincare section, lives a regular life in New York City. We wanted Virginia in our team, not because of her career, but because she showed commitment and professionalism for this field and community.

Richard is the newest member and the only man in our team. Serious most of the time, but with a fine sense of humor, Richard has a vast knowledge covered by a lifetime experience regarding various hair concerns.

Even though he did not follow a professional career in the haircare industry, he lived the whole life struggling to find a solution for his hair issues. 

Consequently, Richard has proved to be in a position where he can relate and empathize with our readers, being able to keep people right informed about all that comes with treatments, products, and devices.

Our missions are alike — we needed one each other, and we are happy to have both, Virginia and Richard in our team. 

For personal reasons, we can not reveal sensitive information about our writers, nor exposing their identities on our website.

We kindly appreciate your understanding on this matter.

In regards to our readers

We, Women’s Concepts, do not declare our content as entirely medical-grade level and should not be treated as a substitute for medical advice from your doctor. 

Women’s Concepts does not provide medical advice. It is intended for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the internet.

No one will know you, your medical history, the meds you’ve taken or are taking, your sensitivities and drug interactions, allergic reactions, and your lifestyle, but your doctor does. If you think you may have a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor.

However, we are taking all the precautions measures to provide the most accurate information in regards to the topics we cover. 

We will never promote anything that could potentially put our readers in danger. We make sure everything we share is approved, tested and safe for home use.

Why should you trust us?

The team’s depth of experience convinced Amanda that we could make out of this a place where all women will come back because it is friendly, candid, and open. 

We want to offer the best solutions, product’s benefits, trends, and for this, we spend precious time to cover all the aspects that might interest women. 

Besides personal experience, we relate to adequate, real studies, always seeking the best and most transparent information so you can see the real face of everything.

Because this is what Women’s Concepts is about — an open place with quality information and bits of advice from real people.

How we choose our topics?

It is not difficult to relate to other people when you are facing the same issues and look for the same answers. 

First of all, we cover topics about concerns that we come across. Because we already know the answers about what we’ve been struggling with for months & years, constantly looking for solutions and experimenting.

Secondly, there are always those most popular subjects & products that women want to find information about. Either we talk about makeup products, or guides, skincare, or hair care, we are always in trend with the latest reviews and new releases.

Even if none of our members do holds any medical-grade certificate, their personal experience, passion, and devotion makes them able to inform the Women’s Concepts community with the right piece of information.

The way we approach every subject takes a journey of in-depth research of real studies, based on actual experiments and reviews.

What are our future plans?

Our mission as a team is to share quality information, useful tips, and valuable bits of advice about beauty routines, makeup, hair, and skincare trends, and latest releases.

We desire to convey all the passion we have for beauty to the Women’s Concepts mission.

We want to connect women around the world and will hopefully create a community that will help each other by sharing good and bad experiences, relating one with another.

We plan to start our Youtube channel and share real-life events. Also, stay tuned as we heard some surprises are prepared for our readers.

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