About Us

Women’s Concepts, officially released on 21 June 2019, a brand that covers the universe of women’s secrets, thoughts, ideas and resources that define beauty. What if there would be a special place for women where each of our concerns are covered in high-quality and researched articles with a vast level of information that answers each of our questions? That was the idea Women’s Concepts has been developed.

With our three awesome colleagues, including the owner, Amanda Blake, we have been able to provide the best information written in high-researched articles regarding women’s daily concerns. You can rely on our content writers as they are veterans in their field of activity.


Amanda Blake

Role: Owner, Content Writer – Makeup Section

Experience: Holds official Make-up Artist Certifications and License

About Amanda Blake

An emotional woman that has an unlimited desire regarding makeup. She had started to work in the cosmetics industry since it was 14 with a part-time job promoting products of multiple brands sold by Sephora. With love and passion, she began a new career in makeup modeling, where she tested more than twenty products per day. She achieved knowledge in each area (from foundation products to blushes, eyes shadows, and lipsticks)

In no time she decided to establish a new brand that covers the women’s concepts. Holding a vast experience, Amanda Blake shares the most valuable tips and guides makeup-related in our Makeup section.

Contact: amandablake@womenconcepts.com


Virginia Decker

Role: Content Writer – Skincare Section

Experience: Holds official Dermatologists Certifications and License

About Virginia Decker

Virginia Decker is one of the most experienced members of our team. With over 20 years of practice as a dermatologist, she learned the deepest secrets of the skin and how to enhance it.

With a soft writing style to the delight of all our readers, she expresses her ideas and thoughts that will teach you unspeakable things about skin concerns and how to feel right on your own skin.

Contact: virginadecker@womenconcepts.com


Dr. Herman Richard

Role: Content Writer – Haircare Section

Experience: Holds official Certificates and Associate’s Degrees

About Herman Richard

It’s pleasant to introduce you to the only man in the Women’s Concepts team, Herman Richard. Serious most of the time but with a fine sense of humor, Herman has one of the best writing and studies regarding the topic he covers. He got the best tips and ways to make you learn and understand the hair in a way you will never imagine. You will be shocked by his collection of articles and studies shared on Women’s Concepts.

Contact: hermanrichard@womenconcepts.com